Conspiracy Theorist or Snake Oil Salesmen Trying To Discredit the Conservative Cause

John Scotus of The Tree of Mamre blog has written a brilliant essay on the dangers of conservative bloggers associating themselves with some conspiracies and/or their proponents. John’s point is that some of these anti-Obama conspiracy proponents may in fact be liberals trying to bait conservatives to climb on a given conspiracy bandwagon for the sole purpose of making conservatives appear as some wacko fringe element. That’s right. He is suggesting that here may be a hidden conspiracy behind the conspiracy being touted.

John has done a remarkable job of framing the issue and supporting his arguments. Here is an excerpt from John’s essay but you will want to follow the link above and read the entire piece.

… (Indeed, an image search on Google for “Obama + Anti-Christ” gets 2,290,000 hits, and a text search for the samegets 3,130,000 hits.) Obama is very wrong about many things and needs to be defeated in 2012, but he is not a monster–he is a manifestly flawed human being who should have never become president. Those who make another person into a monster run the real risk of becoming monsters themselves.

Many people say that we should ignore Birthers and people obsessed with various conspiracy theories, but I disagree.

First, we are known by whom we associate with and whom we tolerate in our midst. Just as Obama brands himself a fellow traveler by not repudiating the Communist Party of the USA’s endorsement of his presidency, if we do not repudiate the people in our midst who are peddling poison, then we become fellow travelers with them.

Second, there is the problem of caricatures and straw men. The Democrats and the MSM have done a great job of dismissing conservatives by presenting a caricature of who they are and what they believe, and then ridiculing it. Obama himself delights in using the straw man in his speeches and debates, and did so quite effectively in 2008.

The problem is, when people treat hyperbole as though it were truth, play fast and loose with the facts, weave dark and unprovable conspiracy theories, and engage in unsubstantiated rumor-mongering, it plays right into Obama’s hand. Obama and the Democrats no longer have to respond to real and substantive critiques of their policies, they just have to ridicule the caricature and refute the straw man–a caricature and straw man readily prepared for them by some bloggers and people on Twitter who call themselves conservatives, but who may well in fact be agent provocateurs who have set about to ruin the credibility of the conservative movement.

There is much, much more. But here is his final thought:

In short, there are enough reasons to be against Obama and the Democrats without having to make things up. There is one–and only one way–that Obama can be defeated in 2012: By sticking to the real issues at hand. No one will care on election day where Obama was born or even if he is a space alien–they will care about whether his policies seem to be working, and what direction he appears to be taking the country.

This is what we need to focus on.

I think John makes a lot of sense. We conservative bloggers need to be careful about what stories we repeat and who we quote.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


29 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorist or Snake Oil Salesmen Trying To Discredit the Conservative Cause

  1. People are always looking for something to fit what they want to believe. Whether it is politics, religion, science fiction. They are always looking for something more. But sometimes it is just laziness. I have been guilty of this myself at times, getting in a hurry to get information out without checking it. We do have to be careful, but sometimes we have to post something with a caveat, and simply tell people we don’t know if it is true or not. That way if someone else has more information they can add to it. It’s almost like putting puzzles together, with one person having a part that you don’t have, but they don’t know it until they see yours.

  2. I concur with both you and John. We Conservatives are at times our own worst enemies. Especially when we buy into kookydomes that are most likely set-up by the dark side.

    Have a great week-end. Enjoy a beer and a barbque, and forget debt crises, Obamanation, and our failing GOP, for a couple of days:-)

    Aloha From Sunny South Florida!

  3. “… there are enough reasons to be against Obama and the Democrats without having to make things up. There is one–and only one way–that Obama can be defeated in 2012: By sticking to the real issues at hand.” – John Scotus

    No truer words than these.

    1. Ha! No way, John. That the Marxist elements have been conspiring to bring this country down is no theory. It is fact. I for example have occasionally fallen into this trap. I happen to believe that George Soros and the biggest of the world’s banker selected Obama to be our President and that they control him. I can’t prove that but I do believe and here in my blog I have referred to Obama as the real life Manchurian Candidate. So I have to ask myself; is pushing that theory going to help us defeat Obama in 2012 or am I giving the other side ammunition to use against us? A better example is the one used by John Scotus about Obama being the Anti-Christ; not helpful to our cause. Having said that, I have no intention of backing down on pointing out the Marxist connections to this regime or that Obama is laying the ground work for war in the Middle East or that this and previous administrations have been using the UN’s Agenda 21 “treaty” to usurp our sovereignty, etc.

  4. Serious biographical research has been done. Angelo Codevilla has just come out with a compilation of Obama’s background and his family’s history. It’s time we stop acting as if the truth isn’t there staring us in the face. Calling someone crazy for a supposed “conspiracy theory” when there is evidence of something being very wrong, is not helpful to the truth. In short, it isn’t conspiracy that Obama is a marxist and comes from a family that was devoutly communist. It isn’t a conspiracy that his academic history is completely hidden. It isn’t a conspiracy that he continually enacts unconstitutional programs. None of this is a secret or “conspiratorial.”

