“Hope and Change” __ Not Exactly What Most People Had In Mind

When candidate Obama created the meme “Hope and Change”, he never told us, except for his dream that Americans should pay super high prices for energy,  what he was hoping for or what changes he envisioned for America. In the last two and a half years, Obama’s vision is becoming painfully clear to all who are willing to see. He hopes to convert the United States of America into the United Socialist States of America and he wants to change our nation into just another nation in the world community of nations. He wants to change our traditional friends and allies for a whole new set of friends.

Conservative Americans are keenly aware of our President’s far left ideology as it applies to policies here at home. But, only a relative few talk or write much about Obama’s foreign relations vision. 

For example, it seems that Obama believes that the US no longer needs a Department of State nor a Department of defense. Apparently he feels that he is better served by international organizations like the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of American States (OAS). 

 He obviously agrees with the UN position on Agenda 21 and AGW and the need for the wealthy nations of the world to redistribute their wealth to the poorer nations of the world. Another example is that Obama demonstrated absolutely no interest in intervening in Libya until the UN suggested that we should.

While this regime has made nice with the nations of Islam and with Cuba, Russia, China and, remained silent about the atrocities of Chavez in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia, Ortega in Nicaragua and supported the criminal Selaya in Honduras, how has he treated our best allies in the world; Great Britton and Israel?

Obama’s betrayal of Israel has been well publicized; but, his betrayal of Great Britton, not so much. From the day he took office, he has snubbed, insulted and betrayed Great Britton. As the newly elected President of the United States, he rejected a gift  of a bust of Winston Churchill .  Obama, against the direct wishes of Great Britton, gave away the secret details of Great Britton’s missal defense system to Russia. A couple of weeks ago Obama made a State visit to Great visit. Apart from making a fool of himself with gaffs in protocol, he did seem to try to make amends when he talked about the “special relationship” between our two countries. However, within days of his return home, he found a way to stab Britton in the back again.

Obama decided last week to side with the UN and the OAS and President Kirchner of Argentina against Great Britton by signing on to the OAS demand that the UK sit down with Argentina and negotiate the issue of sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.  Let me give a brief history of Britton’s claim to the Falklands that I gleaned from Wikipedia. The British first colonized the Falklands in 1766. They were expelled by Spain in 1770 but regained control almost immediately. From 1774 to 1841, control of the Falklands changed hands several times when Britton established a permanent colony. You may recall that in 1982 Argentina invaded the Falklands, which resulted in a war with Britton, which was won by the British.

So, you can see why Great Britton does not agree that there exist any issue over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. As Rick Moran points out, via Fox News, in his recent article posted a American Thinker  (H/T to Cheryl at my Tea Party Chronicle for the heads up) :

“British sovereignty over the islands is not an issue for negotiation. … This is a slap in the face for America’s closest friend and ally,”…

 So why is Obama following the lead of Hugo Chavez and Chavez’s socialist friends in the OAS. Obama is literally giving the finger to Great Britton, which he only a week ago refered to as our “special friend”? Is this an example of Obama’s vision of “hope and change” that the American voters supported? I would like to prevail upon you, dear readers, to ask your friends and family members who voted for Obama, is this the hope and change they were expecting?

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking. What do you think?

33 thoughts on ““Hope and Change” __ Not Exactly What Most People Had In Mind

  1. Philosophically speaking, there are appealing aspects to the “hope and change” message that Obama later attempted to bring about through policy and legislation after he assumed the Presidency.

    His foreign policy attempt to reach out and bridge the gap between the western and Arab world’s and his idea to negotiate with your enemies without precondition was enough to get him the Nobel Peace Prize.

    But like a lot of things with Obama, there is nothing wrong with his vision; its his implementation that is a total failure.

    Outside continuing the Bush strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, his foreign policy initiatives have mostly been failures. He is inconsistent, showing strength at one moment and then inexplicably changing course the next and failing to follow-up to completion.

    Its doubtful he’ll ever be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize ever again. lol!!

    His desire to transform the American economic engine to green technologies through cap-and-trade legislation or policy is, at best, naive. At worst, it will further weaken the American economy through higher energy prices that will stifle economic growth long before green technologies ever bring significant benefits.

    That is, if Obamacare doesn’t destroy the American economy first!

    Obamacare is another example of a well-intentioned goal that ignores economic reality and serves only to accelerate the decline in this country’s standard of living and hasten the departure from our perch atop the world stage.

    The “stimulus” and Frank-Dodd are two more examples of monumental failure in this Administration in its short tenure.

    Republican’s need to keep the focus of the 2012 campaign on the issues and Obama’s record without becoming ideologically intransigent.

    If they do that then Republicans will win in 2012 and we can begin work on undoing the damage this Administration has wrought in such a short time.

    1. In MHO. AZ, the man s an idiot. No one in their right mind could have believed it was possible to bridge the gap between the western world and the Arab world in any thing less than a thousand years. Their culture and our culture are not compatible.

  2. There is disillusionment with Obama on this level, too.

    Indeed, more than one individual has had to take similar steps with similar handwritten letters from Obama. See this quick search I did via Bing.

