Who are the Enemies of Freedom? _ Who are the Defenders of Freedom? The Role of Ron Paul

What follows are the views of this old gringo living on the shore of what Castro and Chavez call the Sea of Happiness. I claim no special insight nor do I have any special information that others do not. If I tend to ramble a bit today, I hope you will forgive me. To borrow a phrase from nancy Pelosi, we’ll have to wait for the finished product to know what is in it.

Who are the Enemies of Freedom

The enemies of freedom are, in my opinion, the richest most powerful families in the world. You have all heard of groups like the Trilateral Commission, th Bilderbergs and, the Council on Foreign Relations. Now, whether you or I buy into the conspiracy theories about these groups or not, it is important to understand that these groups are very real. They are in deed run by the richest most powerful people on the planet. Many important people are invited to their meetings who are not even close to the inner circle of power. But, many of these people do seem to end up as presidents or prime ministers of the major Western nations.

Who are in the inner circle? Well, we hear names like the Rothschild family ,, the Rockefeller family, the Goldman Sachs people and others.  They are what I call the Financial & Political Elite (F&PE) .Who they are is not important for the purposes of todays discussion. What is important is know that there are a relatively small handful of people who control enormous wealth and power at the very head of these organizations.

What goes on in their secret meetings? Are they conspiring to take over the world? No, I don’t believe they want to take over the world because they already have control of the world, more or less. And, they have had this control for a very long time. So, what does go on in these secret meetings? I don’t know but you can bet they are not trying to figure out how to make life better the common Joe. Those at the top are using the lower rungs to help how them figure out how best to perpetuate their wealth and power into the future.

I don’t see them as having any particular political ideology. They have over the years supported dictators, communist regimes and even the United States. Their influence in these governments is only to manipulate wealth production in a way that increases their own wealth and power. They have supported empires big and small. When the wealth generation of a given empire begins to wane, they worry not a bit,  instead  they look to next growth empire and start the game all over again.

My view is that Marxism and socialism are only tools they use for their own ends. I think it is obvious that their lives would be greatly simplified if there was a one world order with one currency and one government. They will use organizations like the IMF and the UN to facilitate their long-term goal of a one world oligarchy.  Mean while they will be content with dealing with and manipulating  multiple oligarchies.

Again, in my opinion, I don’t think they care one way or the other about our individual freedoms. Oligarchies is how they can maximize their wealth and power and inherent in the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few is the lost of freedom of the masses.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture of who the enemy of freedom is.

Who are the Defenders of Freedom

This where it gets really scary. In all the world, the only defenders of freedom that I can see are the Conservatives and the Libertarians of these United States. We can look for no help from Europe or anywhere else, in my opinion. It is truly a David and Goliath situation.

So, do we Davids have a chance against F&PE Goliaths? Yes, I do think we have a chance, all be it a small chance. I believe that the F&PE Galiath does have an Achilles’ heel and our task is to exploit it. Much, if not all, of the power of the Financial Elite, the banksters, who are the senior partner of the F&PE, comes from the worlds use, since 1971, of fiat money.

Yesterday, I took Congressman Ron Paul to task for a vote he made in Congress recently.  Today I am telling you that Ron Paul is maybe the only one in Washington that understands where the power of the F&PE comes from. He is the lone wolf challenging the Fed and the only one promoting that our currency should be tied to gold or some combination of commodities.

Going back to real money would destroy the banksters and the F&PE. What I am saying, folks, is that conservatives better wake-up and start listening to what Dr. Ron Paul has to say about the federal Reserve and fiat money. The only way to defeat the F&PE (the banksters in particular) is to break their control over money. The Austrian economic policies preached by Ron Paul  are the only way to defend freedom. Stripping the Fed of its ability to create money out of thin air and returning to a system that uses real money will, also,  restrain our government from expanding through the power of unlimited credit.

We can win elections and try to reduce the size of government and put our economic house in order; but, if we don’t follow the lead of Ron Paul on the issues of the Fed and money, the banksters and the F&PE will eventually have their way with us and we will lose our freedoms for sure. At least that is how this old gringo on the shore of the Sea of Happiness sees things.

Well, that is what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


18 thoughts on “Who are the Enemies of Freedom? _ Who are the Defenders of Freedom? The Role of Ron Paul

  1. Pardon my unpardonable ignorance, but I have a question: Tying currency to gold (in particular) seems to me to mean that there can only be as much wealth as there is gold… or the value of money would have to rise as more wealth is created. Here’s what I mean: Someone mines iron, smelts it, sells raw material (at a profit–wealth created) to a bicycle manufacturer who transforms the steel into a bicycle and sells it to someone (at a profit–wealth created). Labor, technology, engineering, marketing have all combined to generate wealth from iron ore in the ground. But there’s no more gold now than there was when the process started. Conversely, if a rich vein of gold is discovered somewhere, suddenly there is much more gold than before… is that deflationary? I’m not asking to argue any point, I’m just wondering how the whole thing works. If the dollar is literally tied to something that is literally limited in quantity, how does that all work? (I’m too young to remember the gold standard and, as it hasn’t seemed like something likely to return, I haven’t really studied it, so I’m asking).

