Obama Wants To Get The Country Humming Again

Yes sir! This President has taken it upon himself to single handedly get this great nation humming again. Well, sort of. The Great One has decided to get all those gas guzzling, CO2 producing, smelly fossil fuel burning, global warming beast we call automobiles off of American streets and byways. Soon, very soon, my fellow Americans you will be humming around in your new  modified electric golf carts. america will lead the world in being “Green”. Or maybe not so green. We are so fortunate to have a President and a Big Government to look after our best interest, as well as, the environment.

You are all aware I am sure of our governments desire to replace coal-fired power plants with windmill generated electricity and electricity from huge solar panel farms. Of course, to make sure Obama’s green energy cronies don’t lose their shirts, he has decided that we taxpayers will subsidize them quite generously. Well, being the Smartest Man In The Room, Obama recognizes that American are rather fond of their gas guzzling cars and aren’t likely to change them for Golf Carts voluntarily. So he has a plan to help us change our minds. A plan that may have passed under the radar and didn’t receive a lot of MSM attention.

The Washington Examiner ran this story last week, Whether it’s health care or cars, Obama knows best.  In this article, we learn that the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are going to release new mpg standards for the auto industry that would require cars, by 2025, to achieve as high as 62 miles per gallon.

Also, from the article we learn that the Center for Automotive Research estimates that these new mpg standards would result in car prices increasing by $10,000 and would cost about 1.7 million jobs. The intent, of course, is to get everybody driving electric or hybrid cars. A great plan, right? If you have read about this plan you really should read this article.

Now, I am just a simple old man. So, who am I to question The Smartest Man In The Room? Well, I may be old but I am not yet brain dead  And I have to wonder if this genius and his less smart subordinates have really thought this through because my not yet dead brain has a few questions. For example, when everybody is driving a Chevy Volt or its equivalent: 

  • What happens a few thousand drivers are stuck in city traffic; many have used up their battery charge and are now running on their tiny gasoline engines and, because it is boiling out outside the are running their air conditioners and they start running out of gas. Its going to get real ugly real fast.
  • Because these same geniuses have forced the shut down of most if not all coal-fired power plants and have impeded the development of our oil and gas resources, I’m wondering where all this electricity is going to come from? Well, obviously there will be a shortage of electricity and, therefore, americans will have to learn to travel much less or find some alternative means to get about. and, because there is a shortage of electricity, guess what will happen to the price per kilowatt?
  • Okay, all Americans now have electric cars. What is going to happen when millions of these cars are plugged into their garage recharger every night at the same time. Yep!  Zaaaaaaaap! And America goes dark.

To be fair, I must assume that all these smart men did, in fact, think through all of these questions and more and they know very well the problems that will evolve from these policies. So what is their real motivation? Is this just another grab for power and control over our lives? Is this how they plan to comply with the ultimate authority, the UN and their Agenda 21? Or am I really brain dead and just don’t know it?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


33 thoughts on “Obama Wants To Get The Country Humming Again

  1. I think you are “thinking” way too far ahead of Dear Leader. Air conditioning will be a thing long gone. The young folks will have to look at pictures to learn what one of these machines looks like. Yes indeed. Only the strong and able will be permitted on the planet in 2025.

  2. Bunkerville is absolutely right, it may come down to only the rich can even afford electricity and be able to drive. As far as the environment, look at all the eagles that are being killed by the wind turbines in CA, if they were truly interested in the environment, they wouldn’t be pushing so many policies that actually make it worse. The electric cars will wind up as they used to say about FORD, found on the road dead. A truly environmental nightmare and ordinary people will probably be out scavenging for anything they can use to survive all the while the government will have bigger and bigger civilian police forces in order to arrest and punish those trying to feed their families and just survive in the world!

  3. And you didn’t even mention the environmental pollution from manufacturing and then disposing of the batteries. Or the shortage, and subsequent rise in cost, of the materials required to make the batteries.

    The secret Democrat mantra is this: Harm the poor, while convincing them you’re helping. Everything they do ultimately harms the poor and they try to cover it up by screaming about tax increases on the people they know will avoid those increased taxes.

  4. You haven’t even begun to chip away at the huge unintended consequences iceberg of this impending debacle.

    Let’s look at retail charging stations to start. How many studies will we have to suffer through about the cancer causing properties of having so much voltage at ground level? Or…how much productivity will a city/county/state lose when there is a power outage from a hurricane or thunderstorm. Here in Richmond, VA, I lose power (for more than a day) at least 3-4 times a year. With a gas only car, I can still go to work. With a Golf Cart, I can go to work one day, maybe, before I have to recharge. That will make an interesting new excuse to get out of work, “My power’s out”.

    Let’s talk about commuting. Naturally, people will gravitate to jobs that offer less of a commute to save them money due to the high productions costs of alternate electricity, what will happen to all the workers who get displaced in their home towns? I think 1.7 million jobs lost is a lowball figure if there ever was one. For sure, companies will seek to implement more positions that can “tele-commute”, but that will result in a net increase in home electricity use as the telecommuters will have the air-conditioning running all day, the television on, the computer, etc. etc. Not to mention, when the power goes out, the telecommuter definitely can’t go to work.

    Not to mention safety and defense concerns. How will the evacuation of a state happen if the power is out before the evacuation is called? You think Katrina was a mess, imagine if all New Orleans folks drove Chevy Volts! Considering the powergrid is always a primary target when attacking any city, isn’t it stupid to link our mobility to our electricity production?

