Want To Stop The Blame Game? First We Must Stop The Stupid

We are frequently hearing from the talking heads that we need to stop the “Blame Game” ( while they are pointing the finger at the terrorist Tea Parties). I too would like to stop the “Blame Game”. That was my not so subtle message in my post of the other day where a laid out four simple steps that could be taken right now that would create hundreds of thousands of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars of new investment in our economy.


But I submit, dear friends, that we can not stop the “Blame Game” until we first stop The Stupid that goes on every day. Obama and his Administration have a Stupid idea of what they want America to become. They ignore the will of the people, they ignore the Constitution, they ignore decisions of the Supreme Court, they ignore our Congress and, they continue to implement their Stupid agenda using executive fiat. We who pay attention must inform those who do not pay attention about all The Stupid that is going on in this government.


You know what I’m talking about. Things like: not permitting on-shore or off-shore drilling for oil and gas, turning a blind eye to the flood of illegal immigrants tha t cross our border every day, trying to put an end to coal mining in America, implementing the carbon cap-and-trade legislation that was rejected by Congress, stopping Boeing from building a factory in a right-to-work state and, the list could go on and on. And in spite of the fact that we are still in the worst and longest recession in our history and real unemployment is over 16% and now America has lost its AAA credit rating for the first time in history, they continue The Stupid each and every day with their job killing, economy killing regulations.


Let me share with you just three examples of what Obama is doing right now. I will present them in increasing order of Stupidity. Please don’t skip forward or you will ruin my fun.


First, from the blog The Empress is Naked, we have the story of a small bank in Texas. This tiny bank has been very successful with their core business of lending to small businesses.


The bank’s business practices have been successful, making
$11 million over the past year by lending primarily to small business owners.  At the same time, Main Street’s
charge off rate was significantly lower than the national average.  Making money outside the tight constraints of
federal regulators’ demands ruffles bureaucratic feathers; consequently, the FDIC slapped Main Street with a 25-page order to boost its capital, strengthen its controls and bring in
a new top executive
You ought to read this story because in this case it has a happy ending.  It turns out that the owner of this bank is a true capitalist. As a result of the FDIC action, he has decided to give up hos bank charter and continue his business without the “help” of the government. He will make his profit the old fashion way, he’ll earn it!
Next,  Rick Moran, writing for American Thinker, has the story on the DOE pretending that it is EPA by promulgating new regulations to add more constraints on companies using the long proven to be safe fracking process to extract deep reserves of oil and gas. Just another  example of The Stupid government at work.
And now for the  ‘coup de grâce‘  of The Stupid.  I suggest you pop the top of your  favorite beverage that helps you to relax  and take a long swig before you continue reading.
Do you remember what happened in 2008 that brought a world-wide economic melt down caused by the “subprime mortgage” housing bubble, from which we are still suffering today? Of course you do. One would have to be brain dead not to remember that. Do you also recall what caused the “subprime mortgage” housing bubble?  No, it wasn’t the banksters and the greedy Wall Street SOBs. They merely took advantage of the bubble to rip off and rob their investors.  The bubble was created by the liberal elites ( mostly but not all Democrats) who decided to grant to all Americans the right to own the house of their dreams. It didn’t matter to them whether people could afford to buy a house or not. It started with the Clinton  Administration and continued through the Bush Administration with Barney Frank and his boy friends(s) at Fanny and Freddy to pressure lending institutions to lower their lending standards so that any indigent could buy a home.
Obama and his kleptocrats had nothing to do with the housing bubble. But, do you think they learned anything from the disaster that resulted from the housing bubble? No, they did not! The Stupid goes on! As proof, I present you the story that comes to us from Townhall.com via  A Conservative Teacher.  President Obama is using Eric Holder and the DOJ to once again pressure our lending institutions  to give mortgage loans to people who don’t qualify including people on welfare. This is a must read, folks. this story needs to go viral. As I was reading, I felt like someone had kicked me in the groin.  Do you see why we can not stop the “Blame Game”  until we first stop The Stupid? I am going to take another long swig of my beverage now. You may want to do the same.
Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?.

29 thoughts on “Want To Stop The Blame Game? First We Must Stop The Stupid

  1. The blame game is part of the strategy of the stupid. The immaturity of our “betters” (the progressive elites wielding power in the White House, Congress, and the press) is mind boggling. First, they don’t take any history into account, apparently thinking that things only failed because someone didn’t do it right. Europe, with it’s longer-lived experiment in being a social welfare state is collapsing financially and socially, yet our brilliant leaders want to take us down the same road. It’s like history is the mom telling the kid, “Don’t touch that burner, you will be burned. Everyone who has ever touched a hot burner on the stove has been burned because hot burners burn people.” Yet, the kid has to try. Second, they don’t even see their own results. They didn’t just ignore the fact that FDR’s government intervention in the economy prolonged the great depression (something historians and economists are increasingly in agreement about), but they can’t even see the results of their own policies not working and acknowledge that they don’t work. Can they see that the bluest of blue states are in the most trouble? Can they see that the “stimulus” didn’t work? Have they noticed that stopping the exploration for and extraction of oil has resulted in economy strangling high oil prices? No. They plow on ahead. Unable, like a small child, of understanding cause and effect.

