The Political & Financial Elite Want One Thing But The Markets Want Something Else

We conservative bloggers have been quite uniform in our opinion that the end game of the elites is to convert America into a Marxist/socialist state more or less modeled on the European formula. But I have recently changed my view of what the end game is and it is not a Marxist/socialist state at all; but something quite different. What is the end game that I see coming? Well that, dear reader will be the subject of tomorrow’s post. Please stay tuned.

 The above was taken from yesterdays post here at CoF. As I wrote those words, I had what I wanted to say today well mapped out in my head. It was going to be a rather short and hopefully thought-provoking essay about what I see as the end game of the Political & Financial Elite (P&FE). But, as often happens, life over rules our plans.  Shortly after posting yesterday, I read a post by one of my favorite bloggers that opened my eyes to an important fact. For possibly the first time in a hundred or so years, the plans of the P&FE are meeting serious resistance. The resistance is coming from the markets. Atlas is indeed shrugging.  So, I am obliged to add a second part to todays post about where the Markets say they want to go.

What is the goal of the P&FE?

Please understand as you read these words that they are nothing more the opinions of one old man and I put almost (LOL) as much value on your opinions as I do mine and I’m hopeful you will share them here today.

Contradicting popular conservative thought, which I have long shared, I said yesterday that the end game of the P&FE was not a Marxist/socialist state but something quite different. To be sure, the vision of the P&FE contains a strong socialist element but not because socialism is the ideology of the P&E, but because socialism is a tool for controlling the masses. Marxism is not something I see in their plan.

When you look at many of the big government policies that have been put in place over the last decade and in particular during the Obama administration, do you see a common thread? When I look at all the policies to restrict access to public lands,  the policies of inhibiting oil and gas development while promoting high cost alternative energy programs, policies like the Patriot Act, the Food Safety Modernization Act and, the recently announced White House Rural Council just to name a few, I do see a common thread. Two of yesterday’s commentors, Patricia of the MY BLOG blog and Cheryl  Pass of the My Tea Party Chronicle blog  popped to it right away.  The common thread that I see is the UN’s Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 policies are, in my opinion, the principal tool being used by the P&FE to bring about their vision of the future. And, what is the over-riding goal of Agenda 21? It is to concentrate people in a relatively few high density population centers, restrict mobility of the populace, reduce energy consumption, control the food supply and, control the means of production. (Note the use of the word “control” rather than the word “own”.)

I am no expert on Marxism. But I would say that Agenda 21 is anything but Marxist. If I recall correctly, Marx not only wanted wealth equally distributed but he also wanted the populations equally distributed across the lands. If someone can demonstrate that I am wrong in this, please leave  me a comment. So,  if the P&FE vision isn’t Marxist, what is it?

I see the P&FE vision as being best described as an oligarchy (all power in the hands of a few).  I see this oligarchy as a triumvirate. A small triangle of power at the top of the all encompassing triangle that is the state. Picture a triangle with a very wide base but with very little height. The apex of this triangle is a small triangle that is the P&FE.

At the top of the triumvirate triangle is the financial elite, the banksters as I like to call them. They, as always, control the money. At one base point   of the triumvirate triangle we find the political elite, who control the government(s). The political elite will indeed have their socialist programs because that is how they will control the people; but, in my opinion, the financial elite will not permit the political elite to control the means of production, that is, to own the means of production. The financial elite know that the means of product must be kept in private hand if wealth is to be expanded and that, of course, is the only thing that interests the financial elite. So, the other point at the base of the P&FE triangle will, in my opinion, be occupied by, for lack of a better term, mega-corporations. My view is that the financial elite will want the means of production to be control by a relative hand full of mega-corporations. A hand full in my mind could man hundreds to a few thousand. This I perceive is a necessity for reasons of control.

The P&FE have been very methodical slow about implementing their plan for the future, although, Obama certainly appears to be stepping on the accelerator. Time is needed to fully implement Agenda 21. Time is needed for the consolidation of the means of production.

As an aside, one aspect of Agenda 21 that gets very little attention, is the issue of population control. Population control is an important element of Agenda 21.  Interestingly then, if the P&FE are to continue with their Agenda 21 plan, there will have to come a time when certain useful idiot classes will no longer be useful. For example, IMO, there will come a time when the useful idiot class we have known as illegal immigrants will no longer be useful. There will be a time when the borders will be militarized and it will become very dangerous for illegal immigrants in America.

