Palestinian State __ To Be or Not To Be?

That is the question. Or is it? I think not! I think the question is much, much bigger and much more serious.  It is not only an issue of peace in the Middle-East. It may very well be a question of peace in the world.

Without going in-depth into the history of the creation of the Jewish state of Israel, let me just relate the following from Wikipedia:

 The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was a resolution adopted on 29 November 1947 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Its title was United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) Future Government of Palestine.


The proposed plan was accepted by the leaders of the Jewish community in Palestine, through the Jewish Agency.[2][3] However, the plan was rejected by leaders of the Arab community (the Palestine Arab Higher Committee etc.),[2][4] who were supported in their rejection by the states of the Arab League. In a communication to the United Nations Palestine Commission dated 19 January 1948, the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine stated that it was “determined [to] persist in rejection [to the] partition and in refusal [to] recognize UNO resolution [with] this respect and anything deriving therefrom”.

So, in a nut shell, one people, the Jewish people, accepted the terms of the UN resolution and one people, Palestinian Arabs, did not. And, since 1948, the State of Israel has had to defend its sovereignty in various wars with its Arab neighbors and against terrorist attacks on a more or less continuous basis right up to this very day.

For over six decades, all attempts to reach a negotiated and lasting peace have failed. Israel, in defending its sovereignty, has at times used preemptive strikes and against what they perceived to be real threats. As a result, Israel has often been criticized in the strongest of terms by the UN and by their Western allies and in recent decades even by many in the America’s  Jewish community.  This last point is important to keep in mind as you continue to read this post. Although I personally have, as a non-Jew, always seen Israel to have the high ground in the search for a lasting peace and a Palestinian State, the UN and many nations and many Jews do not agree with me and this leads me to the topic of today’s post.

The question raised in today’s title will be addressed by the United Nations General Assembly in just a few short weeks. The Palestinian Authority (PA) is petitioning the UN to declare Palestine a State that recognizes the pre-1967 borders with Israel. ( If you go to that link, you will see a reference to something called BDS. You can learn more about BDS here.)

Support for the PA’s request of th UN is very high among the member nations. Keep in mind that the vast majority of the member nations of the UN are third world countries whose governments are mostly totalitarian and socialistic in nature. So, it is highly likely that the UN General Assembly will in September  recognize the State of Palestine along the pre-1967 borders.  Also keep in mind that in General Assembly resolution neither the United States or any other country has the right to veto as exist under the rule of the UN Security Council.

So, while we here at home are rightfully focused on our serious economic condition and the up-coming presidential elections, we are not as focused as we should be on what the UN is about to do.  Make no mistake. Although UN General Assembly resolutions are non-binding, this resolution will have very serious ramifications for the Middle East and for the world. You can be sure that the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, Hezbollah, Hamas. Iran, Syria, Egypt and others will see this resolution as de facto support for reclaiming the so-called occupied territories from Israel by force if necessary. And, of course, force would be necessary. War is almost a certainty.

How will our esteemed President direct his Ambassador to the UN to vote on the issue of a Palestinian State? If America votes in favor of recognizing the Palestinian State, I submit that the chance of war is 100%. If the United States and some of its allies vote against the resolution, war is still highly probable.

Is there no way to stop this madness? In my opinion, war could be avoided if we had a President who was a strong and forceful leader. Such a President could pressure our allies not only to vote against the resolution but to declare in no uncertain terms that any attacks on Israel would be deemed a s an attack on the Western Alliance and the we would use all our might to defend  Israel. That, of course, is not going to happen.

Think about this, dear readers. If war breaks out in the Middle East, will the United States and the European countries and China be able to stay out of the war? After all, Israel has demonstrated on many occasions in the past the ability to defend themselves very nicely. I suggest that we bear in mind two things.

First, times have changed and Iran can now supply missiles to its allies that can reach any point in Israel and Iran may soon have nuclear warheads.

Second,  a major war in the Middle East would almost certainly disrupt oil supplies from the region. Oil that is critical to the existence of the United States, Europe and China. Israel’s sovereignty aside, do you really believe that these nations will not see the disruption of oil supplies as a threat to their nation’s interests? No, China, Europe and the United States will be drawn into the war, in my opinion.

Am I alone in my fear that war is immanent? Why is this not a hot topic on the world stage? Do all the world’s leader have their heads buried in the sand? Or, has the economic crises that abound in the world blinded everyone from seeing anything else?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

34 thoughts on “Palestinian State __ To Be or Not To Be?

