Personal Crisis

Our only house/home is in area of vacations homes near a beach. We have the home under a sales contract and we sold all our furniture and moved to the other side of the country where we rented a small place until the sale finalized. We were one of only four family that lived in this development 24/7. The other 200 or so homes and apartments belong to people who only come on weekends or holidays.

This government is planning to expropriated all these homes because they supposedly belong to people who own more than one home and that is not fair. We have to make a mad dash back to try to defend our one and only home.

I won’t be able to keep-up my regular posting although I will when I can. Guest Saturday will continue as normal.

Wish me luck! Hopefully in a week or two we’ll know if we still have a home.

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16 thoughts on “Personal Crisis

  1. I don’t know what to say except good luck.

    You’re a good man in a tough spot. You’re also a smart man, which means you have a leg up on the goons in the government down there.

    Be safe and be well, patriot.

  2. Nooooo way. “……back in the USSR, you don’t know how lucky you are, boy…”

    This is redistribution at its finest, eh? Marx would be so proud.


    My prayers and hopes are with you, Jim. Please fill us in at your earliest chance.
    Stay well…and safe.

  3. I’m doing extra blogging at to try to make up for Jim’s emergency induced hiatus. Please come over and take a look. Jim is a regular reader and he and I are generally on the same page. Two new posts today… one on energy and one on progressive thinking.

  4. What is happening there to you is what we are heading for. How incredible that people in undeserved power can give themselves such license to loot others in the name of protecting the peoples assets! Personally, I pray for the best for you and family Jim, and hope that you can maintain some semblance of your independence and your own property. Keep us all posted!

  5. Good luck Jim!

    The last thing a repressive, socialist government wants is for anybody to own any personal property.

    Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers! Keep us updated!

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