Death Panels are NICE __ Really?

Death panels by any other name are still death panels and they are not nice but they are NICE. A big Hat Tip to Bruce McQuain over at Questions and Observations for the link to this article from Health Care News published by The Heartland Institute. We all know that Obama and his fellow liberal/socialists hold […]

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I am unable to bring you “It’s Sunday with The Bard of Murdock” due to problems with WordPress. I’m hoping this gets resolved soon. I can only offer my apologies to you dear readers and, of course to the Bard as well.

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The Socialist Elites Have Lost Control of the Leviathan They Created

The unintended consequences of the influence of Karl Marx could soon throw  the whole world into chaos. The very goal of the Western elite (socialist) of concentrating power in the hands of a few and exercise control over a dependent populace will be their undoing. Unfortunately, their undoing will take everyone else down with them. Paraphrasing Winston […]

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NAFTA On Steroids?

Is this another conspiracy theory? Maybe. Maybe not. I suppose it depends on how you define a conspiracy. If a murder or a theft of government secrets or some other illegal act is planned by some number of people in secret and various steps of the plan are carried out in secret, whether the plan succeeded […]

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