    Then they utilize the third thing, the capper to their childishness and immaturity: they blame others. Seriously… how can you blame a downgrade in credit rating on the people who are saying, “We spend too much and borrow too much and it must stop.” How can a President of the United States still be blaming his predecessor almost three years into his own term, particularly when that president’s own party had control of Congress for the last two years of the predecessors’ term? After 9/11, did anyone ever hear George Bush say that the strikes were Clinton’s fault? Strong arguments could be made, and people other than Bush made them, but Bush himself never did it. This president “inherited a mess”… very arguably from his own party’s Congress that not only protected Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac when Bush was warning that there were problems (not absolving him entirely, because he promoted the “ownership society” whenever he could, benefiting politically from the rise in home ownership brought on by the lax credit standards), but that Congress also reversed a downward trend in deficit spending and didn’t even present Bush with a budget to sign in his last year in office (Obama signed it and then said it was Bush’s budget, even though it was a Democrat budget signed by a Democrat president).

    The blame game is part of selling the stupid. Obama has taken to saying as much in his fundraising stump speeches, telling crowds of adoring fans that someone else is to blame for the mess and the stupid policies he has just need more time to work. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

    1. I’ll tell you, my friend. This old man has had enough. I’m mad as hell. And do you know who I’m mad at? Not Obama and the Democrats. We and the Republicans have to recognize them for what they are. The beast does what comes natural to the beast. I’m mad at the Republican “leadership” and our candidates and potential candidates. They have to take the gloves off and fight back! Should be doing more press conferences and more talk shows and more Op-Eds and they need to stop being ladies and gentlemen. They need to impress upon the public the seriousness of our problems and how the things the President is doing and the things he and the democrats our promoting are going to make matters much. much worse! Over at Bunkerville today, he has a video of Rick Santelli talking the way I wish our “conservative” leaders should be talking.
      this old man is not going to let up. I’m am going to keep ragging on the Republicans and the candidates. We may or may not be losing the battle for public opinion, but they need to do a whole lot more if we are going to win in 2012 by the landslide that we need.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree. Obama will attack. We need to start attacking now. And we need to attack where he lives… his bullsh_t rhetoric on helping the poor and middle class. He does nothing but harm to the poor and middle class, making them a government dependent class, not a self-sufficient people capable of taking advantages of opportunities. He robs money directly from their wallets with energy prices, increased prices due to regulatory burden, and inflation. The message needs to get out!!!

      2. People keep telling me that we only control one half of one branch of government. I understand that. But the republicans have a powerful they can use if they will. I’m talking about the power of public opinion. Our leadership needs to do a much better job in that regard, IMHO.

  2. Let’s talk stupid here for a minute… Go to: http://www.coyoteblog.com/coyote_blog/2011/08/a-window-on-climate-peer-review.html and read that article. The author, Warren Meyer, is a brilliant guy (I highly recommend his blog) who writes a lot about climate science. In this particular case he is exposing the “science” behind the polar bear deaths in the Arctic that caused the bears to be declared an endangered species (despite all of the argument from actual polar bear researchers) which gave an excuse to shut down oil production. Did you know the whole thing started with a “peer reviewed” paper by a guy who was studying whales and he happened to see four dead polar bears floating in the water? He wrote a paper, peer-reviewed by his wife (!!!) and a close colleague, that postulated (didn’t confirm anything, the only study was a sighting of 4 dead bears from 1500 feet while looking for whales) that the bears died as a result of the shrinking ice pack and that global warming would make that a larger problem. The research included asking pilots if they’d seen dead polar bears floating around before. The answer was “no” and the conclusions sprang from that… people not looking for dead polar bears hadn’t seen dead polar bears (or didn’t remember), but one scientist looking for whales saw four dead polar bears. Wow. Read the article… It is a beautiful adjunct to Jim’s posts of yesterday and today.

    1. Right! All Americans have been suffering for the last three years. And, it’s true that we are going to have to suffer more. But, instead of suffering with a view toward thing getting even worse, a la Obama, I would rather see see us accept the necessary suffering with a view toward things getting better in the future.

