Gadafi Makes a Run for Venezuela

11 thoughts on “Gadafi Makes a Run for Venezuela

    1. Yup. Two of a kind; Fric and Frac.

      Thanks for asking about the house, rjjrdq. It appears that things are on hold for a while. El Presidente has assigned a “commission” to investigate all of the housing needs of the poor. Of course, all of the members of the commission are from his party. My guess is that they will write-up their recommendations first and maybe later they’ll pretend to do an investigation.

  1. No he isn’t the Venezuelan government has denied this, he may be hiding in London with Tony Blair who is a close friend who brokered an oil deal with Libya and BP!

    1. I saw what Maduro said. Whether he is telling the truth or not is the question although I don’t know why the government would want to lie about the presence of Gaddafi. I mean who really cares?
      Thanks for coming by, Derek. If you hear anything definitive, please let me know.


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