War Against Islam will lead to One World Order?

Or is this just another conspiracy theory? Frankly, I’m a sceptic. But, in truth, I feel entirely inadequate to make an intelligent opinion over these assertions. At the very least, however, each of us should apply some thought to what is being suggested. 

LewRockwell.Com carries Ron Holland’s story, “When Only a Good War Will Do”. the primus of Mr. Hollands article is that sometimes for nations or for the power elite to get out of a mess they have created is to covertly instigate a war. He starts with this:

It is political suicide for politicians in the west to make the necessary cuts in government expenditures to limit the explosive growth in government debt at the federal, state or local level. It is also impossible without force for governments to steal enough additional revenue and private wealth from Americans and the productive working citizens of other nations to generate enough government revenue to make a dent in the growth of the national debt. In addition, overt hyperinflation or massive government debt repudiation is unacceptable to foreign nations, central banks and investors who hold much of dollars and national debt. Therefore:

  1. What course of action is left open to Washington politicians to get out of the national debt and dollar crisis they have created?
  2. How do they create an enemy and blame another nation for the wealth and property confiscation necessary to survive?
  3. Also how do they cut the government payrolls, benefits and expenses in an equal measure to guarantee their survival against the power of entrenched union power?
  4. Finally how do the politicians and financial elite cover-up their actions to avoid the blame and retribution for what they have done to the global financial system?

Mr. Holland recommends reading The Daily Bell article, “The West Builds Islam To Create A New War. This article theorizes that behind all the apparently counter productive moves by the Obama, the US, and other “power elite” to destabilize the Middle-East, there is a diabolical plan. In other words, they are supporting the over throw of totalitarian regimes in favor of popular support for democracy in these countries. They know full well that most of these new fragile democracy will degenerate into Islamic theocracies that see the Western world as their enemies. This, supposedly, is exactly what they want to happen. The obvious question is why? Holland has a hypothesis:

Therefore I want to submit a hypothesis which goes even further than using a future war to create a more unassailable police state at home and further military expansion abroad. I want to make the case, how a future limited war in the Middle East involving relatively fundamentalist regimes and even China as a co-belligerent just might be the ultimate plan by the Anglo-American elites. A war could protect the financial elites from full retribution due to their central bank created mania, bubble and collapse they have inflicted on the world now over-shadowed by 100’s of trillions in sovereign debt and unfunded social program liabilities.

They need to create war hysteria, manufacture patriotism and the spirit of shared sacrifice so much of the private wealth in the western world can be transferred to governments to meet war crisis revenue needs. At the same time benefits and programs will be slashed and we will part with our remaining wealth and freedoms while our leaders protect us from a manufactured foreign threat. This is their goal but whether they will succeed is up to us.

Mr. Holland makes a lengthy Libertarian analysis of all of this; but what he means by “up to us” I will try to sum-up in a few words.

To get people to accept the need for “shared sacrifice” they must believe there is an imminent threat to them and/or their nation. In order to achieve this, the power elite must orchestrate their war with Islam in complete secrecy. Secrecy is necessary because if the people suspect that they are being manipulated, they will not accept the “shared sacrifice” willingly. Holland believes that in this day and age of the Internet and its social networks, It will be nearly impossible for the power elite to maintain their actions secret.

Well, it is an interesting story. I frankly don’t know what to make of it. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “War Against Islam will lead to One World Order?

  1. All I cansay is that Obama sure does not want Democracy here in the U.S. so why would he want it anywhere else? They know what happened with “free elections” in Gaza. The confusing part is that Condi Rice and Bush were supporting/ calling for more Democratic rule, and one wonders that they would know so little about these countries. It is naive to think that these countries are prepared for democracy as we know it.

      1. Back in my days at the mines, if someone didn’t show-up for work five days in a row they were assumed to have quit. Maybe the Wisconsin Republicans should pass a similar while their friends are AWOL.

  2. I don’t think there’s anything manufactured about a war with Islam. Not only are we already universally hated in the Muslim world, organized and well educated groups are operating in the United States in an attempt to ultimately impose sharia law across the land. I think Holland’s theory, while interesting, is a little simplistic, and if real, very risky.
    And why does he assume this is whitey’s plan? Always whitey.

    1. i suppose they are white, rjjrdq. But i doubt that was Hollands point. It wouldn’t be the first time that the Rothschilds, Lazards, J.P Morgans, Goldman Sachs, et.al., have been involved in manipulating world events.

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