  3. Good presentation, Jim. It is indeed “The Stupid”.
    The story about Main Street Bank is right out of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

    In a way we are living it now,

    1. Indeed. Who is John Galt any way? Ayn Rand did more than other one person to warn us about the evils of Marxism /Socialism and to teach about the virtues of capitalism. It is a shame that more writers of fiction did not follow in her foot steps.

    1. The responsibility always reverts back to “We the People” in the end. But many of the people have been programed by an education system that was hijacked by the Marxist/socialist a long time ago. The voters were, with the help of the MSM, conned by Obama into thinking he was something he is not. People fall for cons all the time, even smart people.

  4. I did think about John Galt when I read about that bank,

    On the mortgage / bank / derivatives melt down. It started even earlier with Jimmy Carter’s CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) which forced banks to lend based on a quota system..basically the Civil Rights Act for mortgages. Bankers were told they could not put in so much as an ATM to expand unless they complied. Clinton doubled down on the CRA and then Fannie and Freddie put the tax payers on the hook. Then, no one wanted to hold the hot potatoes, so these toxic mortgages were bundled by the banks and sold as derivatives to the big guys like AIG, Lehman, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, etc. The SEC looked the other way…and voilá….the tax payers got soaked to bail everyone out. Bush saw it coming and was blocked from doing anything about it with threats from Barney and Freddie and Fannie folks…and the democrat Socialists in Congress, as Bush needed them to fund Iraq. Now, they continue the same practices, Obama’s SEC no different, and the beat goes on…..bigger, louder, until KaBoom….we all just lose our shirts to the O gang. Basically the banks are being forced to subsidize housing for low income or no income buyers, and we get to pay for it through the bailouts or bank fees or taxes or…anything else they can skin from us.

    The trouble is they are not STUPID. Their ideas are STUPID, but they are smart enough to force STUPID down our throats. They know exactly what they are doing. None of this happened out of accidental stupidity..unfortunately.

    1. No, I did not mean to imply that they are stupid. But their end goal is stupid and they don’t care. Only a relative few of those who call themselves liberal or progressives are true believers. Those pulling the strings are using their followers as much as they use the uninformed.

  5. And of course we need to add the latest project that Fannie Mae wants to take on–becoming a landlord and renting out all of those foreclosed properties the gov’t now owns. Let’s see–do we really think the gov’t can rehabiliitate a home and get it ready to rent and be a responsible landlord? You’re right, the stupidity continues. The Bible warns us not to consort with fools. But what to do when the biggest Fools are running the government?!

  6. Those that do not learn from history…..are stupid! It is amazing to me that the Obama regime is about to reinstitute the very policies that led to this problem in the first place, but I have never thought that this regime knew what it was doing and it is pretty obvious that they are in fact stupid.

  7. I just read the article you pointed us to and it is scary to think they are setting up another collapse like 2008. Do they not care or do they just not understand what they are doing is dangerous to our economy?

    1. Economic and constitutional chaos seems to be their goal, Larry. Obama is a disciple of Cloward-Piven. I fear that he believes that through chaos he can can accelerate his agenda of an American socialist state.

  8. A bad week for Obamunists: Federal Judge overturns Administration Rules on Oil Drilling (http://www.newsroomamerica.com/story/159889.html)

    A federal judge on Friday threw out rules imposed by the Obama administration to put the brakes on expedited environmental review of oil and gas drilling on land belonging to the federal government.

    U.S. District Judge Nancy Freudenthal ruled in favor of petroleum industry group Western Energy Alliance in federal court in Cheyenne, Wyo., in the group’s lawsuit against the Obama administration and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

    The administration had dismissed Bush-era rules that allowed for expedited oil and gas drilling under categorical exclusions provisions on all federal lands, but Freudenthal’s ruling reinstated them.

    The irony? Judge Freudenthal was appointed by Obama!

  9. I finally found the opportunity to read this post. Yesterday was filled with one crisis after another here in this household.

    Anyway, that article about what the DOJ is forcing banks to do really sets off my alarm bells. In my view, our economy simply cannot sustain another such blow!

    On a personal level, I believe that what the DOJ is doing to the banks (extortion, really) is one cause of the poor interest that we avid savers receive. If banks are being forced to make such dangerous loads, we savers are ourselves placed in jeopardy!

    1. I have to believe, AOW, that if the general public were aware of this that it would be the last straw. The people would raise and demand that this stop immediately. but with a complicit media the only way the public is going to become aware is if a high profile Republican sounds the alarm, calls a press conference, goes on a talk show or something of that nature. So far not hing but silence. There is only so much we bloggers can do. I’m furious and I don’t know what more I can do.

  10. Is it stupid, or, is it intentional destruction? The people who support this are the true stupid. How in the world do 40% approve of his job performance?

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