The Primay Campaigns Are Getting Interesting

The candidates are beginning to speak out on a number of issues and that is what is needed for thinking people to decide who they will back in the primaries. Not all the candidates get the same amount of media attention. Some of that is due the candidate’s standing in the polls and part is due to bias and  a desire by the media to decide who will be the Republican nominee.

Bachmann and Perry are getting most of the attention from the media with a few crumbs left for Ron Paul and Herman Cain. As for the rest of the field _ who is the rest of the field? I forget. At any rate, today I want to share some of the things I picked-up on in the news and, of course, there will be a little editorializing by yours truly. So, in no particular order, here is what caught my eye.

Herman Cain:

Other than the announcement  the other day, which I reported on, of Cain’s 9-9-9  tax reform plan, i could find very little else in the news about him. When I Googled “Herman Cain in the news”, most of the articles dated back to May of this year.

Cain’s tax reform plan, of 9% individual income tax, 9% corporate tax and, 9% Federal  Sales Tax, is something I welcome, in that it is a  proposed specific solution to a very real problem. Whether it is the right solution or not, it is, at least a place to start debating real solutions. It is not enough just to rail against Big Government and Big Spending saying your for cutting spending and shrinking the size of government. We need to hear from our candidates what they would specifically propose doing if they were President.

It appears that Cain is not doing well in fund-raising and building a campaign organization. I expect that unless he makes a very strong showing in Iowa or New Hampshire that he will have drop out of the race. Personally, I hope he can stay in the race because I think he helps to frame the issues.

Michele Bachman:

Ms. Bachmann has been in the news this past weekend. Via Yahoo News the Associated Press (AP) tells us that Bachmann, while talking to crowd at a sandwich shop in Jacksonville, Fl. about he need o reduce corporate taxes, she was asked  whether she thought changes to the minimum wage would be in order. here is her response.

“I’m not married to anything. I’m not saying that’s where I’m going to go,” she said.

A pretty non-committal statement. I suspect she was being careful about commenting on a specific issue that she had not yet considered. In which case, it was a smart move on her part. She did go on to say:

“I want to bring advisers in from labor and from manufacturers and from the service industry and financial services. I want to know what they know, because that’s what we’ve been missing from President Obama. He has virtually no one in his Cabinet with private sector experience,” Bachmann said. “I want to bring people who know how to create jobs into my administration.”

Imagine that. Getting ideas from people in the know. Another smart answer I would say.

The AP also reported here on her comments while in Poinciana, Fl.  Let me share a few snips:

“The United States is the number one country in the world for energy resources,” the Minnesota congresswoman told a central Florida town hall meeting, arguing that in shale deposits alone the U.S. easily outstrips the total oil supply of Saudi Arabia. “That doesn’t even include … all the oil in Alaska.”


“The radical environmentalists have demanded that we lock up all our energy resources,” she added. “President Bachmann will take that key out of the door. I will unlock it.”

The crowd at the upscale retirement community cheered wildly.

And Bachmann got a similar reception when she promised to eliminate the “job killing” Environmental Protection Agency, saying that she would close the agency down in a single trip. “We will turn out the lights and we’ll lock the doors,” she said.

Maybe a bit of rhetoric there about shutting down the EPA; but, at least she has let us know that she understands the energy issue in the US and the negative role played by Obama and the EPA. I’m sure this comment will receive the rath of the liberals in Washington and the liberal media. I can see the headlines now: “Bachmann Willing to let Greedy Corporations Poison Our Air and Water”. Oh well, that’s politics in America _ unfortunately.

Ron Paul

Again, it was hard to find much in the news about Ron Paul other than that he is holding his own in the polls. I suppose that it shouldn’t be surprising that Paul rarely makes the news these days, because he  rarely says anything new. I don’t say that in derogatory way. The fact is that Ron Paul’s message has been pretty much unchanged for the last thirty years: “take control of the Federal Reserve and get out of the war business.”

I did, however, find one news item about Ron Paul. It seems that Paul is not a fan of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). MSNBC carried this story of a comment he made in Gilford, N.H. in reference to FEMA response to hurricane Irene:

“There’s no magic about FEMA. They’re a great contribution to deficit financing and quite frankly they don’t have a penny in the bank. We should be coordinated but coordinated voluntarily with the states,” Paul told NBC News. “A state can decide. We don’t need somebody in Washington.”