    Just intuitively, without knowing the intricacies of how a “gold standard” would work, it seems that tying currency to something that is actually limited in quantity takes away our free market argument that says that the problem with Dems is that they think the size of the pie is limited and has to be more evenly divided, but the reality is that you can GROW the pie. If money is tied to something that is actually limited, doesn’t that mean you have, in fact, limited the size of the pie?

    Again, I’m not arguing against it. I’m just trying to understand.

  2. Pat: Excellent questions, and much too in-depth to discuss completely here.

    Go to mises.org and search for gold standard or money and you will find some wonderful scholarly articles that address your questions.

    Conservatives: You hit the nail on the head!

  3. Excellent post again Jim
    “Again, in my opinion, I don’t think they care one way or the other about our individual freedoms”. And they do not care much about our life – the quantity and quality therof.

  4. Pat, I’d like to answer your questions.

    All of the gold in existence could be put in two Olympic sized swimming pools. It is that rare and it’s recapture rate is extremely high.

    Fiat currency in theory works. Lincoln’s greenback worked very well because Lincoln rejected central banking and the international bankers who “offered” to finance the civil war at 35%. The problem with all unbacked and fiat currencies is the QUANTITY. If you are able to manipulate the quantity- you can create great credit expansions and booms which then are followed by busts. The wealthy are able to strip the assets from the less thans during this bust cycle. The greatest transfer of wealth in this country has just occurred. They ripped off the taxpayers and enriched Wall St. They socialized losses.

    Historically, the only way men have ever been able to control the bankers and politicians greed (interest, credit expansion) and prevent that boom/bust cycle- have been done one of two ways. Eliminate central bankers (the Fed Reserve) or tie fiat currency to a hard asset, like gold. Currently if our currency were tied to gold, gold would have to be re- valued at about 6300.00 an oz.

    Our framers knew that if we ever turned over our sovereign right to print currency to bankers that we would lose everything we owned. That had been the history of every great Republic prior to us. The history of the Roman Empire. That will also mark our inevitable death. Here is one of the best videos ever produced. Part one of five, 7 minutes well spent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dmPchuXIXQ

    1. I watched the video. All five episodes. To say it was interesting is putting it very mildly.

      Which brings up two questions:

      1. Why the gold standard instead of just nationalizing the Fed? Remove the ability for the bankers to charge interest on the money they print by removing the Fed from being their system and making it a government function that they have to deal with instead of it being their function that they control? It seemed like they were pretty good at manipulation even when we were on the gold standard.

      2. Having watched it all the way to the end, I have to ask, what was the point of the end? It was like it was saying: Here’s this vast conspiracy infiltrating every segment of your life and eventually geared to completely take over… But, don’t worry, it’s all an illusion and we’re actually all very powerful because we’re one. Huh? Weirder still, the opponent (illusory though they may be) wants a one world government that controls us and everything, but not to worry because we’re all one. Huh?

      Perhaps I was confused by all the references to illusion (the part about “it looks like we’re on a ride, but it’s not reality, it’s just a ride) prior to the “we’re more powerful than we know” part, and what it was saying was a hopeful “we can resist… they don’t have to win.”

      1. Pat…I missed your reply.

        The trick to stopping boom and bust cycles- in fact the very heart of the entire problem is controlling the QUANTITY of currency. The gold standard worked. It extended the 1929 Depression because the government and bankers could not print their way out. They got their asses kickd in the deflationary 4 years because the were debtors. That’s how it’s supposed to work. In 1933 they outlawed the private possession of gold, got off the standard, and FDR printed and inflated his way out. In fact WWII probably got us out. It got Germany out.

        The FED was conceived (The Creature From Jekyll Island) by international bankers. They have been skimming the profits of our country and charging us interest since 1913. We have every right to eliminate the privately held FED, issue our own currency, and kick their asses out of here.

  5. Pat,

    I’ve got videos too! The Money Masters is the one that really helped me understand where we’re at. It’s by Bill Still and he takes the view of “nationalizing the Fed” in a manner of speaking as you say. (it’s kind of long, but it is very, very informative)


    For a more fun Simpsonsesque take on the Federal Reserve and sound money is The American Dream cartoon, the only cartoon to ever depict Andrew Jackson hacking up banksters with his sabre.:

    Jim, thanks for a great post telling it like it is. It’s time we turn off the talking heads and start using our own. People need to stop assuming that these elites are patriotic and love America because they most clearly do not.

  6. I love to share what I’ve learned just this past year. It makes my 12 yo rotfl. She’s already read the Uncle Eric books, so she knows all about fractional reserve banking.

    The Uncle Eric books include Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, The Money Mystery, Whatever Happened to Justice. Also good for those who are confused on where Ron Paul’s foreign policy comes from are World War One, World War Two, and the Thousand Year War. My daughter couldn’t read those very long with running up to me with something she had learned about how we entered those wars. It was not like the TimeLife books say, just sayin’

    I myself am kind of in a hurry to get through the Bolshevik Revolution over at my place so I can tackle Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. I suspect it will knock my socks off. I just can’t quit, you know? The more people who embark on this journey will go a long way to helping unmask these elites.

  7. There is much that I like about Ron Paul–his ibertarianism and his money policies–but when he says it is okay for Iran to get nukes I get scared. If I decide that none of the Republican candidates are up to par I will throw my vote to Ron Paul.

  8. With wealth and riches come influence, no doubt about it. For me the defenders of freedom are those who seek small government. Those who seek to help are not, mind you their intentions a not always malicious.

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