Centralized Planning _ That’s What We Need

More central planning will surely save us. It worked so well in the Soviet Union, Cuba, and now in Venezuela. Why wouldn’t it work for America?  The U. S. Department of Agriculture thinks tha centralized government planning can help  ” …to guide farmers and foresters through problems stemming from said climate change.” Yup. You read that correctly. The USDA is still hung-up on “climate change/global warming”.  Chuck Rodger, writing for American Thinker has the story. It’s not very long so please give it a read. Here are the best of Chuck’s comments:

So then, the public sector will show the private sector how to “sustain productivity?” The claim runs crosswise with humanity’s cumulative experience with government and the private sector. And there are other problems with the NIFA plan. In fact, a clear thinker might ask five specific questions.

  1. Isn’t “change” a normal feature of climate?
  2. Hasn’t climate always changed differently in different regions?
  3. Haven’t growers always adapted?
  4. What past results do we have that encourage us to trust government’s ability to centrally plan anything?
  5. With the obvious answer to question #4, how much confidence should we have that government can successfully plan an entire society’s navigation through an unpredictable phenomenon like climate change?

Honest answers to all five questions reveal the foolhardiness of believing that the USDA will do anything but screw up the food and lumber supplies, weakening the health and wealth of Americans in the process.

A particular aspect of the USDA plan typifies the height of liberal cluelessness that Americans have come to expect from the Obama administration. One of the projects under the new initiative aims to increase corn production. Who will lead this noble attempt to steer producers through times when the rain don’t rain, or when the rain, she rain too much, or when the sun don’t shine, or when the sun, he shine too much? With a $20 million budget, the corn project’s leader will be Dr. Lois Wright Morton, an Iowa State University sociologist.

I’m seriously concerned that the Obama administration is suffering from sleep deprivation. They obviously are staying up nights to think-up this crap. It would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. Climate Change! Centralized Agriculture Planning! Somebody tell me I’m just having a bad dream. Please!

I’ll bet our farmers and foresters are relieved to know that a government sociologist is going to help them deal with changes in climate. You believe that, don’t you? 

16 thoughts on “Centralized Planning _ That’s What We Need

  1. My Lunesta Butterflies are wearing off. This must be a dream. A five year plan? I think that was tried before when millions of Chinese starved to death. That is right.. we are burning our food now to run our cars. Brilliant.

    1. Right or wrong, I blame the Main Stream Media for not doing their job of vetting Obama the candidate. The man hates America and he is bent on destroying it. Unfortunately, he is doing a good job of it. We have to keep spreading the word, Bob. I don’t know what else to do.

  2. Sorry mate, not a bad dream. Mind you, if you look at what these slimeballs did in Russia and Cuba, what they’re desperately trying to do to you now, it really a nice dream. Think millions starved to death and an equal number repressed and robbed of their humanity.

    Oh and no matter how many times socialism fails, they’ll never give up trying to foist it upon everyone else. Why it’s almost as if failure, mediocrity and suffering was the real purpose.

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