Double Dumb Is Leading To Double Dip

The markets, although a tad late in my opinion, are signaling that they have no faith that Europe or the United States are going to be able to get their economies growing again  any time soon. The bad news doesn’t let up. Here are just a couple of headlines to demonstrate my point:

Stock futures signal another day of losses.

Report: Bank of America cutting at least 3,500 jobs

Does anyone doubt that the markets are right not to have any faith in our leaders to get the economy going again? Have you seen any evidence coming from either the White House or Congress that these people have any clue as to how to get the economy growing and produce JOBS?  I haven’t! All I see is a serious case of Dumb and Dumber with Dumb being the Congress  Dumber being the man who occupies the White House. Let’s take a look at each starting with Dumber.


Referring to Mr. President as Dumber is being kind. The man is a liar. The man is deceitful. Some might even say the man is treasonous. President Obama consistently says one thing while he is, at the same time, doing the opposite.

Heres another example of making my case for referring to our President as Dumber. Just a few weeks ago our President submitted a budget to Congress that was a joke. He knew it was a joke. Not even one Democrat voted for his proposal. Now why would the leader of the nation with a very serious economic crisis hanging over its head submit a budget that was a joke. Nobody was laughing.

And here is another example of Dumber’s administration in action. You know what the broken glass theory of economics is, don’t you? Well checkout this story: Obama Agriculture Secretary: Food Stamps Create Jobs . How much dumber can it get?

Obama talks a lot about the need for jobs. Well, he’s right. If you want to get this economy going and reduce unemployment, jobs is the place to start. Remember all those shovel ready jobs that Obama spent billions os stimulus dollars to create? Right! And then he had the gall to laugh it off. And, while his spending was doing nothing to create jobs, his regulatory agencies were busy doing what? They were busy killing  jobs: oil and gas drilling jobs, fossil fuel fired power plant jobs, coal mining jobs and even incandescent light bulb manufacturing jobs.

Now, Dumber, just wrapped-up a bus tour through some of the mid-West states. He announced that he is planning to announce a “jobs plan” in September. I can’t wait to see this plan. But, once more our President is demonstrating that he is in favor of jobs, right? Wrong! While he says one thing, he is busy doing the opposite. Checkout these two stories from a couple of days ago: first, New Flower Species Protections Pit Energy Industry Against Conservationist in Colorado and then read  Energy in America: Keystone XL’s  Oil Sands Pipeline Up in the Air. While reading these two articles, keep in mind the most truly shovel ready jobs in America are in the oil and gas industry.

Okay, let’s move on to Dumb, the Congress, and see what they have been up to.


In the last couple of months, while our nation continued to suffer what could be arguably described as the worst recession in its history, our Congress put on what I can only describe as a circus and a not so funny circus at that. Faced with raising the debt ceiling once again and the crushing effects of our enormous deficits and debt, the Democrats could not even produce a single plan worth  mentioning. Now that is Dumb!  The Republicans, at least, did produce a couple of plans but neither the President of the Democrat controlled Senate would give them the time of day. That was Dumb! But let’s not give the Republicans too much credit.

The Republicans produced and the House passed a bill called Cut, Cap and Balance, which Harry Reid wouldn’t even allow to come to the floor for debate. But just for kicks and giggles, let’s assume the Cut, Cap and Balance bill had been passed by Congress and signed by the President. Would it have been the panacea that we conservative and especially the Tea Party conservatives were projecting it to be?  Sure, it would have been a step in the right direction. It might even have satisfied Wall Street for a while longer. However,  I’m not sure it would have done much to get the economy growing and producing jobs again. Austerity measures are an absolute must when looking at our debt and our continuing deficit spending.  But, one only has to observe what has happened in Europe to know that when austerity programs are not coupled with plans that allow for job growth and investment, there will be serious problems of civil unrest.

My point here is that because of partisan politics, our Congress could not put the nation first and produce a plan that both cut spending and allowed for job growth and investment and force the President to go along. What could a non-partisan Congress have done, you ask? GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY AND LET THE NOT SO “FREE” FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM DO WHAT ONLY IT CAN DO!

