The Universal Law of the 7 P’s

When I was a student of engineering a long time ago, we were required to learn a lot of useless things. Things like Schroedinger (I sure I miss spelled his name but I don’t really care.) equations for black box radiation in a course of chemical thermodynamics. I passed the final exam and never again had a reason to use those equations. But education is like that. I guess that is how the university justifies giving us a degree that say you are now an engineer. There was a lot of useless stuff we had to learn but there was much that was indeed very useful. Beyond all the academic stuff there were four things that were drilled into our heads. Here are the first three:

  1. Don’t Piss Into the Wind _ very important and very useful.
  2. Don’t waste your time trying to push on a rope. _ I wonder if anyone at the Federal Reserve has heard of that one.
  3. Never screw with the IRS. _ Definitely wise advice.

You might be saying everyone knows these things and they didn’t have to go to engineering school to learn them. You would be right about not having to go to engineering school; but you would be amazed at the number of people who have never learned these simple rules of live.

But the thing I want to talk about today is the fourth thing I learned. And, no, one didn’t need to go to engineering school to learn this either. But that is where I learned it. Most of you, I am sure, apply this law to your every day lives but you may not know the law by its proper name. So allow me to present it to you in its simplest form:.

The Universal Law of the 7 P’s








You are familiar with the principles of this law, aren’t you. But am I talking about the Law of the 7 Ps. Because I have wondered a lot lately about why we conservatives are so far behind the eight ball.?Said another way, why are the progressive/liberals so far out in front of us? I think the answer lies in the Law of the 7 P’s.

The liberals have had a very detailed plan for undoing our constitution for at least 100 years. They have been methodical about implementing their plan. They have been so successful that a couple of years ago they decided it was time to step on the gas pedal and finish what they started out to do so many years ago. their plan has been pushed on many fronts. they didn’t stop with law making. They infiltrated and took over the Democratic Party. They infiltrated and took over the Main Stream Media as well as Hollywood film making They infiltrated and took over our education system. They have more recently stop enforcing parts of the constitution that they don’t agree with; the most blatant of which is not securing our borders. Every thing they have done has been directed at turning Americans into dependent sheep. There is much more to their plan; but I’m sure you get the picture.

The conservative on the other hand have not had a plan for protecting our constitution and preserving the principles of the Founding Fathers. I suppose they never thought they needed a plan. They never dreamed that the constitution would be attacked so stealthily from within. It was finally with the financial crisis of 2008 and the rise of the Tea Party movement that conservatives finally woke up to the reality of what the liberals had accomplished. What worries me most is that the conservatives still don’t have a plan. Yes, we are all talking about the need to secure our borders, to cut spending, to down size government, and to take back our schools. That is all to the good. But that is not a plan. Those are bullet points. That is all they are.

We seem to be waiting for a leader to come forward and I agree that would be nice. But we don’t need to know who our Presidential candidate is going to be to get the ball rolling. This plan that is needed may best be developed by leaders who are behind the scenes. Personally, I have my doubts that the RNC is up to the task. I would like to hope that without our knowing it, some conservative leaders are meeting and working on a detailed plan. This much I can tell you; if the conservatives ignore the Law of the 7 P’s, we are doomed to fail.  


11 thoughts on “The Universal Law of the 7 P’s

  1. Thanks for articulating that so well. I had been doing a series of posts on things that should be done. But, I haven’t kept up on it, and we seem to be countering the left.

    I think the fact that the state gov in Wisconsin went of the offense that made the left so utterly histrionic. We need to stay of the offence, and keep pushing them back. Planning is incredibly important in that effort.

  2. Matt’s right.

    If you’re playing defense, you’re failing. We’ve got to keep the pressure on the left.

    The Wisconsin battle should give us hope. When we mess with their heads, they screw up and make mistakes. That’s cool.

    That should be our plan–always pounding the left and forcing them to lose their shit. It has the double advantage of being fun as hell and effective.

  3. The Republicans have no plan. They just have the tea party breathing down their neck. It is us that need to dictate to them. If they want to keep their jobs, they’ll listen.

  4. Great post. You are right, the Democrats have had a plan in place for years and they have been extremely patient in implementing it while the Republicans just sort of meander along playing defense. But the time for offense is now, we must stop this because the left has stepped up the fight.

  5. While we were out toiling in the fields, earning a living, raising our children, enjoying our lives, they were free to make their hideous plans. Because they were sitting there blaming, envying, pouting that someone was had more, and feeling we should give ours stuff to them.

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