We Need Leadership Now!!!

World economic news is all bad. The Dow Jones Industrial Adverage fell 280 points yesterday and other world markets fell as well. Moody cut Greece’s bond rating by three notches and Europe’s situation is weakening as the dollar shows gains. The big money managers are in a panic because they can’t see a good place to invest their clients money. QE II will supposedly end in June and the Fed doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind.  New from the manufacturing sector is bad, the employment data is morbid,  and the housing data keeps getting worse. For more on the economy, see CNNMoney.

Meanwhile, our boys and girls in congress on both sides of the aisle seem, with few exceptions, to continue politics as usual  on the debt ceiling issue. Folks, right now the world is desperate to see that the US is serious about putting its house in order. And that means that serious spending cuts MUST go along with raising the debt ceiling. Erick Erickson of the RSRedstate has some thoughts on this very point. The title of his article, If the Republican Presidential Candidates Won’t Lead on This, What Will They Lead On?, asks a very important question. The article is short so I am going to reproduce it here:

It would be unfair to say that the Republican Presidential candidates have not weighed in on the debt ceiling. Most, if not all, have in passing mentioned the issue.

But the time for mentioning the issue in passing is over. The Dow Industrials have fallen. The Fed wants to print more money. Obama is gutting NASA’s space mission to socialize healthcare and fund global warming nonsense. And Republicans on Capitol Hill are hinting loudly that they will raise the debt ceiling, but they want a big show of something first.

Obama is prepared to wait them out and blame them. No one seems to have their back. And the congressional Republicans will, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, go wobbly. They just will. It is what they do.

So it is time for the Republican Presidential candidates to start forcefully and constantly demanding bold change in exchange for the debt ceiling increase. Yes, some of them will say this is a matter they should not get involved in, but the nation they inherit, or not, cannot wait for their election or defeat.

The time is now. Republican Presidential candidates have a unique position to stand above the fray outside Washington, while also backing up the guys who are already there fighting the fight. Pressure must be brought to bear on United States Senators, a number of whom are looking to cut a minimalist deal with Democrats, save face, and proclaim bipartisanship at work.

If the GOP Presidential candidates do not get out there loudly on this issue — and I have a hard time believing they won’t race to the right of each other on this issue — congressional Republicans will buckle, a handful of Republican Senators will, metaphorically, slit the throats of the conservatives to get a deal with the President, and the debt ceiling will be raised with little to show for it. That will hurt all of the Republican candidates and do irreparable harm to this nation.

It is time to lead and speak boldly.

  I agree with Mr. Erickson. I don’t think the necessary leadership is going to come from the Republicans currently in the House or Senate. The leadership is needed now. And I mean right now!  It can only come from one or more of our presidential candidates. But who? Who out there truly understands the importance this issue has not only to the US but to the world? Who can provide the leadership that will give sufficient courage to our current Congressional Republicans so they can do what must be done?

So, dear readers I have two questions for you today:

  1. Do you agree that the needed leadership must come from a Presidential candidate?
  2. If so, who out there, announced or not, do you believe has the background and character to provide this leadership and how do we convince them to step-up?

I’ll start the ball rolling by throwing in my two cents worth. Of all the candidates and potential candidates that I see out there, I think Herman Cain may be the most qualified to provide the needed leadership. I’m aware that many conservatives have spoken out against Cain because of his history with the Federal Reserve, including yours truly. Thinking about it more today, it is possible that Cain’s experience in the Fed and his experience as a CEO who has turned around a failing company is exactly what makes him the most qualified to offer this leadership.

At any rate, if someone is going to provide this leadership, they need to step forward soon.



31 thoughts on “We Need Leadership Now!!!

  1. I like Cain the best… as well.

    Rather than just taking their medicine, the FED and corrupt member banks tried to manufacture a healthy economy. The fat cats all just got fatter, our debt has mushroomed, and they have destroyed their tax base and the middle class in the process. Shitageddon looms and it’s going to be ugly.

  2. IMHO, The Republicans fell off the track when Medicare got thrown into the budget fray. As I said before, still waiting to hear from Mr. Ryan regarding the details of his Medicare reform. It is so brilliant that no one can articulate the wonders of it. I heard him again yesterday complaining that everyone is being unfair. Well, speak up sir. People are being scared out of their wits that they will not be able to afford Healthcare when they get old. The only thing they know about is Medicare. This so called voucher does not cut it for most folks. While I appreciate that Medicare is going broke and needs to be changed, this is not the way to go about selling it.

