It’s Sunday with The Bard of Murdock

The folloowing poem was originally published by The Bard of Murdock on Friday, August  5, 2011. Please be sure to read the article link before reading the poem.


Womb to Tomb

Kathleen the Grate revealed her slate
Of guidelines and government rules:
These apron strings require things
From merchants of policy pools.
And wouldn’t you know her list would show
A mandate to offer the pill.
They must purvey, with no co-pay,
Prescriptions that also can kill.
I think on back to Bart Stupak
Who promised we’d not spend a dime
Aborting youth; but here’s the truth:
They knew it would happen in time.
So raise your glass and toast the lass:
Now pregnancy is a disease;
Like measles, mumps and swayback humps,
Says she and her board of trustees.
An afterthought: If your sad lot
Is cancer of prostate or breast,
Your remedy will not be free:
Those maladies haven’t been blessed.
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My goal is to produce poetical cartoons. I try to
use metaphors and caricatures (or a politician’s own words) to address complex political and social situations. In this way, I sum up current events in humorous verse.

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