All Aboard!!!

The Obama Express is about to leave the station. The president wants to spend invest $53 billion more on his high-speed train set.

I have some questions for my readers. I’ve been out of the country for a very long time and it is entirely possible that I’ve missed a few things. So please help me out here.

  1. Are Americans from coast to coast clamoring for high-speed train service? I do my best to keep–up with what is going on back home but I’ve not seen any evidence that high -speed train service is a hot topic.

  3. Does anybody have any idea what the likely total cost will be for this project? Or maybe cost isn’t important. I mean this is America, the richest country in the world, right?
  4. Who is really behind this project? Surely some friends of government are looking to make big bucks out of this boondoggle.
  5. Does the President know the difference between “investment” and “spend”? I mean back when I worked in industry, when we made a capital investment proposals, we had to show our estimate of ROI (Return On Investment) and our estimate of the Pay Back period. So does anybody know what the ROI and Pay Back estimates are?
  6. If a high-speed train set is such a good investment, why isn’t a private industry willing to put their money at risk? Do you think that maybe private industry sees this project as a black-hole for sucking-in money?

I have a lot more questions but if you all could help me out with these five, it would really help me a lot.

Let me leave you with something to think about. Down here in Venezuela they often interchange these words: “Communism” with “State Capitalism”. Just ask Obama to talk to Chavez. He’ll explain it to him.

10 thoughts on “All Aboard!!!

  1. Trains were all the rage back in the 1800s and for some reason this administration feels as if going back in time over 100 years in time is what the people want. Have you ever noticed that all of these “progressive” ideas (trains and windmills) are really regressive?

    1. Illogical logic is logical to “progressives”. I think you may have hit on something, Steve. Do you think reverse psychology could work for us? We insist on what we don’t want and they force us to accept what we do want. Just thinking….

  2. One: No. Two: No… progressives don’t worry about cost because money grows on trees they can tax it. Three: Some crony capitalist progressive that wants to get rich and get out before the whole thing crashes down. Ever notice the names of the executives at Fannie Mae just before the crash who got huge bonuses… among them were Democrat sweetheart and perpetual harm-to-America perpetrator Jamie Gorelick (she of the “Gorelick wall” that kept law enforcement agencies from sharing information, then member of the 9/11 Commission that should have been investigating HER). Four: No. Five: Yes, the private sector thinks it’s a black hole. And it almost undoubtedly is. One more progressive project that requires a subsidy perpetually.

  3. Did anyone hear Biden yesterday talking about this? The guy loves trains, but never has to pay for the real cost of his Amtrack commute because of subsidies.

    Why is this administration taking us backward to windmills and trains? Really… if we wanted trains, we’d have trains. Americans have decided on planes and automobiles.

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