  1. Obama will put his finger in the wind, determine how much of the Jewish vote he will loose, how much funding, and then ask Valerie Jarrett, Susan Power, Clinton, do we want to do a
    R2P is an effort to create a new international moral standard to prevent violence against civilians? I say he goes for it..

    In her career as a genocide expert, Power was an indefatigable proponent of R2P, and now on the National Security Council has been “trying to figure out how the administration could implement R2P and what doing so would require of the White House going forward.” Hillary is her ally in this effort, it appears.”

    1. If I am correct in what i see coming, it won’t be an R2P kind of action. It will an all out war. Besides the terrible consequences of war, we could see heightened security measures here at home and we will much more of our freedoms. I pray I am wrong.

  2. Is there anything more useless than the UN? It seemed like such a great idea. And it would be, in a world where every nation was a westernized democracy. But, as you point out, we have a world in which too many countries are stagnant thugocracies, making the UN a sham, giving respectability to governments that should be tried and jailed for abuse of their populations.

    Obama has shown that he’s no friend to Israel, and he even said something about the pre-1967 borders. If I was in Israel, I’d be sending campaign contributions to Republicans. I hope people in the House and Senate stand up and make some noise, forcing his hand. Is there any chance that he’s smart enough to see what a friend Israel is to us? And, Israel could be, if the Arabs would stop hating and start emulating, a beacon of hope for an otherwise dysfunctional part of the world.

    When Israel left Gaza and left the green houses they’d built and raised food in (generating a way to produce food where farming is near impossible) in perfect operating condition and the “Palestinians” (a people that never had that name in history) destroyed them rather than used them, it told me all I needed to know.

    1. The more useless the UN has become to the developed world, the more powerful it has become. It seems the world’s political and financial elites are using the UN for their own ends. Maybe Obama is preparing for his next job interview to be President of the UN. LOL

  3. Susan Rice, BO’s ambassador to the U.N. has said the U.S. will not support the U.N. vote. How it actually goes down, I don’t know. Obama will have to hold his nose not to support the Muslim countries, and in particular the Organization of Islamic States.

    I think your argument for war is a good one. I’m not sure Saudi Arabia would join in, and they might be a stablizing factor in the region. Of course, all that’s needed is Egypt and Syria with Iran’s help.

    You know, if the PA, Fatah and Hamas would simple remove the egregious words from their Constitutions and Charters and acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, there would be an immediate state of Palestine. I don’t why they don’t do this, and once they get their state, just do a reprint and add it back in. That’s the Muslim way. Get whatever you want by deception. The Koran gives them the right to lie. Once they get the state, it will never be taken from them, no matter what they do.

    This is an important issue – so many important issues today. Big things are whizzing by under the radar.

    (Jim, sorry I didn’t get here yesterday)

  4. I have never understood WHY so many Jews embrace the Dems and Obama… I have asked Conservative Jewish friends WHY and they have no answer either…

    1. I have asked Conservative Jewish friends WHY and they have no answer either…

      You need to read David Horowitz book, “The Radical Son”

      Many Jewish ppl came from Bolsehvik Russia and they were not debriefed from the Bolshevik propaganda, so what we have now is a lot of Communist Jews, unfortunately.

      There are a few of us out there that are far right wingers, like myself to make up the difference
      😀 Indeed, they are a frustrating bunch, because many people refer to them as ‘the people of the book.’
      Well, they need to GO BACK TO THE BOOK. Which is what the author of “Why Jews Should NOT Be Liberals” said as well.

      Judge a tree by its fruit, Fred. The whole forest is not that bad 😉

      1. TMJ, I never said the whole herd was bad.. I said I had yet to get an explanation of WHY Jews follow Dem political lines, and as yet, I still have not received an answer…

        If tradition that goes back to Bolshevik Russia is the reason, it might be time to bring a majority of Jews into the 21st century…

    2. My Jewish blogger friends, one in particular, said a majority of Jews were Democrats, always had been and always would be. My mother is a Democrat but always votes Republican. She can’t bring herself to register any other way.

      The MadJewess’ info from the David Horowitz book sadly makes a lot of sense.

    3. ‘If tradition that goes back to Bolshevik Russia is the reason, it might be time to bring a majority of Jews into the 21st century…’

      You should really read David Horowitz book “The Radical Son” it really explains in depth the ‘new left’ Bolsheviks. Horowitz had an enlightening that was powerful.


