Mexican Balkanization of the United States

[Author’s note: I am not in the habit of writing more than one post a day. But there is so much going on at the same time I felt compelled to write two posts today. I hope you can find time to also read my post on the Republicans proposal for a Balanced Budget Amendment.]

If you have given much thought to the subject of multiculturalism that the liberals of the world have promoted for years, you are probably aware that the heads of states for the UK, Germany and France have all publicly admitted that multiculturalism in their countries has been disastrous. The term “Balkanization” has been used to refer to the problem of people from different cultures to that of  the host country have established their own communities within the host country where their culture rules rather than assimilate into the culture of the host country. Well my friends, America is not immune to this phenomena. The Balkanization of America is well underway by our more recent immigrants from Mexico.

David Paulin wrote a very disturbing article at American Thinker yesterday. In his article, David talks about a recent soccer match played in the Rose Bowl between the American national team and the Mexican national team. But, this article has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with the problem we have today in our country with multiculturalism.

Living out of the country for nearly two decades, I had no feeling of how much things have changed in those years. After reading this article, I found myself very depressed. Folks, we have to find a way to put a stop to this. Although, I must  admit I haven’t a clue on how to do it. Please read this article and let me know if you think I am over reacting.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


21 thoughts on “Mexican Balkanization of the United States

  1. The same thing that is happening in L.A. and in Dearborn, MI can happen in other cities if people are not aware of how things are changing. People go about their daily lives and don’t notice these changes until they are overwhelmed. All you have to do is look at the news over the weekend of the flashmobs and gangs of up to sixty young men running through Philly streets threatening to kill white people. One of the outrages is that they only sent one cop. It tells me that they didn’t really want to stop the violence and they really didn’t care to catch the people committing the violence. It seems in many of the cities in this country, as if the disturbances are encouraged. Or if not actively encouraged, they are not discouraged. If things don’t change I am afraid we are looking at not just the breakdown of the country, but the breakdown of civilization itself.

  2. I consider myself old-fashioned in that I believe in a melting pot. Not multiculturalism. But the progressives foisted that upon us (don’t assimilate into the racist white man’s culture) and now we’re stuck with that American heresy.

  3. According to the inscription at her base, the Statue of Liberty cries with silent lips, “Give me your tired, your poor… Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

    The United States of America used to welcome multiculturalism from all over the world. We used to think of ourselves as a great melting pot of cultures that all brought something valuable to the table from we could all learn and which would help make this country even greater than it was before.

    But the welcome mat isn’t as welcome as it once was… and perhaps it can’t be anymore as the United States slips ever further into decline.

    Sad to think, but perhaps the great experiment is nearing its end.

    1. I am still a believer in the melting pot. My point was, AZ, that too many immigrants from Mexico (legal and illegal) have decided not to become a part of the American culture but rather have decided to live apart from our culture and maintain communities of pure Mexican culture within our borders. That is the problem.

    2. “The United States of America used to welcome multiculturalism from all over the world. We used to think of ourselves as a great melting pot of cultures that all brought something valuable to the table from we could all learn and which would help make this country even greater than it was before.”
      When was that? At the turn of the 20th century immigrants were diversified and constituted a smaller percentage of population. The Progressives mounted an effort to assimilate them. National holidays like Thanksgiving were crated. Children of immigrants were taught English and rarely learned any other language. Immigrant pretty much melted into the host culture.
      Right now Mexican children are raised in this country without speaking a word of English or knowing a first thing about the Constitution (not that other children do).
      “But the welcome mat isn’t as welcome as it once was… and perhaps it can’t be anymore as the United States slips ever further into decline.”
      Ummm… The US turned away Jews fleeing the Holocaust.
      ‘Sad to think, but perhaps the great experiment is nearing its end.”
      Percentage-wise there is more immigrants now then ever, and most of them speak a single language. It’s not the end of an “experiment”, but its highest point. And this “experiment” is very different from Great Migration when people were invited to settle the nation and work on the factories and the welfare state didn’t exist.

      1. I hope you are wrong, Edge. I, for one, think the melting pot is great. It is when the melting stops or never begins that creates a problem. Maybe our state and local governments erred by being too accommodating in terms of bilingual education, bilingual voter registration, bilingual divers licenses test and etc.

    1. Do you know why so many Americans stopped having children or only one child? I don’t. We are seeing the effect of the new age demographics on Social Security and Medicare. And now we are seeing the effect on our culture.

  4. Samuel Huntington made a point in “Who Are We?” that Spanish speakers generally don’t assimilate. He also made a very good case that in terms of social cohesion and assimilation of immigrants the US was a “finished” nation in the 40s when we fought WW2. Post-war we started a policy of immigration without assimilation. Here’s a link if anyone is interested:
    We are now a defacto bilingual Spanish/English nation with a Spanish-speaking underclass. We should dig a moat and fill it with crocodiles, though, to prevent things from getting out of hand entirely.

    1. I’m going to assume that Mr. Huntington is more knowledgeable on the subject than I am. But I am surprised by his comment that Spanish speakers didn’t assimilate and that this trend started after WW2. That wasn’t my experience. I married into a family whose roots were Mexican in the middle 1960s. It is true that the older family members were not comfortable speaking English but all of the children and adults under 50 were well assimilated. I lived much of my adult life in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado and my experience living and working in environments where 40 to 50% of the people were of Hispanic origin and again I found the vast majority under the age of 50 to be well assimilated. however, i did a lot of vacationing in Florida in the 90s and I must admit my ability to speak Spanish was very useful; but those Hispanic were of Cuban origin.

      1. Well, all I’m going by is what I see here in Northern California and Huntington and Victor Davis Hanson.
        Actually, SH talked about Cuban Americans specifically. He said that while they did turn South Florida into a vacation paradise, they retained their language and culture. So that’s an interesting take. I can see it from Cuban American perspective. After all, I belong to a minority (Jews) that never 100% assimilated, but we were a very small minority and a net benefit to host countries.
        My experience living in SF Bay Area is that immigrants are actively encouraged to not assimilate. Most immigrants in CA are Hispanic. #1 reason CA schools suck so much is because of Mexican immigration. Too many kids never get a chance to learn English. A friend of mine is Polish. She married a nice Catholic man who just happened to be from Mexico. Their children will be Mexicans with an exotic mother.
        It’s not just Mexicans, of course. I’ve seen a few Russian kids who don’t speak as good of English as they should. Russian immigration is tiny, though, and eventually everyone will be assimilated.

      2. I’m so very sorry to hear this, Edge. This is the kind of thing that people like me, living outside the country for so long, do not have a feel for. America, it appears, is on a very slippery slope.

  5. The balkanization is intentional. It is part of Cultural Marxism. To be brief, the thought is to progressively destroy Western Culture, so Communism can take root. As we can see, they have made many in-roads.

  6. Our culture is slipping away due to the Democrat philosophy of “accepting diversity.” This is part of a divide and conquer strategy of playing one group against the other as the reason for the problems of the groups. The government then steps in and offers to solve all of the problems of the different groups–problems they created–in an effort to win their votes and stay in power. Matt had a great post on this yesterday as well.
    We have got to turn this around fast.

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