EPA _ Protecting the Environment or Killing the Economy?

Stephen Stromberg writing for the Washington Post asked:  “The GOP can attack what it doesn’t like, but can it govern?” He then goes on to attack Republicans for wanting to do away with many EPA regulations with no concern for the environment. here is some of what he had to say: Now, Republicans have outlined […]

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Seeking Common Ground _ A Fussion of Conservatives and Libertarians

The responses to the recent post here titled Ron Paul Votes Against the Safety of Our Troops and yesterdays post titled The Primary Campaigns are Getting Interesting were very enlightening to me. I think they are worthy of further discussion. First a couple of observations about the discussions on the two posts linked above. Libertarians are uniformly enthusiastic […]

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It’s Sunday with The Bard of Murdock

The following poem was originally published by The Bard of Murdock on Thursday, August 25, 2011. Be sure to read the article link provide bt the Bard before reading the poem. __________________________________________________________ American Acceptionalism __________  Article link: Biden ‘Not Second-guessing’ China’s One-child Policy __________ * Joe Biden is the type of man Who goes to […]

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Guest Saturday with Frankenstein Government

The following article was originally published by Brian at Frankenstein Government on Tuesday, August 23, 2011. ________________________________________________________ Thriving in the Matrix   Today,  the Richmond Fed dropped precipitously and home sales edged lower again. Nobody wants to buy forever declining homes with values that can’t find a floor. I tried that earlier this year and […]

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Why America Should Not Support Moderate or Centrist Republicans in 2012

Among we conservative bloggers, there are many erudite intellectuals.  Some of these very bright people are capable of making very compelling arguments for positions  that are contrary to positions of most conservatives. Let me describe a recent case in point. Recently a blogger, for whom I have the utmost respect and who definitely is one […]

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