The Hijacking of the US Government Is All But Complete. Only the Debt Ceiling Law Stands in the Way.

Who is in charge of this monkey house we call federal government? Most of the time it seems like the monkeys are in charge. But that’s not true. For the last few decades, there has always been a gorilla in charge. The gorilla goes by the title President.

We were all taught, or at least those of us who were born before the sixties, that our constitution provides for three branches of government of more or less equal power. In this way,there was supposedly no way for one branch to assume totalitarian power. The real power was to be with the states and the people. Is that how you see it today? Not hardly.

In 1913 an enormous power shift took place. I t was in this year that the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments to our constitution were approved. The sixteenth amendment gave the federal government the power to tax the people while the seventeenth amendment provided for the election of Senators by popular vote and, thereby,  took the power to appointment of Senators away from the states. In my opinion, these two amendments not only took power away from the states and the people but also tipped the balance of power within the federal government to the Congress. Curiously, it was this same year the congress gave up an important component of their power, the power to coin money,  to an independent entity known as the Federal Reserve System.

I can remember a time many years ago when I would tell people the our President had very little power; that the real power lay with the Congress and with the Federal Reserve. Some years later my story changed. I would tell people who the real power in the United States was the Federal Reserve.

Oh how times have changed. For years the Federal Reserve could manipulate the economy at will (not always in a very controlled manner) with their monetary policies. Today the Federal Reserve still has some power; but, it appears they have out smarted themselves and now have much less influence over our economy. The only tool they have left is the power to create “money” out of thin air.

Today the real power, the gorilla in charge of the monkey house, is the Executive branch, the President. This usurption of power has been a bipartisan effort that has been going on for well over a hundred years. But, the hijacking process has really picked-up steam in the last twenty years, I would say. I say bipartisan because it hasn’t  mattered which party controlled the executive branch. The Political Class of both parties has had the same goal; the concentration of power  in the Presidency. When is the last time yo you have seen a change power between parties result in an undoing of programs put in place by the previous administration. I can’t remember that ever happening.

The two most important tools for achieving this power shift to the executive branch are : 1.) growing the size of the bureaucracy and, thereby, the power to regulate anything and everything they want to regulate and, 2.) the use of the Executive Order to by pass Congress and to circumscribe the constitution. And let’s be clear, this hasn’t been so much a usurption of power by the Executive Branch as it has been a usurption of power by all of the Political Class. What I mean to say by that is that Congress has been complicit in this usurption of power.

The power of the unelected bureaucracy to regulate is enormous power indeed. Constitutionally, only Congress has the power to pass laws. The President has the power to sign laws into effect or to veto them. But regulatory agencies have the power to write regulations that can and do effect every aspect of our lives. And they can do this with practically no oversight. Now, you can say that regulations are not laws, but they have the effect of laws, don’t they? For example, the IRS can accuse you of breaking or not complying with one of their regulations and if they want to they can confiscate your property or assets and you are guilty until proven innocent.

Look at our situation today. We have a President, Barack Obama, who is probably more blatant than previous presidents in his usurption of power.  Obama has consistently ignored the will of the People, the laws passed by Congress, the decisions of the supreme Court and, the Constitution. And what has Congress done to stop him. Almost nothing. I call that complacency.

Congress still has some residual power. The House of Representatives still has the power of the purse, which is highlighted by the current debate over the Debt Ceiling. But Congress has been very reluctant to use this power of the purse. They could use that power to defund regulatory over reach, or to defund undeclared wars, or they could use that power to put an end to the continuance of our nation al debt and deficit problem.

Here is how I see it. The power of the purse, as embodied by the Debt Ceiling debate, is the only thing standing in the way of a complete hijacking of our government; not so much by Barack Obama , but by the Executive Branch of government.

How optimistic are you that the Republican controlled House will use its power of the purse to at least maintain some semblance of separation of powers in our government? IMHO,  failure to get to get substantial spending cuts in this next fiscal year will leave us with only one last hope to save this great nation. We will need an outright Voter Revolution in November of 2012.  We will need to elect an overwhelming majority of “Constitutionalist”” if there is to be any chance of beginning the long process of undoing what the Political Class has done over the last several decades. You know what the future holds if we fail to do so.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


22 thoughts on “The Hijacking of the US Government Is All But Complete. Only the Debt Ceiling Law Stands in the Way.

  1. The importance of the 2012 election goes without saying. This is so not only to recover the Senate and the Executive, but it would be paramount for not losing one of the last bastions for the protection of the Constitution and State rights – the Supreme Court.

    In the next four years the 5-4 conservative balance can change to 4-5 if Obama is re-elected.

    Good presentation, conservativesonfire.

    1. The Republicans are not a cohesive group. It appears very likely that the conservative Republicans will fail in their quest to do the right thing. The question now is will that bring people together to route Obama and the Democrats in 2012 or will people give up hope?

  2. The scary thing is, government at every level gets by with it. How is a random DUI checkpoint not a 4th Amendment violation?

    When the Department of inJustice engages in illegal weapons trafficking that results in the deaths of thousands of Mexicans and at least two Americans, who has the authority to arrest the perpetrators disguised as government officials?

  3. God help us all if Barack Obama wins a second term in the White House. I don’t see how our country can withstand another four years.

    John Galt raises another important point. If Obama gets the chance to nominate another Supreme Court Justice and changes the balance of the court, we could really be in danger.

  4. Great post! I have written about the 17th amendment in the past and how I feel that it has contributed to turning the US government from a republic into a democracy, the states now longer have representation in the government as they once did and this has allowed the federal government to consolidate power. It is interesting to note that Lincoln also contributed to the decline in state power as well.
    If the House were willing to use the power of the purse I think they would have already defunded Obamacare, so I am not holding out hope that they will use their greatest tool.

    1. We did a good job last November, Steve. Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough. The majority of the two Houses are still made up of those that are part of the problem. God willing, there will be an all out VOTER REVOLUTION in 2012.

  5. Great post, Jim. I agree with you about 1913 being the watershed year in our retreat from principle, & I’m afraid that if the Restoration doesn’t begin soon, there won’t be a damn thing left to restore.

    1. Thank you Bob. If we don’t do something soon, our Congress, Constitution, and SCOTUS will have become irrelevant. then we will have a democratically dictator, just like Venezuela and many other countries.

  6. Good post! What are my thoughts? Unfortunately, I’m on the exact same page as you Mr. Gourdie. 2012 is pretty much a make or break. And to my little eyes, it looks more like “break.” I just don’t have faith in the American people as a whole.

    My only consolation is faith You Know Who, and the knowledge that He can turn some pretty bad situations into amazing things in the long run. I have to remind myself that my own perceptions are terribly limited and flawed, and darkest before the dawn, and all that good stuff.

    1. Thanks, NoOne. (BTW my name is Jim. Mr. Gourdie was my father. LOL) The liberals have done a good job over the years of electing people that represent their views. Conservatives, with the exception of 210, have done as well. We must do even better in 2012. Here at CoF, I am call for an all out VOTER REVOLUTION in 2012. We bloggers will be an important element in this revolution.

  7. “We will need an outright Voter Revolution in November of 2012. We will need to elect an overwhelming majority of “Constitutionalist”” if there is to be any chance of beginning the long process of undoing what the Political Class has done over the last several decades. You know what the future holds if we fail to do so.”

    I agree. This is what we have to do.

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