The Socialist Elites Have Lost Control of the Leviathan They Created

The unintended consequences of the influence of Karl Marx could soon throw  the whole world into chaos. The very goal of the Western elite (socialist) of concentrating power in the hands of a few and exercise control over a dependent populace will be their undoing. Unfortunately, their undoing will take everyone else down with them.

Paraphrasing Winston Churchill, socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money. Well, my friends, Europe and the United States have run out of other people’s money. The Western elite, dominated by what I call the Banksters, are very smart people. They had to know this day was coming. So, what was their end game? Did they think that the people of Europe and the United States would, like the people of the old Soviet Union, accept that 90% percent of the people would be marginalized so the other 10% could live high off of the State run economy? If that is what they thought, they were sadly mistaken. The people of Europe and the United States are not the peasants of Russia and Eastern Europe that never had anything in the first place so they didn’t lose anything by becoming serfs to the socialist elites. No, the Leviathan created by the Western elite are not going to give up their entitlements without a fight.

What we are seeing in Greece and Portugal and Spain and what appears to be spilling into France is only the tip of the iceberg. The people will not accept that their government’s austerity programs. And the same will be true here in the US. It will get violent. There will be chaos.

How did we get in this mess? We are in this mess because the Elites, the Banksters, did what they always have done when there is a financial  crisis.  They save the banks first. This is what they did in 2008 in Europe and in the United States. They argued that if the banks weren’t saved the world would be thrown into another Great Depression. I believe they were right. But I also believe that the Great Depression should have been allowed to happen. The free market system would have taken a few years to readjust but we would have come out of it much the stronger. Instead the Elite and the Banksters led us to what we experiencing today.

But the world of the Elites and the Banksters is coming unraveled. What will they do? They will do what they always do as a last resort. They will look to war as a means to reorganize the world so they can continue their plunder. I think they’ll get their war. Maybe much sooner than they planned. We can see this war in the making right now in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

So let’s assume they get their war. Wars eventually end, Then what? They get their new world order but probably not the one world order they would prefer. The new socialist state will be huge blocks of what were once smaller states. Will this new socialist order work? Of course not. It will fail for the same reasons it always fails. But they can probably keep up the illusion for a few more decades.

Can the Elites and the Banksters be stopped? Yes it is possible; but the probability is not great. IMHO, I believe that the United States has the last chance to save the world as we know it. Everything depends on the outcome of the 2012 elections We non-socialists must not just win these elections. We must win in a way that will allow us to make sweeping changes in the direction of this country. We must show the way to Europe because if Europe collapses, they will drag us down with them. In my view, that is what these next elections are all about.  Our chances of pulling off this kind of change are small. But we have to try. We have wake-up our own troops before we can hope to wake-up enogh of the others to win in the manner necessary. We have woken-up a lot of people already. We must wake-up a lot more.

30 thoughts on “The Socialist Elites Have Lost Control of the Leviathan They Created

  1. I would add to that that is also depends on whether we are allowed to have a 2012 election, or whether we have some kind of National Emergency and Martial Law is declared. If this happens, all bets are off!

    1. I would not put it past the current regime to invent a ‘crisis’ for just such a purpose.

    2. If things escalate totally out of control in the Middle East, Obama would be capable of trying to impose Martial law. I’m not sure he would get away with it. But then I never thought I’d see anything like the Patriot Act in America either.

  2. You are right on the money on this one. More and more of the left now feels comfortable calling themselves Socialists. Unheard of a few yearsago. The GOP has no strategy.
    Instead of marketing Ryan’s plan first. Selling it, informing with ads and the like. No, they pulled a Pelosi. Gave the House members 5 days to chug it down and then voted on it. The Reps never got a chance to go home and explain, and inform what it is all about. Ask anyone what is in it and I could not even tell you and I have spent some time trying to understand it. Medicare reform is something that should never have been presented in this way. Bold, yes. Stupid– even more. Many will not agree with me. But most folks are not like many of us who try to follow the details of world news. We have buried ourselves with Mr. Ryan. IMO.