  3. I agree, we do need it now, but I kind of think that waiting a little to find out who will get in and who will be the nominee, actually sparks more discussion and comparison. And Barack Obama is not coming out a winner with all the bad news that continues to percolate through the system. If we decided this soon, people would start to expect a difference just based on who was top dog. It’s kind of like fresh milk, you can’t get the cream until the milk sets for awhile! Settling on one person right now would be limiting ourselves in a way. I would truly like Sarah Palin/Allen West, but Herman Cain is really interesting too. If we do manage to have an election in 2012, a couple of months on waiting to see who all will choose to run, will not make that much difference. Not in the economy or not in any other area! Better to give the media and the Dems. too many targets than just one. If they don’t know, they have to spend extra time and money. Why narrow the field too soon?

    1. I see your point, Patricia, I really do. However, I don’t think the debt ceiling issue can wait a couple of months. The markets here and else where are sending us a message that we had better take seriously. If the economy collapses before the elections, that would probably insure that our candidate will win. But, it could then be a hollow victory.

  4. That’s why we need to keep pressure on Congress. Who the Presidential nominee is won’t make any difference if Congress will not act and that will take all of us being loud and persistent!

  5. Palin & West for me. (still wondering about Rick Perry, too.) I am definitely not on the Fair Tax band wagon…don’t like it ….don’t want it. That zeroes out Cain and Paul. I’m also with loopyloo on the distraction factor…while the Dems don’t know who to assassinate and they are just shooting at so many targets we can hope they will run out of ammo. Sarah is playing this so smart….keeping them running all over the place and wondering. I think she has all the right stuff to take the White House and lead the charge. Cain just doesn’t impress me at all.

    I know that libertarians have all gone rabid on the Fair Tax, so my opinion will not be welcomed on that. I also think that is not the most critical issue on the table at the moment, so I see that as superfluous compared to the other Marxist insanities we are suffering from the left. Consumption taxes have not served Europe very well….to say the least.

    Just my two cents.

  6. From The Dollar & The Gun by Henry Binswanger:

    Americans have always held individual rights and freedoms to be sacred and have looked with proper suspicion upon the power of government. The opponents of freedom have flopped grandly whenever their true colors have been perceived by the American public…the victories of the statists have required camouflage.

    We can’t afford a RINO or a McCain-style ‘maverick.’

    1. I agree, Bob. Conservatism wins but for some reason the Republicans seem too afraid of it and take a dive when push comes to shove.

  7. No one will cut spending. The politicians are simply doing what their constituents want. Oh sure they all say they want to cut spending but the moment you do they start whining, “Oh no, we need that.”

    In a few years we will be Greece.

  8. The only power a presidential candidate has is to speak out and try to help educate the public–when the media gives us news about policy, rather than the stupid horse race aspect. I’m not sure a presidential candidate has the ear of the people (few are paying attention yet, and nobody beyond political junkies like us).

    That said, I’m getting into Pawlenty’s corner more and more. When someone goes to Iowa and says we need to stop ethanol subsidies, then to Florida and talks about reforming entitlements, I start thinking we have someone with guts on our hands. How about Pawlenty/Cain?

    Actually, Mitt Romney sounded good today. He doesn’t excite me at all, but he said the right things the right way today. The Utah governor guy… please let’s get rid of that centrist putz as quickly as possible.

    Follow Ryan! He walked into the White House and slapped down the POTUS with facts and figures. He confronted Obama. And, that’s the second time he’s done it, because he did the same thing during the (laughable) Obamacare “debate” (if anyone thought Obama was listening to anyone other than his progressive friends on that one, I have a bridge to sell you). Ryan is smart and has serious cajones.

    By the way, if anyone has a fragment of a memory, Ryan’s medicare plan is pretty easy to sell. Recall the Obamacare debate… Or go back to the Hillarycare debate. Remember people (from both sides of the aisle) saying, “Hey… why don’t we just give the people the same kind of health insurance that people in Congress have?” Ryan’s plan is no change for those 55 and older, then a plan that closely resembles the Congress’ plan. Fixed sum (as opposed to fee for service) payments to approved private sector insurance providers. Competition between providers to attain clientele! Can you imagine? A private sector solution!!! Anathema to progressives.

