Guest Saturday with Frankenstein Government

The following article was originally published by Brian at Frankenstein Government on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.


Thriving in the Matrix


Today,  the Richmond Fed dropped precipitously and home sales edged lower again. Nobody wants to buy forever declining homes with values that can’t find a floor. I tried that earlier this year and I am not sure I timed it properly. Buying a house, lot and all, for 42 bucks a sqf. seemed like a good idea.

So with only two tidbits of business news, both of which were pretty terrible, the market is rallying over 200 points. Seems now the given excuse for today’s big move is that fewer banks (small ones) are failing.

I’m not sure that is true. But at some point you would imagine, 4 years into this mess, the number of bad banks would start to dry up a bit. So fewer banks are cratering- just what will that magical elixir do for a worldwide mess? Nada. Pissing in the ocean. Completely irrelevant.

The only way to keep it real, and keep your mind about you at this point- is to simply ignore mainstream media news and Wall Street. They are largely irrelevant. Marginalized beyond any sense of credibility. Very powerful forces are in a tug of war with the truth…desperately trying to convince the masses that everything will be ok.

Many people are starting to wake up. The matrix is no longer some fantasy. It is real. It is an alternative reality cooked up by a bunch of like minded people that all reap power and financial benefits if the greater public is deceived. The villains in our matrix are bankers, crony capitalists, politicians, and their state owned media outfits. Some people call them The Powers That Be or TPTB.

All that is required of you to survive in this new paradigm- this matrix- is that you are aware of these forces. They are not your friends. They exist to deceive and steal from you. And the tricky part about them- like the devil- is that they have to convince you that they do not exist. That conspiracies don’t exist. That things will continue and get better as they always have. That you are insane to believe any thing to the contrary because TPTB are the only credible folks. To believe anything other than what we tell you will make you a nutter. An outsider.

In reality- the opposite is true.

All you have to do is take action. Become aware. Take your money out of a big bank, put it in a credit union. Pay off all debt. Buy some gold and silver. Do precisely the opposite of what TPTB want you to do and you will thrive. Trust me. It the greatest contrarian indicator ever conceived. It works. By becoming aware of the matrix and the false reality that TPTB are trying to create- you become aware. You will begin to recognize the enemy and you will thrive.


12 thoughts on “Guest Saturday with Frankenstein Government

    1. Jim uses WordPress. I’ve had no problems with WordPress. Jim has WordPress hosting, while I use the WordPress platform but it’s hosted at Go Daddy.

  1. I loved the Matrix (at least the first one). It worked on so many levels.

    My favorite Reality doesn’t meet what is presented is the Democrats being there for minorities, the poor, and the middle class. I can think of no way to do more damage to people than the damage the Democrat party does to precisely those groups it claims to champion. From destruction of the black family via welfare, to the increased costs of everything as a result of Democrat energy policy, regulations, and taxes.

  2. In the Seinfeld episode, The Opposite, Jerry says to George: “If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.” A wise man, that Jerry…

    1. We’d be in pretty decent shape now had we done the exact opposite of everything the Obamunists have done. After all, most ‘shovel-ready’ jobs consist of lowering some poor unfortunate six feet into the ground…

  3. This reminds me of an interview I’ve seen of Catherine Ausitn Fitts where she talks about The Tapeworm Economy. When you get a tapeworm, it will make you crave what it wants to eat. Similarly, the banksters or TPTB, have convinced Americans to go into debt just to get a good credit score from them, ergo, all the money is flowing to New York City and not in America as it should. I could list a zillion examples of how the ills in our country benefit TPTB.

    Brian is right, knowledge is the first step. With everyone’s eyeballs, both on the left and right on these people, their spell will be broken.

  4. Timely advice, for too long we have just spent and spent beyond our means, believing the lies that all wil be alright. Well it won’t and we’d better wake up it.

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