      1. That’s why I’m a “capital-L” Libertarian, and you know how I’d handle this situation! Straight talk – tough, but honest, and calling out BS everywhere I see it. Which would require a lot of lozenges…

  3. I think the biggest thing going against us is time. The Fabians have been at it for 100 yrs. +. They are very organized. They already turned Europe into their EU collectivist society, which is crumbling from insurmountable debt. They have managed to penetrate their ideology into every institution in the U.S. How much time do we have to stop them? The debt is the crux of the matter.

    We are broke, yet the socialist machine marches forward, borrowing money from us. As long as we are paying taxes = dues to the socialist left in this country, we are unable to use our economic power to stop them. I found this yesterday: leading to this: Just another instance of how they operate…

    Maybe the best shot we have is using the House to defund their operations…I’d start there. Then dismantle government agencies, i.e. HUD, EPA, NEA, Fannie and Freddie, etc. And for the sake of God, get out of the UN, and the WTO. There are some ideas… I can do today. Just think of it this way….we are dismantling a very complicated bomb…wire by wire…piece by piece.

    It’s going to take time….
    By the way…what are those bureaucrats going to do when they lose their jobs??? Is the mafia advertising for new recruits??

    1. I agree, Cheryl. Time is not on our side and the Republicans have already wasted far too much of it by not taking their case directly to the people. As you say, the liberals are far better organized both inside and outside of the Democrat Party. Organizations like Second Nature are just one of hundreds that are at work trying to convert America into their socialist utopia. It seems that the republicans have learned very little in observing the left over the years.

  4. The liberal agenda is much too important for the people to interfere with a little thing like a constitutionally mandated election. I don’t expect the 2012 outcome to be happy. Liberals (the true bitter clingers) will cling to power by any means they can.

  5. Based on the nature of the comments here, my novel The Eagle Has Crashed is about a month from release (finally), and might be of interest to folks who have commented. The purpose of the book is to raise awareness of the danger of pushing the national debt too far. I set the story in central Ohio (where I’m from) to show how such a catastrophe might affect ordinary folks like ourelves and our neighbors.

    I really, really, hope that nothing like that comes true, but everyone here is correct that time is running out – quickly.

    1. Be sure to let me know if The Eagle Has Crashed is ever translated into Spanish. Unfortunately that’s the only way I’ll be able to read it. Living down here on a pension and no credit card makes it impossible buy over the Internet, I know it will be a great success. Congratulations!

      1. Jim: I will send you a copy. Right now I don’t know where things will go, but it’s my hope that there will be sufficient interest to warrant a Spanish translation. Perhaps if some folks in Venezuela want to read it a translation will get published.

      2. I really want to read your book, CT. Once the book is published let me know and maybe we can find a way that doesn’t require such generosity on your part. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed. I’m looking forward to reading The Eagle Has Crashed.

  6. It’s noting looking very good. Even if we do win in 2012, any and all attempts to stop the government will be met with massive protests, and then, violence. It won’t be pretty.

  7. I do not believe that there is a constitutinal basis for the declaration of Martial Law, but I doubt this current administration would care. I suspect that the good people of Amerika would just do what they were told to do…. We can only hope that someone in the military at the point that the declaration is attempted would finally say “No. Enough”. The chances of that happening are virtually nil, I would assume. Sad.

  8. Very good post! I am happy to hear conservatives talking like anti-oligarchy radicals, because that his what is called for or it will, as you say all crash down. It is also important that we say no to future wars (I was in the military, served in Iraq and Afghanistan and I love my country).

    Afghanistan is a failed project. Our warriors fought bravely to give the people a shot, and the Afghanis blew it. We killed Bin Laden, time to come home and leave Pakistan to the Chinese’s sweaty embrace.

  9. The Leviathan can be harpooned— but not if the whaleboats are manned by the likes of Mitt Romney, Murkowski, Grahamnesty, et al. The RINOs must be turned out.

  10. We are on the verge of losing our republic and America as we know her. 2012 is going to be a pivital election and I have serious doubts about our chances to turn this around in time.

  11. This is the problem with breeding a sense of entitlement in the populace, eventually they will start believing that they’re entitled to all sorts of crap and they get violent when the elitist rats who fed them run out of food to give them.

  12. Excellent post and comments. As far as the position that most of these Elites (I like to call them the Ruling Class) will find themselves in, if they get their wish for war . . . isn’t there a saying about this? Something about a catching a tiger by the tail.

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