Svetlana’s Letters

How many of you have noticed the page on my side bar called Svetlana’s Letters, I do not know. so, allow me to introduce her. Svetlana Kunin immigrated to the United States in 1980 from the Soviet Union. She is a retired software developer and in the Soviet Union she was a Civil Engineer. Svetlana has written […]

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¡No Hay Luz!

I’ll be unable to make a post today. It is now 17 hours since the electrical power went out. Hopefully I can rejoin the fray tomorrow. If the power comes back later I’ll try to make my rounds. ¡Hasta la vista! 

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Has the EPA Become Just Another Environmental Activist Group?

I’ll let you be the judge. The Washington Examiner recently ran this story by Mark Tapscott, “Emails, other documents show EPA in bed with Big Green groups”.  Mr. Tapscott introduces his subject with this: A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official crowed about his agency’s decision to issue an emergency order stopping a natural gas drilling […]

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California _ Always the Trend Setter

But not all trends are desirable. Except for lacking the ability to print their own currency, California is a smaller version of the entire country. Rodger Hedgecock, writing for Human Events has a warning for the rest of us. Policy counts, words matter.  Decades of demonizing “greedy” profit-making enterprises has paid off for California in […]

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