So, I think I have made my case for referring to the President as Dumber and the Congress as Dumb. And, as the title of this post saya, Double Dumb will lead us to a double dip recession or something much worse. Atlas is saying enough is enough!

Before I sign off, just a little aside if I may. I read an article the other day, I sorry  can’t recall where, that postulated why the Democrats are in the mess that they ( and the country) are in. I think the author made it an astute observation. Paraphrasing, the author said the Democrats, after the 2008 elections, looked at their landslide victory on Obama’s coat tails and they looked at the economy in the toilette and made an assumption. The economy will recover on its own. historically the economy always had recovered. So they tought we can go ahead with all of our costly plans and no one will blame  us be cause the economy will recover anyway and Obama will get the credit. I think that makes a lot of sense. If I had been Democrat in Congress at that time, I might have made the same assumption. Just goes to show that one should be careful about assuming too much.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

32 thoughts on “Double Dumb Is Leading To Double Dip

  1. The House should stick with “Not one more penny” to run the Government until he stops his edicts, and regulations. Period. Let us fall on principal. What better way?

    1. I agree. If we are going to go down anyway, lets go down swinging! The sad thing, however, is that both sides think that once the economy crashes and burns, it will be they who get to rebuild American in their preferred image.

      1. At least we would have a fighting chance. This way, nothing, it will go their way anyway the rate we are at it. No more deportation of illegals. Defies congress, He should be impeached.

  2. We agree at Robbing America. We made a graphical representation off what you are saying and called it “3 Steps to Disaster”.

    However, we are more optimistic because we see the light at the end of the tunnel – without disregarding the dire possibility that this light could be another train coming in the form of an Obama re-election.

    We don’t think so. We are on the threshold of the point of “no return”. With “moochers” hovering the area of 48-49% of the population, it would make it impossible to recover the country once they pass the 50% threshold, which they will reach by 2016 if Obama gets re-elected. So it is 2012 or never.

    This is the reason that we are willing to eat some “principle” in order to hold the line and win in 2012. Unfortunately, this is not a view held by some of the most passionate bloggers.

    We still think that 2012 will be ours.

    1. Good on ya, mate! I like what you all did with your “3 Steps to Disaster”.
      I don’t disagree that 2012 will be ours. I do worry that outside events and Obama can do a lot of damage between now and then.

  3. There is a lot more to national macroeconomics than just government policy.

    Governments all over the world, including the U. S., have been screwing things up for a long time. The main problem now is that the accumulated debt from all the screw ups has caught up to us.

    The scary part is that the rest of the world is betting on the United States remaining less screwed up than they are. That is why U.S. treasury securities appear stronger in recent weeks than they really are.

    The U.S. is the money standard and really the only place left to put money to survive the near term.

    When countries find another place to go they will dump U.S. treasuries like a hot potato and we will be in serious, serious trouble economically.

    Imho, if countries can’t find another place to maintain wealth and/or invest before the U.S. totally collapses then a world wide contraction (depression) is inevitable.

  4. Dumb & Dumber? Maybe not. From American Thinker: Obama’s Parallel Universe (

    It’s all finally starting to sense, we’re not all crazy. Our President obviously comes from a parallel universe and somehow worked his way to us through one of those wormholes we hear about in sci-fi flicks…

    …Their world: stimulus spending grows the economy. Our world: stimulus spending grows the government and the debt. Their world: food stamps and unemployment benefits create jobs. Our world: food stamps and unemployment benefits destroy jobs and create dependency. Their world: We created 2 million jobs. Our world: They destroyed 2 million jobs. Their world: Terrorist = opposition to unrestricted government growth. Our world: Patriot = opposition to unrestricted government growth.

  5. Can’t remember where you read it? Geez… thanks for the hat tip! (sheesh). Anyway, I hope you read that little tidbit at where I linked to and commented upon a post I’d read at Power Line (of course, you could’ve just read it at Power Line, but then I would’ve not had a chance at a little self-promotion).