Well, this is where I originally intended to end this post. But, alas, there is more to the story that is worth our time to look at. I’ll try to be brief.

The Markets Are Saying No To The P&FE

I think most of us have noted that there is something different about this Great Recession we are experiencing. Historically, steep recessions are followed by steep recoveries. That isn’t happening this time. I, for one, have not been able to formulate an understanding of why until I read a marvelous post yesterday by Silverfiddle at his Western Hero blog titled Crash of the Titans. Please give it a read. But, for now, I want to tell you about an article linked by Silverfiddle authored by Jeffery Snider which is titled  The Aura Of the Fed Is Gone, Good Riddance. This article is by far the best debunking of the Fed and its monetarist policies that I have ever seen. It is a long article so I suggest you book mark it and read it throughly when you have time. I will try to summarize the pertinent parts very briefly.

Although Mr. Snider does not use the term P&FE, what he does tell us is that for many years the central banks (central bankers are a fundamental part of the financial elite)  and the Fed in particular, have been able to create bubbles and deflate bubbles at will with their monetarist policies (You know who always ends up with the money, don’t you?). That, in itself, is probably not news to any of you. What is new, at least to me, is his explanation about why they have been able to make markets more or less respond the way they want them to respond.

According to Mr. Snider, the central bankers long ago created  very successfully the myth that they trough their monetarist policies could control the future. For a  very long time now, the market makers, the investors believed that the central bankers really had that kind off power and so the responded in self fulfilling manner in ways that brought about the changes that the central bankers wanted. Now, Mr. Snider tells us, for the first time. it seems that the investors finally see that the Greenspans and the Bernankes have no real power and they are refusing to respond as the Fed wants.

As you read Snider’s article, if you are like me, you will be buoyed by Mr. Snider’s apparent absolute confidence that the game of the P&FE is over. Atlas is shrugging. Atlas is flipping the all American bird at Bernanke. Unfortunately, as you continue reading you’ll find that Mr. Snider throws in a caveat. He feels there may still be enough believers in the myth that maybe Bernanke can pull one last rabbit out of his hat and produce one more recovery no matter how weak to buy more time for the P&FE. this only means that we will have to go through one more crash before we can begin the rebuilding of our republic on free market principles and tear down the Leviathan limb by limb.

If Mr. Snider is correct that the wizard behind the curtain has finally been exposed, the P&FE have to be in a state of panic and that, my friends, is dangerous. The P&FE will not go away quietly, in my opinion. Your guess is as good as mine as to how they will respond.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


23 thoughts on “The Political & Financial Elite Want One Thing But The Markets Want Something Else

  1. You have it right on the money I think Jim. It sort of reminds me of the class system that used to, and still does to a certain extent, in India with the political elite as the Raj’s, but they didn’t have total control, even though they thought they did. The real power usually rested in the various priests. Our financial elites mostly resemble those priest but like the power of the priest in India gave way to knowledge of the people the same is happening here and I think that both the political and financial elites are losing their power. The important thing is how much violence is going to take place and how far some of these people will go to keep power. It is also important to note that their are competing forces trying to fill the vacum that will be left. i just hope and pray that it is those who agree with us. I am going to repost this Jim. If you have time today or tomorrow would you check out an excellent post that needs to go viral by Rob Lorinov? I have repost it too!

    1. I like your analogy with India, Patricia. And I agree that the power of knowledge; i.e., Internet, is an important factor today and is why the government is desperate to control the Internet. It is true that there are those on both the right and the left that see a total collapse into chaos as an opportunity to rebuild the nation in their preferred image.
      I will definitely take a look a the Rob Lorinov post.

  2. I’ve been waiting with bated breath to read your analysis, Jim. And I am not disappointed. 🙂 But I do have a question or two. I think you are onto something about the world bankers and their methods being exposed. I think it’s interesting to think the markets are shrugging because of this exposure, but I’ll have to read Snider’s article to look into that. What you describe here is a tug of war between the three points of your pyramid. With the bank point falling in power, the other two appear to be merging my opinion. Governments and corporations are combining to form one Gov.-Co. machine?