    1. Good comment, Pat. I have to admit that Pawlenty’s stance in Iowa impressed me too. I agree that Ryan’s plan should be easy to sell but for some reason it is not selling, at least not from what I read.

  9. Because of the economics that they follow, they feel that they need to keep on raising the debt because otherwise the economy has gone to hell (nevermind the fact that it has gone to hell even with all of this spending). The only leadership is coming from those who question this idea of aggregate demand and total spending. Only those who understand the workings of capital markets will abandon the foolish notion of aggregate demand and will allow capital to go to those who are succeeding (aka meeting consumer demand). We are stuck until the government stops trying to prop up the failures in our economy at the expense of the should-be winners.

  10. Pat…
    I watched Hannity’s interview with Romney today and, I agree, he did sound pretty good. He has a ways to go to convince me on the healthcare issue, though. When he talks about repealing Obamacare and then says he will turn everything over to the states..I have questions like: what do you do about portable insurance from state to state? What do you do to open up competition between states? And he still defended the mandate in MA. And I hate government mandates…state or federal.

    I’m listening to all of them. And I agree on Pawlenty getting the message right on telling the truth re: ethanol and medicare. I hope they all get out there and keep talking. We need to vet this coming election with all our best minds and hope the cream rises to the top.

    Thanks for the discussion. Jim…we are just beginning a year and a half of deliberations!

    1. Romney has to know his health care program was a mistake . He just refuses to admit it. I don’t trust this guy. One of my favorite politicians right now is not yet ready. That’s Rand Paul. He is one smart , calm, cool and, collected young man.

    2. I agree on Romney… For me Romneycare ends the discussion, unless he’d said, “We tried to solve a problem, and found the government solution did NOT work. It was a mistake.” That’s not what he said. He’s too squishy for me on many subjects. I just liked his “private sector” emphasis.

      I have to say, I wish people would forget Sarah Palin as a presidential candidate. She is FAR too polarizing. I love Sarah as a king/queen maker, spokesperson, and fund raiser. As a candidate she’ll be loved by tea-partiers, but could actually lose us the independents in the middle that we need in order to win because she is so polarizing (this is unfair, because the MSM was the cause with it’s tragically unfair stories, but it’s the reality we have to live with). And, the thing is, we’re gaining ground in the independent middle all the time, so we need a candidate they can embrace, not one they reject reflexively.

  11. “And that means that serious spending cuts MUST go along with raising the debt ceiling. ”

    Excuse me, but this old accounting fart wants to know: if we have “serious spending cuts” why do we need “raising the debt ceiling”.

    1. Ha! I guess there are degrees of seriousness, Dave. I’m not sure my fellow Americans are ready for my degree of seriousness let alone your degree of seriousness. But, I could live with it.

  12. If not Romney or Gingrich, even conservative media are refusing to give the other candidates a fair shake. If we leave this debt ceiling issue to the likes of them and Boehner and McConnell, we’ll end up with another CR that actually increases spending.

    1. You are right. Only Palin gets any kind of attention from the media and that is mostly negative. Boehner and McConnell are not going to provide the leadership we need right now or ever.

  13. Cain and Romney are probably the most equipped to talk about and do something about the economy, but there is no way that I can vote for Romney. As for pure leadership I think Allen West is the man to look towards.

  14. Why is anyone saying that Sarah Palin is “polarizing?” What does that mean? If that means speaking the truth and defending the Constitution is “polarizing,” then “polarizing” is exactly what is needed to pull the Leftists heads out of their collective rear-ends. (+everyone else’s collective personal body parts.) Sarah Palin is saying exactly what an American patriot should say on all of the issues. Why wouldn’t anyone take her seriously? If she runs…at this point, I find her much better than the rest of the field so far. So the MSM thinks she is “Polarizing?” Who cares what MSM puts out there any more.

    I’m with you Jim on West…so far he seems like a good option, too.

    BTW, I take back what I said if I sounded supportive of Romney. I did not mean to sound as if I was supporting him…I just said he sounded pretty good, but has a ways to go to convince me. Today I have read that he is a “Global Warming” believer, too….so between that and healthcare, he is toast from my point of view. Pawlenty got points for serving up his “mistake” on AGW – Global Warming, plus telling the truth on Ethanol subsidies. I’m watching him as well as a possibility.

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