Bill Gates Wants to Revolutionize Our Schools

Yup. That Bill Gates. He even wrote an article about his plan for the Washington Post.

Over the past four decades, the per-student cost of running our K-12 schools has more than doubled, while our student achievement has remained virtually flat. Meanwhile, other countries have raced ahead. The same pattern holds for higher education. Spending has climbed, but our percentage of college graduates has dropped compared with other countries.

This we all know already. But he is just getting warmed-up. He continues:

To build a dynamic 21st-century economy and offer every American a high-quality education, we need to flip the curve. For more than 30 years, spending has risen while performance stayed relatively flat. Now we need to raise performance without spending a lot more.

Let’s look a little closer at those three sentences. In the first sentence, who exactly is building this dynamic 21st century economy and who is offering every American a high quality education? He says “we” need to flip the curve. I sounds like Bill is talking about you and I and he. But I’m a suspicions sort. I think he is talking about “government”.  In the second sentence _ well, Bill made a small error and the WaPo proof readers didn’t catch it. If I’m not mistaken, four decades is 40 years and not 30 years. But, hey, we are all human. No big deal.  In the last sentence, we learn that Bill’s “revolution of education” doe not entail reducing costs. No, “we” are going to improve performance by spending more. But, “not a lot more”. does it worry you that what you think is not a “lot more” and what Bill Gates thinks is not a “lot more” might be two different things? I worries me.

Now I’ve been having a little fun here at Mr. Gates expense. We nobodies like to do that with those some bodies every now and then. But, please read what his “revolution” is all about. It boils down to this. Our school system has a lot of good teachers and a lot of not so good teachers. Bill’s idea is that “we” should use the good teachers to teach the not so good teachers how to be good teachers. Does that sound like a plan to you? I’m not saying that his plan has no merit.  I just think that his plan is a tad superficial. But, keep in mind that this would not cost a “lot more”.


9 thoughts on “Bill Gates Wants to Revolutionize Our Schools

  1. I would prefer if he save Business the Billions lost with his bug ridden, virus prone, malfunction persistent operating system and software. I know, I digressed. I felt a need to let her rip after a day with his creation.

    1. Ah, you must be using Windows Vista. The description you gave sounds just like it. I am using Windows 7 myself and it is far above any other version of Windows I have used.

  2. I work on a MAC. Wouldn’t trade it for all the pc’s in the world! But then, Bill has a lot more money than I do, so what do I know. The answers to the education problem are to turn back the schools to the states, open up lots of alternatives (vouchers, for instance), get rid of the NEA and the FUT or whatever the Teachers Union is called, get the Feds out of it, stop the insane communistic indoctrination, stop the social engineering, teach to abilities and affinities, pray that parents will care more about discipline instead of coddling, stop trying to educate every illegal,…and….Bill should stick to his business instead of telling everyone else how to live.

    How’s that, Jim? Just a few ideas.

    1. I like those ideas, Cheryl. The federal government has no place in the education of Americas children. The DEA has to go. The NEA and other teachers unions must be taken to task. In the mean time, the parents have got to do a lot more and I believe they can by organizing themselves on a local level.

      Wish I had a MAC.

  3. I’m with Cheryl. Having had both systems for years- you’d have to pry my Apple from cold, dead hands.

    Ten or twelve years ago, I met a genius of a guy. A guy that had done his master’s thesis on creating a learning system based on individually tailored needs. The gifted students were sent thru quickly and challenged by ever increasingly difficult courses. Age was of no concern. Everyone achieved levels of learning that were comfortable and attainable. It was a fantastic thing that made a lot of sense. However he said, it was a complete non starter in a government monopolized industry. The system as we know it has forgotten what the original goal was. It would never change and ultimately it would fail just as everything does that government monopolizes does. Gawd what a fantastic week that was.

    Gates reminds me of some eccentric elite now trying to make sense of his life after having pillaged the village. There’s a big piece of me that just wants to tell Gates to go fuck himself. The world survived quite nicely before him and it will be just fine after his departure. He contributed nothing really, except that he found a way to separate people from their money and he did create a boatload of millionaires who like him- never really contributed much in terms of making life easier for the village. I don’t mind a guy making a buck, but exploiting us for billions…forgive me if I don’t bend over and kiss his ass.

    1. The government’s goal in education should be painfully clear to veryone. They want to produce sheep; not young adults ready to become a productive part of society. In other words, our system today does not teach critical thinking but quite the opposite. The free market , if allowed, would do so much better.

  4. the free market,if allowed,would do so much better?
    ………are you serious?………..the housing bubble,wall street…..does that ring a bell?
    you know, the hole we are still trying to dig out of.

    if you guys are talking about triming the fat and improving goverment….I AGREE!!!!

    if you are talking about eliminating goverment……I STRONGLY DISAGREE!!!!!

    1. Welcome, Moruphius. Yes, i am serious. Let answer your question with another question. Does the Federal Reserve, Barny Franks, Freddy and Fanny ring a bell? They brought on the housing bubble. The immoral SOBs on Wall Street just took advantage of asinine government policies and yes, IMHO, broke the law; but they didn’t cause the bubble.

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