    There are a ton more that I am too small-minded to think of, but there are huge repercussions to a fundamental change to the mobility of a population.

    1. Thanks foe the excellent comment,Colin. You’re right. I only scratched the tip of the iceberg. The powers that be know this as well as you and I do. their motive is to bring about the economic collapse of the country, which they will do their very best to convince the unwashed masses that it is all the fault of years of GOP’s free market capitalism. They will tell the people it is time to forget about that relic we have known as our constitution and now it is time to build a truly socialist state that cares about its citizens and not those rich corporations.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that even the most simple minded cannot grasp the oxymoroic policy of killing off the energy industry while at the same time pushing electric cars. All of you above are correct on the repercussions of this bone headed nonsense. Marxist’s goals: Control of everything, depopulate the planet as much as possible, put anyone who is left inside congested cities, reduce mobility for anyone who is not the politically connected, destroy all of western civilization, and convince us all that we are better off at the same time. Makes me wonder about the IQ of folks who vote us into this insanity. We have to start laughing them out of the room…..fast! (and by the way, Romney is on board with windmills and eliminating CO2 – green everything, so I hope you aren’t thinking he would be any better. He IS Obama…just looks different.)

    Our stupid city took a grant to install the car chargers at our local Science Museum. Of course the very prominent logo says “GE” …bigger than life. Our taxes paying for car chargers for all those greenies….gee, what a great idea! And GE paid no taxes, too! Another great idea!

  6. Excellent questions. This is what happens when a klatch of government poobahs think they are smarter than the collective wisdom of millions of free people participating in free markets

  7. I read the title, and thought that Obama had resigned while I was at the day job. That would get the economy going again!

    A guy can dream, can’t he?

  8. Defy ’em every chance you get. Ridicule them in public at every opportunity. Drive an SUV, buy guns, eat Big Macs. Whatever they want, do the opposite. It’s fun. And just in case, keep your powder dry.

      1. Sure, that’s what they want. It’s a time-honored tactic (I should probably say time-dishonored). Paint your opponents as crazies, gain cover for your agenda…Hitler did it, the Weathermen tried it, Clinton wanted to do it, Bush got the Patriot Act passed, Obama wanted to use the Giffords shooting to gut more of the 2nd Amendment…I doubt if this regime is above pulling a false flag operation. In fact, that might have been the original purpose of Operation Gunrunner. But violence is never the correct response unless there are no more responses.

  9. When I hear talk of windmills, all I can think of is Don Quixote. Yes, we need to explore alternate forms of energy. At the same time, just as with the story of Don Quixote, there is an air of unreality regarding all of Obama’s plans. He really is deluded if he thinks that he will get all of America on windmills, electric cars (using what energy for electricity?), and bicycles without destroying the economy and the American way of life. They should take a lesson from ethanol: despite more than twenty years of government subsidies, ethanol has not made any headway as an alternative fuel. However, government subsidies have distorted the market, and caused valuable agricultural produce to be diverted to the production of ethanol, driving up food commodity prices.
    In America, the best change has always come about through unfettered innovation as businesses reacted to their costs and market demands. I am unaware of any efforts by the government–ever–to force companies and consumers to innovate which have resulted in anything positive. It always becomes a big boondoggle with cumbersome, innovation-destroying rules and regulations.
    If Obama were really concerned about the environment or America’s energy future, he would stop interfering with companies as they innovate, and with the choices given to the American people.

  10. I can say one word against ANY part of this post OR the comments, but sadly, it’s not just Obama and the Dem/Libbers… The GOP is as gutless as any of them and is floating on a real power trip as they look for a way to *CAVE* to whatever it is Obama wants…

    There is no Republican party any longer, there’s Democrats and Dem Lite, and lately, they’re not all that LITE…

      1. I’m not altogether convinced that the TEA Party is the right way to go either, not if this Ron Paul butt kissing full blown moonbat Libertarian excuse for a TEA Party we have here in Rowlett is any example…

        Our local TEA Party has gone so far over the edge that nearly ALL, and I do mean ALL Conservatives have abandoned them…

        Maybe on a national scale the TEA Party can do some good, but the 4 or 5 idiots that are running the local version here aren’t even a welcome part of our community any longer, sadly, a year or so ago, that wasn’t the case… Just goes to show you what a moonbat President can do, in the Oval Office AND at the TEA Party podium…

      2. Fred, I am truly sorry to hear about the state of your local Tea Party. Conservatives desperately need a forum through which we can influence the selection of candidates and to keep the feet of those elected in the fire. The Tea Parties seem to be the best bet that I am aware of. Maybe it’s time for you and some like minded neighbors to form your Tea Party. Just a thought.

  11. I thought you meant everyone assume the lotus position and actually start humming. Now that i’ve read the post, i wasn’t far off the mark was i. 🙂

    In a way it’s good that such legislation was snuck in, can you imagine what people will do when they find out they have to fork out an extra 10 grand for a car, the nearest democrat will be out looking for a real job before he/she can say ‘green jobs, hope and change’.

    1. The problem is that these sneaky SOBs are not entirely stupid. Like the Cap ad Trade regulations the EPA is imposing, these new mpg regs don’t go into effect until after the 2012 elections.

  12. I don’t think this regime thinks anything through to be honest with you, although we must remember that transportation secretary Ray LaHood said he intended to coerce people out of their cars. This is all part of his plan to make people more relient on the government for transportation and we shouldn’t forget that the sixth plank of the communist manifesto is the centralization of transportation.

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