¡No Hay Luz!

I’ll be unable to make a post today. It is now 17 hours since the electrical power went out. Hopefully I can rejoin the fray tomorrow. If the power comes back later I’ll try to make my rounds.

¡Hasta la vista! 

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5 thoughts on “¡No Hay Luz!

  1. Jim I have to tell you a story. Last night my son and I were driving down to Phoenix for a Suns basketball game and we were talking politics. His social studies class just studied oppression. I told him your story of trying to protect your house. He got this amazed look on his face and told me that they’d studied slavery and Nazis in terms of oppression, and even Islamofacism (oppression of women and other religions… in a PUBLIC school… I love my conservative little town!). He hadn’t realized that political oppression is happening in this hemisphere even today. It offered me a great opportunity to talk about communism/socialism and a bloated, too powerful state. So… if nothing else your situation has helped enlighten one 14 year old boy about the consequences of a government with too much power.

    1. That is a nice story. Thank you for sharing it with me. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty bright lad there, Pat, and he is lucky to have a caring father like you. Make sure you son understands that the bad guys don’t always appear to be bad and it sometimes takes too long for people to realize what is being done to them. Teach him, please, that all citizens need to stay alert and watch for the signals.

  2. I’m holding my breath, crossing my fingers and toes, and sending every good vibe I can down there. We are waiting with you and hope you prevail.

    As for Pat’s story above, that is what needs to happen in every house in America…lessons on what Socialists and Communists do in the name of “fairness” and “equity.” Teach everyone you know!

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