    One might ask, all these years…who was controlling whom? The banks controlling governments? or the governments controlling the banks? That seems to have been a centuries long power struggle that now governments (our government) won? That is an interesting turn of events, if actually so. I do see indications of it. And the public has a foul taste in its mouth regarding banks. The media has contributed to this as well, but the world bankers deserve all of the bad press they get. It is the honest individual American bankers that I worry about. (Yes, there are some.) We still need a banking industry unless the government is going to become the bank….which under the likes of Obama could actually happen. Where does the IMF fit into this? (I am too naive on that to know)

    Now, using your pyramid, I see the other two points, government and corporations, going through the same power struggle, i.e. one trying to dominate the other. My bet is that government will win that one also….is already winning that one. All of that is painting a picture of absolute government power over all money and business. Not a pretty picture, but exactly what Agenda 21 proposes…government power over everything. Minutae included. Isn’t that the ultimate end game? That is Agenda 21. All power over everything landing in the governments of the world…and then all governments merging into one. We can’t have individuals free to live and mess that up, now can we?

    At this point, you are correct to say we don’t have one label for this, other than “one world government.” We are seeing a combination of Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, corporatism, tyranny, all destroying capitalism and the free world. Oligarchy is as good as any to describe it.

    Well, I think we are on the same wave length. I always enjoy our conversations…and your opinions.! Thanks!!

    1. I’m glad you liked the post, Cheryl. My view of the Triumvirate is different from your. In my opinion, and that is all it is an opinion, the Financial Elite are firmly on top. They can control the destiny of and political leader or any head of a Mega-Corporation. The Banksters may not have more money than any government but they do control more money than any government. As for the Political Elite and the Mega-Corporations, I see them more as a mutual admiration society of each scratching the back of the other.
      One thing I forgot to bring up in the post that is a pet peeve of mine is that the Mega-Corporations do not represent Crony Capitalism. Capitalism plays no part. Call them Corporate Cronies or Statist Cronies,; but, please people don’t call them crony capitalist.

      1. In my post yesterday I made that exact point…but labeled them State Corporatists. Capitalism is not Corporatism…was my point. I am a bit concerned that when candidates talk about promoting better business policies, the distinction is not made between the two concepts. Voters may be confused by good capitalist policies vs. crony corporatism.

        As for who is actually in control, I thought you were saying that because the fed and world banking cartel is exposed, the control they wield is not as strong as before. I must have misunderstood what you were saying. The triumvirate you describe is always where control lies…money (banks), power) governments), and commodities / resources (industries). ?? Yes? Now that we are a “global economy” the world is the big prize…back to Agenda 21. Americans don’t control their own destiny anymore….unless we take it back. We have had enough trouble trying to keep our own government we have global powers at our door. Take it back, America!!

      2. Yes indeed!!! I just read your post and you hit the nail squarely on the head. Thank you!

        the article I linked by Snider does imply that the banksters’ power is on the wane. He may be right that their real power was always an illusion, but, that illusion worked, in some case, for over two hundred years. In that time they have amassed unimaginable wealth. So to assume they are powerless would be a big stretch, wouldn’t it?

  3. Excellent post as usual. I will need to read your links in total, but I too wonder who is controlling whom. That conclusion is still up for grabs for me. You make an excellent point regarding Marx and population control, although Russia didn’t have any problem eliminating millions by starvation. China as well. Our prism is unique in that we treasure each human life. It puts blinders on us, because we cannot conceive of others feeling differently than ourselves. This may prove to be a fatal error.

    1. Thank you, Bunker. I hope you understand that I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I do my best to connect the dots and se what picture occurs in my mind. Others will connect the dots and come up with an entirely different picture. Your point about our having a unique prism is something to ponder.

  4. In all my years, and admittedly I’m not an expert at ANYTHING (well, except useless trivia and knowledge of New York Yankee statistics) the past couple years have been very unusual. We’re at the tipping point and the Fed has been revealed as having no clothing.

