M.I.A. or AWOL

POLITICO has the story. Indiana’s Democrats are taking their que from their counterparts in Wisconsin.

Democrats in Indiana’s legislature are said to be fleeing the state Tuesday to block a vote on an anti-union bill, repeating the move used by Wisconsin Democrats to avoid voting on legislation there.

Members of the Indiana House are headed to Illinois or Kentucky to avoid having to vote on a “right-to-work” law, which would allow non-union members to work in unionized companies, the Indianapolis Star reported.

When the House was called into session Tuesday morning, just two of its 40 Democratic members were on hand. In all, 58 legislators were present in the chamber, nine fewer than the 67 needed for a quorum.

Jennifer Epstein calls the Indiana Dem’s M.I.A. I call them AWOL.

5 thoughts on “M.I.A. or AWOL

  1. I agree; the people elected these politicians to do a job and now that they are in the minority the Democrats are all too willing to ignore the will of the people. I fear that the Wisconsin Democrats have set a precedent for the future in which all state governments will grind to a halt when a controversial issue is to be debated by simply not showing up to do their jobs. This is not the way the system is supposed to work, and I am afraid that this will become the norm.

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