    I hate to say this: Most Americans don’t pay much attention to foreign policy. The GOP won’t be able to defeat Obama in 2012 if too much focus is on foreign policy. Just sayin’.

    1. I’m not suggesting the GOP should change their focus, AOW. But we can’t afford to turn a blind eye to the mess he is making of foreign affairs. We will pat a heavy price in the not to distant future.

  3. THE Amazing thing is that he has not been shy about talking what he intended to do, As well as his Czars. There are tons of vids from Van Jones, to Jarret to Cass Sunstein. We were warned that he would rule by edict after his first year. So we cannot say he did not give us fair warning.No one reported or paid heed to his Fundamental Change he kept espousing.

  4. I think you raise a very important point. Little to nothing was known about Obama when he began his campaign for President and our fears and our warnings were not heeded, at best, or worse, outright laughed at. We were worried over nothing, we were told. Or maybe we were racist, since we didn’t like the hope and change he was trying to sell. Now that those fears are being shown to be more than a little founded in reality, maybe enough Americans will see fit to send him back to his home in Chicago. If not, I am not sure our country can stand another four years of the Obama administration.

    1. This may sound bizarre, Larry, but I think Obama is a racist. I believe he hates America because he sees America a country built and controlled by rich white men. That is the only way I can explain his actions. But, what ever his problem is, he is unfit to be President.

  5. The way I see it is he peddled his hope and change snake oil to an electorate that was told over and over again for 8 years that the conservatives wanted to destroy the world. People bought into the lie. Fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me. The second time around is going to be a bumpier ride.

    1. Obama seems to be doing everything possible to bring about a finacial and social collapse of the country before the elections . What is his motivation? Does he want to take us into a state of emergency?

  6. This man’s foreign policy has been a disaster; he has offended friends and coddled enemies and he is doing it on purpose. This man has been a disgrace and an embarrassment; he is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

    1. He is dangerous, Steve. Obama would sacrifice America to the new One World idea. Unfortunately only a few Americans understand the significance of his changes in our foreign and how these changes will eventually affect us as individual. Therefore this will not be an important issue in the coming elections. The economy will be the deciding issue. But, I hope somebody in Congress is paying attention and I hope our potential candidates are also paying attention.

  7. In Montana, my aunt thinks Obama will be re-elected again. In fact she says, the largesse gatherers including a few million illegal immigrants hoping for legal status- will out number and out vote us…

    A sobering thought.

    1. Illegal immigrants ar part of the Democrats strategy and has been for a long time. That is why there is so little effort to control our bordes. Harry Reid won in 2010 only by the help from the illegals. Voter I.D. is the only solution.

  8. We U.S. Citizens are the proverbial Frog in the pot of water. The heat has been turned up on U.S. to cook us a little at a time so as not to notice. Some of U.S. are noticing now…it is not too late, but we must take a stand now!

    Do something [without violence] to push Progressivism back and that NUMBER 1 THING IS, EDUCATION ! Educate a friend, neighbor, family member who is still being cooked on what is happening to our Freedom and Liberty. Then have those do the same…and so on…and so on…

    There are Legislative skirmishes that need to be squashed at the local, state and federal levels NOW, familiarize yourselves with them. If it takes a bit of Freedom away…PUSH IT BACK! A good resource now is POPVOX |www.popvox.com| use it daily, make it a habit.

    Obviously the grand-daddy is the 2012 Election. Same thing applies. If there is a hint of evidence against Freedom…Vote them out…or don’t Vote them in!
    We have been pushed long enough, take back America. PUSH BACK!

    Throwing Israel under the bus is of immediate concern that has repercussions of the worst kind! Please affiliate yourselves with all groups that ‘Stand with Israel’. CUFI, Glenn Becks ‘Restoring Courage’, etc. google Israel, search Isarel on facebook. There are many groups that ‘Stand With Israel’. DO THIS ASAP!

    1. Educating one person at a time is a solid approach. The Tea Parties are doing a good job of this. Also, we must stand united and not fall into the trap of in-fighting. The enemy is Obama and nobody else. Thanks for the info on popvox. I have it bookmarked and will definitely use it.

  9. It’s simple. Barack Obama is a lifelong Marxist, and as such, is a committed enemy of Western Civilization. Don’t listen to his words, the proof is in his actions.

  10. It was hope and change for him, and not for anyone else. He just forgot to mention that to anyone.

  11. So obama betrayed the brits. Well to be honest, apart from Tony Blair and a few conservatives, more than enough brits trashed and smeared Bush when he was fighting islamic terrorist scum. To add to that, at most opportunities, more brits have screwed Israel in their time of need in favor of those pali savages. The other thing is that the leftist part of Britain rooted for obama in the last election.

    So you won’t see many tears from me over the way obama shafted the brits, they wanted the leftist retard, they got him. To be accurate, i’m not in favor of obama or anything, he’s just a liberal idiot, it’s in their nature to betray allies.

    1. I hear what you’re saying, MK, but I think we must separate “military allies” from “political allies”. The UK has been one of our more reliable military allies. I’m not sure America has any political allies today.

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