      Some came to escape the purges, and have freedom of religion, others were never debriefed at all, and to this day, they teach their children this Bolshevik propaganda, and have NO idea that they are SO WRONG.
      {I didnt mean any disrespect, Fred. I go through a lot of Jew hatred on the net, and try to tell people that we are not all like this.
      I am also a daughter of the American Revolution on my fathers side of my family, he is Iroquois and a serious patriotic man, which I thank GOD for, b/c my mother is still very liberal, not as bad as she was, she hates Obama’s guts, but still liberal in many views. My dad had to most influence on my life.}

      1. “The Radical Son” is on my reading list. DH read it, along with some other books by Horowitz.
        My late grandfather was a rank and file Communist in the Soviet Union. He was born in 1912, lived through pogroms and revolutions. To Jews born in Russian Empire socialism was often the answer to anti-Semitism. Actually, across late 19th-early 20th century Europe socialists were seen as defenders of Jews, so Jews who came to the US escaping pogroms weren’t stupid.

  5. PA is obligated under the Oslo Accords to negotiate statehood. If they declare statehood unilaterally, they’d be in violation of Oslo accords… But that will not be the first time they’d be in violation of Oslo Accords. If PA unilaterally declares statehood, Israel’s response should be to annex the disputed territories.

    1. Netanyahu has made it clear there will be no Palestinian statehood without the recognition of Israel. Once upon a time Abbas tried “saying” they accepted Israel, but that didn’t last long. We’ll have to see if Israel will insist that their governing documents be changed. If not, then it’s all a farce.

  6. Great article and Kudos for being one of the few people that realize that this isnt a vanilla, plain jane black and white situation which can be resolved by waving a magic wand and creating a palestinian state. check out my site i will be adding you to my blog roll and would be honored if you would do the same! Keep up the great work!

  7. I am very worried about the situation in the Middle East and I think that Obama is hostile towards Israel and they know it. Like most others, I can’t for the life of me figure out why Jewish voters voted for Obama in the first place, hopefully they will come around and we will get rid of him before things boil over in the Middle East.

    1. With the UN vote coming up in September and the Egyptian elections in November, I’m not sure the war will wait until after our elections. That is part of why I am so worried. A perfect storm is brewing and the Black swans are circling and I’m feeling a bit lonely.

    2. They will not ‘come around’. God calls us stiff-necked for a reason.
      Most Jews are terribly stubborn.

      Many Jews that are liberal dont really care about the biblical land of Israel, either.

      They believe socialism will save them.
      Socialism has murdered them.
      Nazi-National SOCIALIST.

      ONLY after horrible events do they change.
      For ie; In the movie “The Believer”, a young man, (who was Jewish and neo-nazi) was encountering a Holocaust surviver. When asked why they did not fight back, the person playing the older woman said; “We forsook the Torah, and were punished.”

      Jews need to go back to the Torah. As well as Christians need to stand up to left wing ‘political correctness’, which is the sin of sorcery.

      They need to stop hating Christian people and blaming them for what has happened throughout time in the past, in the ‘name of Christianity’.

      Any SANE person knows that REAL Christians do NOT persecute Jewish people, and it should be the vc versa.

      Thats my ‘bigoted’ opinion.

  8. I do not think that recognition of a Palestinian state will cause war immediately. However, unless the US stands up to Iran and Syria, it is coming, and the issue of Palestinian statehood will be used to try to isolate Israel during the conflict or even get UN “peacekeepers” involved in occupying Israel and doing some of the dirty work. This all needs to be nipped in the bud, but the US’s current policy seems to be held hostage to the election. From everything I can tell, Obama would love to throw Israel to the wolves if he could do it and not pay any price at the ballot box at home. This is one area where the US can show some strong leadership and keep a conflict from happening.

    Obama seems to believe–as does many in Europe and in the liberal establishment at home–that the very existence of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is the source of all Mideast problems. I cannot think of any idea more reprehensible and foolish, but we elected the man.

    1. Yes, we did elect the man and we are paying a terrible price for that error. I just hope that price doesn’t include a major war in the Middle East. With the UN vote next month and the elections in Egypt in November, I expect to see an escalation in attacks on Israel. I would expect the UN vote recognizing the state of Palestine to electrify Hamas and Hezbollah. I hope that you right, John and that I am wrong.

  9. A Palestinian state would be a disaster for many reasons. One reason (that amazingly gets overlooked) is that it would be two areas separated by Israel itself. How is that supposed to work?

  10. My 2-cents…

    In the Middle East, one sort of war or another is always imminent.

    Will it lead to a heads up world religious war fought over oil. Doubtful. We’d win that easily. Even drawn down our military is still the strongest in the world.

    Nope, we will just continue to have little wars lasting into the foreseeable future.

    Will there ever be a lasting peace in the Middle East. Probably, but not very soon… not in this generation or the next.

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