Food For Thought On Independence Day

15 thoughts on “Food For Thought On Independence Day

  1. The problem with the liberal arguments for “green energy” is that they would leave cheap abundant energy in the ground while forcing expensive, unstable energy on the nation. We’ve got it, lets use it. Meanwhile, over the next hundred years or so, when oil and gas will supposedly be greatly diminished, research will have developed reliable new sources.

    It makes too much sense and ignores the save the earth BS, so liberals hate it.

  2. We have the resources that we need, we are just prevented from using them by a tyrannical government that is using it’s power to control. The new regulations that the EPA is putting in place is already causing the closing of several plants and the possible closing of several more. The truly bad thing there increased regulations are not even based on science!

    1. Comrade Obama and his communist czars do these things in the name of protecting the environment but the truth is that it has nothing to do with the environment. It is all designed to collapse our economy which they will twist around to blame it on free market capitalism and then they will construct their socialist utopia in what use to be America. We will stop them!

  3. I heard this morning that Andrew Cumo wants to open up Nat gas drilling in New York. Who know, maybe the tide is about to turn.

  4. Do you notice that although they demand that we all go “green,” they themselves use more energy than the average American by far.

  5. We do have what we need, we just need to hit it. I did read, a while back that folks were close to making oil from lignite, which is incredibly abundant, and not in significant use.

  6. I love this video!! Great catch! There is something called Thorium? too…science is making strides…while Obama would take us back to the dark ages. Go West Virginia and Pennsylvania…keep it coming!

  7. Our government would have us trade in the certainty of now for the uncertain promise of the future. While alternative energies may one day be viable, currently they are not and until they are we must use the natural resources available to us right here are home.

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