    It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  5. There is a hope, and I think your addition of the “markets want something else” points to it. We humans, particularly Americans, are an unruly bunch. We have a tendency to create things and we want to benefit from them. Deep in the hearts of most Americans is the American dream of making something of our lives, something useful. I think this is reflected in the polls showing such a huge percentage of people thinking the direction of the country is wrong.

    The direction is to dominance (by government… or whoever) and submission (by the people). I think it is a small minority (like the 25% of self-identified liberals) who really believe submitting to any other authority, abandoning our ability to be upwardly mobile to settle for what “they” give us, is acceptable.

    Who would have predicted that Obama would be so unpopular by this time? Who could have predicted that, despite being vilified at every turn, the tea party movement would be so strong? Who could have predicted that the tide would be reversing itself on anthropogenic global warming alarmism?

    You might be able to get a bunch of sheeple to follow blindly in Europe, but Americans are different. We’re the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench.

    For example, to pull off something so conspiratorial as you describe (and I’m not even doubting someone is trying) one of the things you need is to control information. Well… we have created a little thing called the Internet and dispersed control of information far and wide. People saw they could make money in talk radio and conservative views rule the radio. This stuff is unpredictable and uncontrollable.

    There are always going to be enough of us out here who have the all-American spirit of trying to come up with the next new thing, the next gadget or service, or idea, and we’re going to want to benefit from that. You can’t force an entrepreneurial people, who believe strongly in bettering their own lives and the society in general through ingenuity and hard work, to sit back while mega-corporations do everything we sit idly by being controlled by other forces.

    The backlash has already begun. Polling shows it. Businesses hanging on to their money and ignoring Obama’s (completely economically illiterate) pleas to start spending shows it. We have seen Greece, and we’ve seen the British riots and I can’t believe that any thinking person (which is where we stop and let the Leftists and Progressives off of the bus) can see that happening and want to continue on the current trajectory.

    Whatever the conspiracy is, I think it is running into a reality where Americans can get pushed only so far. I have no doubt that powerful people would want ever more power, but I think that in the end, the American people will bridle at dominance, even in the guise of wonderful government compassion, and refuse to give in.

    1. Your point about controlling information was also made by looptyoo above and it is valid. that is why Obama is trying so hard to get control of the Internet.
      Snider may be right. Atlas is shrugging big time and we may forced into a deep recession that may finally get peoples attention. It is a heavy price to pay but the alternative will be much worse.

  6. A very interesting analysis Jim; you left me wondering yesterday where you were going with this and you did not disappoint. I do not have the answers either but I do agree that the game is coming to an end because the people are starting to push back. This might not be a Marxist movment but it is still a movement to control the people and in the end it will mean a loss of freedom.

    1. You are exactly right, Steve. In the end it doesn’t matter what label we put on it, the intention is to control every aspect of our lives and to make the state all powerful. maybe the best thing that can happen is if Atlas keeps shrugging. At some point the people will demand in mass that these policies are stopped.

  7. The self-anointed PFE believe that they have discovered the way, the truth, and the light. Unfortunately, they are also too imperceptive to realize that those beliefs expose their near terminal delusions of grandeur. This condition helps them rationalize their overwhelming feelings of inadequacy and inferiority; those feelings, rather than the delusions, are perfectly reasonable.

    In their Brave New Society, they are the Alphas and those who point out the flaws in their schemes are Deltas. Because they can achieve little that is worthwhile themselves, they need to hamper and hinder those who do what they cannot. They are desperate to enforce universal mediocrity. Think of the standard-issue elite wannabe like this.

    He is the kid on the playground who spread his arms wide with his palms facing backward struggling to hold back the kids who could run faster than him. These are the Barack Obamas of the world.

  8. Jim, found another piece of the puzzle on how they are implementing Agenda 21. This one is truly scary Jim. And this person caught it but how many of us have had this done and we don’t even know about it. We don’t have a loan and don’t know if our land has been reclassified, but it is already on a flood plain. How many people are losing their land like so many during the floods this summer, due to the government buying it up when they have deliberately made sure that the land will be flooded. The reports out of the upper midwest this spring and summer about the Corp of Engineers changing how they opened and mangaged floodgates triggering a bigger than needed flood should cause every American to stop and consider what could happen.

    Okla. Water Resources Board/FEMA Flood Map Follies (via AxXiom for Liberty)

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