California _ Always the Trend Setter

But not all trends are desirable. Except for lacking the ability to print their own currency, California is a smaller version of the entire country. Rodger Hedgecock, writing for Human Events has a warning for the rest of us.

Policy counts, words matter.  Decades of demonizing “greedy” profit-making enterprises has paid off for California in a lower standard of living, crowded prisons, decaying schools, potholed streets, and an approaching welfare majority.

The sun still shines as brightly, the surf still beckons, but the California Dream has turned into a nightmare, and unless you stop it, that nightmare is coming to your state too.

I urge you to read this article. Hedgecock does an excellent job of describing the California that once was with the California of today. Jobs and entire companies are leaving the state at an accelerated rate. Even so-called green jobs and companies are leaving. He,also, asks the question: how many uber-liberal movie stars have taken-up residence in tax-free states?

California is drowning in a sea of debt. And yet, this state continues to lead the country in demanding lower gasoline consumption per mile from cars in their state. They also demand lower carbon emissions in their state and then order that their citizens pay higher tariffs for electricity because utility companies are being forced to buy higher and higher percentages of their electricity from inefficient renewable energy sources. California has billions of dollars of unfunded pension plans that will require increases in their already sky-high taxes. California is headed for bankruptcy and yet their politicians don’t seem to be worried. Is it that they assume that Uncle Sam will decide they are TBTF?

The parallels between California and our federal government are obvious. The only real difference is that the Fed just keeps printing more currency. They can get away with that for a while because the US dollar is the reserve currency for the world. But sooner or later the party has to end. Or do our politicians believe that we have a Chinese uncle that will think that the US is also TBTF? I’m just asking.

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14 thoughts on “California _ Always the Trend Setter

  1. I read a fascinating piece of math the other day that claimed if California simply raised their income tax rates by 1%, they would be solvent. I actually think that is a plausible theory.

    I would love to either prove or disprove that- very interesting.

    Jim I hope this finds you well and not homeless. I’ve been a shade worried about you…kinda like I know you…without having met you. Kindred spirits.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Brian. I feel exactly the same way. We’re taking it one day at a time for now.

      That is hard to swallow. 1% is all it would take? I lived in Missouri for a few years; somebody has got to show me!

  2. When politicians talk of taxes they always assume stasis… no consequence for raising the tax. They never calculate how many people will find that 1% is the straw that broke the camel’s back and will leave. They don’t calculate tax avoidance. They certainly don’t calculate how many businesses will move, or expand elsewhere as a result of increased taxes. Few people will find moving there (other than illegals) MORE attractive as a result of higher taxes.

    It’s the same as with “taxing the rich” in the national conversation. No politician (with the exception of Paul Ryan and tea party Republicans) seems to realize that the exact same dollars go one of two places… they are either sent to Washington to pay taxes, or they are invested or somehow circulated in the private sector (even savings are invested by the banks holding the money). So tax money is taken away from the place where it would be used to create more wealth and sent to the place where it will not.

  3. Well said. I have to be honest in saying that I’ve repeatedly suggested that productive citizens abandon California. Basically, I think the leftists there should be allowed to fully experience their socialism.

    1. I like your idea, Matt. The problem is that these nimrods don’t stay put. I lived in Nevada in the 80’s and saw how the massive influx of Californians into the Las Vegas area completely changed the politics of that state. they run away from the taxes but they bring their liberal politics with them. Sigh!

  4. I had a friend who moved to CA in the early ’70s. It was a great place to live and work. The major impact was the influx of mexicans. Until they solve it, all the taxes in the world will not support this segment that requires so many free resources.

  5. Their disease is spreading to surrounding states. Montana is getting infested with a number of liberals from CA. Colorado once a deeply red state now blue because of a massive idiot migration from the peoples republic of California. They are spreading their flawed ideology and threatening the way of life in many conservative states. I agree with Matt. Cut our losses with California and allow them out of the contract.

  6. Until California addresses the illegal alien welfare problem and the union contracts bankrupting states and cities, no amount of taxes will solve the problem. A tax increase will just kick the can down the road. Besides, they’ve already been raised, and we’re no better off than before the tax hikes.

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