It’s Sunday with The Bard Of Murdock __ # 1

The following poem was originally published by The Bard Of Murdock on Friday, June 3, 2011.

Demigods and Democrats

In recent days the president
Has every reason to lament:
The Senate voted to a man
To kill his latest budget plan.
The House refused to be outdone,
And voted, more than three to one,
To kill his plan to hike the debt,
Before their calls for cuts were met.
The White House team, now on alert,
Decided they could best avert
The looming crisis on the street
By getting all their foes to meet
The president, who would express
The need to spend well in excess
Of every bit of revenue
The government is likely due.
Republicans were quite amused,
For recently they were abused
By both The One they would now meet,
And all the minions at his feet.
They acquiesced to entertain
The President, and his campaign,
Because it offered them the chance
To interrupt his song and dance.
The president became confused,

His feelings hurt, his ego bruised.
For to this point he had been told
That Boehner and his troops would fold.
But here was Ryan feeling free
To point out demagoguery
By both The One and she that he
Appointed to the DNC.

McCarthy, from the Golden State,
Refused to self-negotiate,
And pointed out the CBO
Would need details to undergo
The difficult, demanding chore
Of giving out a budget score;
Which at this time cannot be done
For lack of details from The One.

Those members from across the aisle
From leadership, to rank and file,
Need lessons in civility
And how to treat nobility.
For their behavior is at odds
With deference due the demigods:
The Democrats, and favorite son
Of Illinois: Barack, The One.

4 thoughts on “It’s Sunday with The Bard Of Murdock __ # 1

  1. Another good one! Obama’s spokesmouth actually said that Obama has not released a budget because it would just get attacked. No $h*t! It’s called politics, and Paul Ryan is the only adult in the debate.

    Biden leading budget negotiations? Hah! I heard he fell asleep and the congressmen played a joke on him by all of them quietly leaving the room and turning off the lights.

      1. Hmmm. Maybe they gave a multiple-choice exam where all the choices were correct. I actually had a professor that did that. He gave the same exam every year. However, there was a catch. You had to choose the “best” right answer. The “best” right answer was the one he decided to emphasize that year.

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