    The thing I notice in your Dumb and Dumber is that it’s Dumbocrats leading the dumb parade. I seriously believe that these people are economically illiterate and have no idea how jobs are created. And, they combine that with an ideology that insists that big government must have something to do with it.

    I’m also increasingly convinced that when Obama talks about the “middle class” his is referring exclusively to government workers. I think he thinks that government workers are the only people that make up the middle class. His great fear is that the middle class (government workers) will be laid off if the size of government is reduced, which is why he wants more spending and revenue. The only middle class workers he helps are the SEIU folks. Everyone else actually relies on a vibrant private sector. He builds the size of government (even the stimulus went something like 95% to government… supporting state governments or expanding federal government). The shovel ready jobs were shoveling useless paperwork in bloated bureaucracies.

    It’s not good, Jim. We must get rid of this guy and take the Senate from Harry Reid (who I wouldn’t let walk my dog, let alone manage an enterprise of any size). I’m reading Mark Steyn’s new book. Probably a mistake… I’ll already depressed even though Steyn makes me laugh.

  6. I think your aside has it spot on.

    Too bad economies don’t just automatically switch from the “Painful Recession” setting to the “Totally Rad 10% GDP growth” level all on their own. Funny how it takes business-friendly policies, low taxes and a minimal amount of stupid regulation to get an economy rolling.

    Funny how that’s just what Obama and the Donkey-Punchers studiously want to avoid.

  7. The longer this train stays in the tracks, the harder it is going to fall. I am not convinced that we can handle much more of this.

  8. These dumbsters have an unbridled belief in their own goodness and the goodness of government. Funny, but all of my interaction with government anywhere is that it is a necessary evil–that it, it may be necessary, but it certainly is evil. As far as the goodness of humanity … well, let’s just say that self-interest wins out every time. The best we can hope for is that government and politicians would simply get out of the way and leave people alone.

    1. My experience has been the same, John. The refrain about power and corruption is no where more validated than it iis with governments.It’s fun to fantasize about a world without governments but who would want to be the first to try it. Costa Rica did away with their military years ago and has been able to live in peace, so who knows, maybe someday….

  9. It seems almost certain that a double dip is on the way and the Congress and the president simply do not have to courage to do what is necessary to solve this problem. Of course the American people deserve some of the blame for putting these people in power in the first place.

    1. You know what, Steve? I’ve recently changed my view about “We the People” being to blame for this mess and having the “government we deserve”, at least partially. Now I look at it this way. About 25% of the electorate are true liberal/progressive believers and they have the government they want. Another 26% of the electorate has more often than not gone along with the liberal/progressives either because believed their lies or they didn’t think at all but just followed blindly. This 21% have the government they deserve. The rest of us, the other 49% don’t deserve the government we have but we suffer just the same. Within the 26$ group are what we call “swing voters” and my guess is that they make up about 5 or 6% of the electorate. based on issue of self interest, these “swing voters” sometimes vote with the Republicans and sometimes with the Democrats. These are the people, IMO, that we need to focus on and try to convince them that overall liberal/progressive policies work against their self interest. Of the 26% that have the government they deserve, only the “swing voters” have demonstrated any propensity to think. A simplistic view, I admit, but that is how I see things now any way.

  10. That aside at the end of the post is spot on, IMO.

    Well, now the Dems are going to have to face the horrendous consequences of their deeds.

    American optimism and the potential to recover in the face of big trouble are being challenged more now than at any other time in American history.

    1. If Atlas continues to shrug and we fall into a deeper recession or worse, there will be battle royal for the hearts and the minds of the electorate. The liberals will call upon all of their talent with words to make the case that the failure belongs to the capitalist free market system. They will blame the evil greedy rich for all the woes being suffered by the poor and the middle classes. We, who have never been all that good at marketing and selling our ideas, will have to raise to the occasion. This will be battle of winner take all.

  11. So obama is releasing his plan in september, so the comedy tour has been extended then, better late than never i suppose.

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