Guest Saturday with The Free Market Project #1

This article was originally published by Pat Slattery of The Free Market Project on April 22, 2011.

Obama asks why gas prices are high. Hand him a mirror.

I was going to discuss Obama’s gas-price task force myself, but Ed Morrissey does such a great job at Hot Air that there’s not much more to say: Obama’s gas-price task force and example of Obama’s warning?

The cause of rising gasoline prices is obvious to the most casual of observers.  First, the Democrat, environmentalist, progressive alliance will not allow expanded energy production domestically.  We have a “permitorium” in the Gulf of Mexico.  We have closed our East and West coasts to exploration and drilling.  We refuse to drill in ANWR or even to drill more in the Alaskan Oil Preserve.  It goes on and on.  We haven’t built a refinery for decades. (By “We” I mean the country dominated by the alliance described above.)  Instead, we send billions of American dollars to foreign nations, even going so far recently as giving Brazil a few billion to drill off of their shore and promising more American dollars will flow into their economy when they can sell us oil.  On top of that exodus of American dollars out of the country, the American taxpayer is subsidizing not-ready-for-primetime wind and solar energy that has already proven a bust in Europe.

Why do Progressives always want to be like Europe, following in European footsteps, even when the evidence of their having gone down a road first proves it’s a dead end?  European-style socialism? Failure.  Universal health care? Failing.  Green energy?  Failing.  Yet, when the results are already written, or the writing’s on the wall, Progressives still want to follow the path.  It’s some weird form of political penis envy on the part of American Progressives for Europeans.

Aside from refusing to produce domestic energy sources, there’s also the loss of value in the dollar resulting from the incredible (and incredibly ineffective) deficit spending of the last three years, particularly the last two.

Obama’s panel is nothing new.  Every time energy prices rise, idiot politicians look to blame someone else–oil companies or speculators.  In the meantime, they refuse to do the things that would actually lower prices.  Or, in the Obama Progressive regime, actively do things that raise prices.  If Obama wants to know why gasoline prices are so high, someone should simply hand him a mirror.

10 thoughts on “Guest Saturday with The Free Market Project #1

  1. A few weeks back, I don’t remember exactly where or when, I read a post/article on something similar. Obama has made no secret of the fact that he wants $4.00/gallon for gas. The article I read basically was calling for raising prices to meet that objective even when supply/demand was dictating lower prices. Supposedly this is his way of getting us out of our cars. Ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Hi Otis. Thanks for coming by. Yea, isn’t his idea for centrally planning our lives great? He really believes we are stupid and are going to go along with whatever he wants. Talk about arrogance. He is full of it!

  2. Recall its the economy stupid? Well, its the dollar now. It just hit a new low and will continue to tank. Energy runs inverse to the dollar most often. That is my hunch. Soon there will be a new world currency that energy will be tied to, and no way back.

  3. I may post on this soon. Yes, crude is going up, but gasoline didn’t reach $4.00/gallon until crude reached $147/barrel in 2008. We’re approaching it at $110/barrel.

    I’m not supportive of Obama’s energy policies, but a report I heard today said that gas is expensive because inventories are very low. I really don’t know why, but that’s why gas prices are high.

    1. CT, do you have a link on that story on low inventories? I must have read three or four articles these last few days that inventories were high. One story (I wish now that I had saved it) said the the Saudis approached several of the major buyers; like Exxon/Mobil to offer extra supplies but had no takers. Also, with the dollar falling against other currencies the price of commodities naturally go up.

  4. It’s a bit like a report i read the other day about california liberals heading to Texas with task-forces and various fact-finding bodies to try and figure out what Texas is doing right to create jobs and get people to move there.

    If you want anything done right or don’t want everything turned to crap, don’t vote democrat.

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