Obama’s Marxist Nexus Won’t Go Away

Friday, Bob Mack posted an eye-popping story at his Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead  blog about a FBI investigation into left-wing terrorist in America, which may or may not lead to our Marxist leaning president. If you are not familiar with Bob Mack’s blog, you definitely should pay him a visit. He is a very talented writer.

Bob’s story is a take off on a story posted by Trevor Loudon at New Zeal who in turn is reporting on a front page story  from the Washington PostActivists cry foul over FBI probe. If you were to only read the Trevor Louden story you might come away thinking that this a witch hunt by a right-wing blogger. But that can’t be it. The Post story came first. The importance of the story is evident in the fact that not only did WaPo break the story, it’s a front page story that takes up three Internet pages. So, clearly the Post sees this as big news. Here are a few snips from this very long WaPo article:

The probe — involving subpoenas to 23 people and raids of seven homes last fall — has triggered a high-powered protest against the Department of Justice and, in the process, could create some political discomfort for President Obama with his union supporters as he gears up for his reelection campaign.


Investigators, according to search warrants, documents and interviews, are examining possible “material support” for Colombian and Palestinian groups designated by the U.S. government as terrorists.

A lawyer for part of the group being investigated described his clients:

They are “public non-violent activists with long, distinguished careers in public service, including teachers, union organizers and antiwar and community leaders,” said Michael Deutsch, a Chicago lawyer and part of a legal team defending those who believe they are being targeted by the investigation.

Later, we learn:

The activists have formed the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, organized phone banks to flood Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s office and the White House with protest calls, solicited letters from labor unions and faith-based groups and sent delegations to Capitol Hill to gin up support from lawmakers.

Further on in the article we learn:

Search warrants, subpoenas and documents show that the FBI has been interested in links between the activists and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Hezbollah.

As I said, the WaPo article is very long. You should read it at your leisure. But, I highly suggest that you read the Trevor Louder piece. He has done a much better job than I ever could of parsing this story. One of the curious things about this story that caught the attention of Trevor is this:

One of the targets, Tom Burke, was a union organizer for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). He was so confident he would get a fair shake from the Post that he provided the paper with a photo of himself shaking hands with Barack Obama. The other apparent intention was to send a message to the President and Attorney General Eric Holder that any investigation of Burke might lead to Obama.

Curious indeed, don’t you think. Why would Burke send this photo to the Post? Trevor, also, does a nice job  of highlighting some the groups and politicians that are trying to stop this investigation, such as,  a group of nine congressmen, Code Pink and,  the SEIU. Trevor also raises some other issues. Please read all of his article.

The thought that I can’t get out of my mind is: why did the Washington Post make this a front page story? This was a quiet FBI investigation that has gone on for quite a while. Could this be the Obama administration’s Watergate? or is there another explanation.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


18 thoughts on “Obama’s Marxist Nexus Won’t Go Away

  1. Thanks for the kind words & the link, Jim … or vice versa. The key to Obamagate is Eric Holder. If he falls, the WH may not be able to keep it latched.

  2. Methinks the conspiracy theorists thinking Obama involvement are way off base.

    Heck… there isn’t even smoke, let alone any fire implying any Obama connection.

    Perhaps if you put your hand on it you might feel the tiniest bit of circumstantial warmth.

    This appears to be a straightforward FBI investigation of folks involved in potential support of international terrorist groups. That’s it.

    Any connection with unions is purely incidental, not causal.

  3. Like Azleader, I don’t see a conspiracy. I do see a natural affinity between Obama and his minions and these America-hating groups under investigation. They’ve all marinated in the same academic-marxist sewer that teaches its adherents to embrace America’s enemies.

    I still doubt Obama is purposely destroying our country; I think he is merely a product of his environment. Attacking the nation’s leading exporter, Boeing, is a natural response for him and the socialists staffing the NLRB.

    1. I like to think that Obama isn’t puposely destroying the country but when we see all of the policies he backs, and the scandals that are building I am left to wonder because he simply cannot be this naive.

    2. There are, by now, a ton of links to Communists and labor unions. There are also links to Communists, unions and the “Arab spring.” To take it to the next step isn’t all that huge a step. Of course, I’d like to see some had evidence before making a final call.

  4. I had heard that some Democrats and union leaders were visiting and giving advice to the Colombian rebels. However, this goes beyond just giving advice. The possible link to Obama is troubling.
    Certainly, if Obama himself was giving clandestine financial support to these groups, then he should be removed from office. However, I wonder whether most people will really care. It seems that they are more concerned about their personal finances than anything happening in Colombia or the Middle East.

    1. Twenty or more years ago FARC could have been described as a left wing group of insurgents. But then they found how profitable it was to be in the cocaine business. For years now the FARC is just anther drug cartel that happens to be run by communist.

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