    This reminds me of several instances. Let’s say you disagree with Obama’s policy on Healthcare because you have read it and it is an anti-constitutional abomination and you are instantly labeled a racist. Or let’s say you don’t buy the man-made climate change because you have read the science from credible sources, so you are instantly labeled a “denier.” Let’s say you have read and understand the United Nations document called Agenda 21 or “Our Common Future,” and you tell someone that these documents are shaping our nations policies. Next thing you know you are called a “conspiracy theorist.” Well, guess what? These are not “conspiracies.”

    It’s the left who is sidetracking the conversation through these labels. Just don’t let them. Stop being defensive.

    So be careful about what you are implying here. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, are you a conspiracy theorist for calling it a duck? We need to defend what we find as the truth. If the left, and some cowards on the right, use the “conspiracy theorist” card to shut you up, are you going to shut up? Saul Alinsky would be very proud of his methods.

    This is about a whole lot more than just the immediate individual issues in front of us. !!! This entire debacle we are facing is about a marxist in the WH and our Constitution being ripped to shreds. So, yes, verify the truth or go to sources you trust….but look at the whole picture here…’s like pieces of a puzzle and they all fit together. Tragically.

    Just don’t back down because someone doesn’t like the truth and wants to shame you into shutting up.
    Those are my thoughts….

    1. I like those thoughts, Cheryl. A shared philosophy of Marxism, cultural & otherwise, & the efforts by its adherents to embed it in world society is not necessarily a conspiracy, though it may appear as such. Facts are facts, and inferences can and should be made from them. I agree with you that it is in the interests of the Left to portray all dissenters from liberal orthodoxy as irrational fringe-dwellers when in truth, the more unstable residents of the paranoiac hinterlands are people like Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, & most of the vituperative Khmer Rouge-like minions associated with the Democratic Party, many of whom would cheerfully slaughter every conservative in the country given the least opportunity.

    2. I obviously didn’t make my position clear. I don’t disagree with what you are saying and I doubt that John Scotus does either. But there are some pretty far out theories being bantered around. The example used by Scotus of over three million hits on Google for Obama _ Anti-Christ; is that ,in your opinion, helpful to our cause? Scotus warns (Another conspiracy theory?) that it is not beyond the Alinsky followers to promote these far out theories solely for the purpose of discrediting the conservative movement. Please read my response to John Carey below and hopefully you will see that you and I are indeed on the same page.

  5. Why would I have to invent or believe a wacky conspiracy theory? There’s more than enough sheer idiocy that Obama has engaged in over the last 2.5 years for me to blog about.

  6. The left ideology has created such outrageous schemes that normal people can hardly wrap their minds around them. That being the case, it is all too easy for the Saul Alinskyites to use the media to say we are all just looney-tunes to believe these schemes exist…and then masses of people turn their heads and say, “Oh yeah, those are just crazy conspiracy theories.”

    What used to be some outlandish idea is now a reality. The National Council of Churches of Christ belongs to a group called the National Religious Partnership for the Environment based on Sustainable Development and Global Warming. Check out these links: and and and tax exempt org.’s are supporting them: And do you want a list of more non-profits involved in Global Sustainability and Environmental Justice? Go here: (you ought to look around on that one….take a look at the Western portion of the U.S.

    Is that a conspiracy or is that reality? ( If you take that to the level it is intended…all of the Earth is a sacred site and environmentally protected from human development.) Is it a conspiracy to point out that the Environmental Globalists have usurped some position within our churches? Do we lose credibility to speak the truth because the truth is so outlandish that people refuse to believe it??

    Bob Mack is right that the left is so adept at embedding their ideology into our culture, that when you step up and call it what it is, the next thing you hear is that you are a conspiracy theorist for pointing out what is right before everyone’s eyes.

    I just hope that the fear of being called a “conspiracy theorist” doesn’t stop those of us who are trying to get the truth out there. Fear of ridicule is a real and natural human emotion. Alinsky knew that and used it to teach Barack Obama and his ilk how to get away with murder. I don’t like being ridiculed any more than the next guy…we just have to keep exposing the truth the best we can and not let fear get the best of us.

    Thanks Jim for the discussion…hopefully we keep speaking out!

  7. I agree with the article in theory, and I agree with King Shamus. We don’t have to make things up, however, I do believe we have every reason to question his birth certificate. He’s right. We won’t care on election day where he was born, because we are desperate, but after that, we will think of it again. Did we elect a president who was not natural born, or who is not who he says he is? We have to ask because if we did, while it is too late now, we never want it to happen again. I want to see legislation to protect the constitutionality of the Oval Office.

    1. I don’t disagree with you, Maggie. My position is that between now and November 2012 we must use our time wisely. No matter what the issue is, we need to ask ourselves is spending time and effort on this issue more likely to gain us votes or will it be divisive. We each have to answer that question for ourselves.

  8. He’s definitely got a point, it’s not the first time leftist scum pull dirty tricks and set us up. In the past i’ve seen them pretend to be conservatives and spout racist and derogatory statements on blogs. They really do think that we’re racist bigots and they want to make us so.

  9. Great article and very enlightening commentary from your other readers.

    Mike G. who has flown off the handle a time or three himself before all the facts were in.

  10. I agree. Although I think there may be something to the conspiracies I don’t think this is what conservatives need to focus on. We need to stick to the issues because there is reason enough right there to make sure Obama doesn’t get re-elected. These conspiracy theories are a distration that I feel the Obama regime welcomes because it takes the focus off of his failed policies.

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