Remember When Commies Were Called Reds? Now Their Favorite Color Is Green.

To me the words communist and socialist and liberals and progressives are interchangeable. Most progressives/liberals are offended when referred to as socialist and even more so when referred to as communist. I don’t do it to offend those on the left. I do it because there is no other end for their agenda than extreme socialism or communism. In this day and age, their agenda is not for the state to take over all means of production via expropriations, ala Chavez, but to gain effective control of the means of production through regulatory law and crony socialism. Yes “crony socialism” and not crony capitalism as so many have erroneously called it.

The biggest socialist/communist organization in the world, also known as the United Nations, went “green” almost twenty years ago as the primary means of promoting their world-wide socialist agenda for wealth redistribution. Their principle and most effective weapon is their Agenda 21 plans for the world, which relies heavily on environmental policies to eventually gain total control of land and water and, thereby control over all of humanity. I don’t know how successful they have been in other countries but they are making great strides here in the United States. They are so proud of their green socialism; Ban Ki-Moon and the UN Security Council are thinking about changing their blue helmets for, you guessed it, green helmets. (Source)

The UN’s Agenda 21 policies were unconstitutionally introduced into America by Bill Clinton. Because the UN is not popular with many Americans,  the progressives in our government don’t use the name Agenda 21. They have been very creative in coming up with more palatable names such as Smart Growth and Sustainable Living and many others. But what ever they call it, the goal is the same. Under the guise of protecting the environment, the government is instituting incremental socialism by placing more and more restrictions on land use and water use while at the same time hindering the development of cheap fossil fuels for energy production. Incrementally, Americans are being forced to lower their standard of living.  Incrementally we will forced to live in less and less space, to consume less and less energy and food,  and through restriction on the use of ever-growing “public” lands our ability to move about states and our country will be restricted. I am not touting some conspiracy theory folks. This has been going on for years now and under the Obama regime it has picked up speed.

For most of the last eighteen years, implementation  of  Agenda 21,  via Smart Growth plans and Communities for Sustainable Living programs, have focused on urban areas. But now, under  Obama , more emphasis is being directed at rural America.  Remember the Food Safety Modernization Act passed last year? If not, please Google it.  And, recently President Obama created his White House Rural Council.  And now we learn tha the Department of Transportation (DOT)  is writing regulations to force all operators of farm equipment to have a commercial drivers license. Bob Mack of the Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead blog has an excellent post today that touches on these issues.

But there is more! Listen up those of you who like to hunt. You are about to be pissed off. Obama is now using the USDA, the Forest Service and the BLM to restrict your access to public lands that you have hunted for years. The PPJ Gazette has the story. Read it and weep!

Folks, a coup d’etat is taking place in America and the Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/Communist are the only ones aware of it. The rest of us are lost in our blissful ignorance. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


24 thoughts on “Remember When Commies Were Called Reds? Now Their Favorite Color Is Green.

  1. Thanks for the link, Jim. You said, “a coup d’etat is taking place in America and the Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/Communist are the only ones aware of it.” … I think all the farmers in America will be aware of it shortly. But will it mean anything? They’re already being heavily subsidized by the Feds, and there’s lots of ’em that call themselves ‘progressive’.

  2. My bet would be is that the goal is to do in the family farm. The easier to have Soros et al, buy it a distresssed prices. This will effectively close down my brother’s 200 acre farm.

    Small farms make significant contributions to the production of specific commodities. Small farms account for 63 percent of the value of production for hay, 58 percent for tobacco, 39 percent for cash grains(including soybeans), 37 percent for dairy products, and 33 percent for beef

  3. We have been living a socialized life I think as far back as 1971 when Tricky Dick took us off the gold standard. We just didn’t talk about it.

    Today, it is in your face. Socialized health care, government handouts, they not only do it with impunity- they are proud that they do it. They believe it is the right thing to do. This is a ship where we will all find- Davy Jones’ locker.

  4. The past few months I’ve seen a lot of conservatives wake up to Agenda 21. I just wish more people in rural communities understood what they are planning.

    1. I too am heartened to see more bloggers posting Agenda 21 related articles. But I am still frustrated that not one congressman or senator has saw fit to make this a cause celebre´. I we could get someone dynamic, like Rep. Allen West, for example, to champion the fight against Agenda 21, we have have a chance to stop some of this nonsense.

  5. They (the progressive elites, communists, one-world others–whatever you prefer to call them) have to take away every means we have to be self-supporting in order to install their vision for one world order. We can’t “live off the land” if they take the land away or overregulate to the point that’s it is unuseable. Bread lines are no good unless everyone stands in line. If you are not beholden, you can rebel. They will try first to disarm Americans, I believe, then go after the land. And one commenter was correct about farm subsidies. Any farmer that can give up their subsidy should do so as soon as possible. Find a way, farmers. Better to sell off 1/2 your acreage and be clear of the snake. The way it’s looking, you’ll lose your land anyway if you keep accepting subsidies.

    1. It’s an interesting point you make, Freedom. I would agree that there is a point where our right to bear arms would be an impediment to their to their ultimate plan. However, in the mean time they are and they will continue to do much harm.

  6. I like Rush Limbaugh but I’ve never been a Rush-head, hanging on his every word. I do remember him saying back in the early 90’s that the environmental movement was the new home of international communism, and he was right

    1. “In 1992, the year following the Soviet collapse, the framework was already underway following the UN’s Earth Summit, after which he founded Green Cross International (GCI) officially in 1993. That same year, Gorbachev’s GCI was the fountainhead of the infamous Kyoto summit, during which he sat as the president of the proceedings…” There is also a very interesting video at the source of this quote:

  7. The walls are closing in around is. The UN and the “green” movement is nothing but a plan to subjugate the people through onerous restrictions and regulations and this must be stopped now because time is growing short. I feel it may be too late already.

  8. Environmentalism is nothing more than a means to control the means of production. Controlling all land use is a means to that end.

  9. Out here we call them watermelons, green on the outside, red on the inside. Even the founding members of Greenpeace said, before leaving, that their movement has been hijacked by commies. Read the commie manifesto and the green one and you’ll find striking similarities.

    The only thing new about the modern day green movement is their hatred of Israel, i don’t think the old commies disliked Israel particularly, they hated all religions equally. Mind you in the old days the commies were busy slaughtering their own people so maybe they didn’t have time to focus on Israel in particular.

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