Another Ron Paul gaff? Maybe or maybe not. I too am not a big fan of FEMA. Although I might be convinced that there is a need for some organization to coordinate response to major emergencies, I do not like the fact that FEMA has been militarized.  Besides coordinating relief aid such as food, water, shelter and medical aid, they are also charged with controlling any civil unrest. They have become another national police force with virtually unlimited power. I would prefer they stick to coordinating relief and leave any police actions to the local police or at the discretion of state governors, the state’s National Guard.

I also came across a new Ron Paul campaign ad, which you can watch here. The message of the ad is not bad. However, I think his campaign people made a serious error with the title they choose: The One. The message being that Ron Paul is the one to make the necessary changes required in our federal government. But, we all know that “The One” is one of the derogatory names we use when referring to Barack Obama.

Rick Perry

Without a doubt, Rick Perry is grabbing a lot of media attention since he threw his Stetson into the ring. Polls now show Perry to be the front-runner, at least for now. The first couple of primaries will tell if he can hold that position. Associated Press via Yahoo news carried this story on Perry in Des Moines, Iowa where Perry continued to hammer way on jobs:

“You have lost 12,000 jobs since the current resident of the White House took office,” said Perry. He said that is precisely the opposite of his own record in office.

“Since I’ve become governor, Texas has created more than 1 million jobs, while the rest of the country has lost 2.5 million jobs,” said Perry.

Probably the biggest news about Perry has to do with a “timely” letter he wrote to  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano asking that DHS reimburse Texas   $350 million to cover the costs he says Texas has incurred incarcerating illegal immigrants in state prisons and county jails. You can read the story here.

Mitt Romney

Surprisingly, I could find very little in current news reports on Mitt Romney. It seems that Rick Perry is the flavor of the day for now, anyway.  I did find one story that I thought was out of line where the Washington Post ran this headline: Mormon Mitt Romney not ‘Christian,’ says Fox News. You can read the story here and here.

Tea Party Express Tour

Bus tours are the in-thing this year. Sarah Palin’s bus tour has been very successful for her in getting her message out. Obama tried the same thing with less than stunning results. Now the Tea Party Express is organizing a nation wide bus tour with planned stops in twenty-nine cities. I think this will be very good for the conservative movement. You can read about it here.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

48 thoughts on “The Primay Campaigns Are Getting Interesting

  1. The fact that Herman Cain used to be chairman of the Kansas City Fed makes me highly suspicious of him – but I’ve written my peace on him.

    Michele Bachman wants to shut down the EPA, huh, well get in line lady – I swear these people are just doing their best Ron Paul impersonation without ticking off the big money people. I love the line I saw her say where she was in the IRS to “know the enemy” man is that going to make a swell attack ad.

    Being against FEMA is not a gaffe, as Paul lives in a coastal district, he is well aware of the wastefulness of FEMA and how most people who come in contact with it despise it. Paul was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace yesterday with a great interview. He even mentioned restrictions on troops’ terms of engagement. He also makes a good point on Al Qaeda in Libya. Isn’t Al Qaeda who we’re supposed to be against?

    Rick looks like he’s trying to cover his bases, first with Gardisil mishap and now trying to act like he’s tough on immigration. Pay no attention to the fact he gave instate tuition to Mexican citizens, something my American kids can’t get. Where was Perry when virtually every legislator in Texas was trying to get the TSA out of their airports? Oh that’s right, he was busy stabbing them in the back.

    Mitt who? The Massachusetts yankee who wants socialized medicine? I don’t think so, his moment has passed.

    You do know that the Tea Party Express is an Establishment operation right? The Board members of the PAC that funds it are:Richard Carlson, Tucker’s daddy, Howard Kaloogan,
    E. Floyd Kvamme, Norman Blake Jr., and Sal Russo. You’ll find these people on the boards/officers of General Electric, Apple, and once upon a time, Enron. You’ll find them supporting all the RINOs of elections past. Just sayin’ –The More You Know***

    1. From what I’ve been able to find, the Tea Party Express PAC funds have been used to try to defeat RINOS and liberals. I don’t think we can paint everyone that had ties to the Republican Party prior to the Tea party movement as necessarily “Establishment”. But, I will do more investigating.

  2. It’s an interesting mix. Romney is the most polished politician of the crowd, but he the worse choice, imho.

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain are saying the right things and have the records to back it up, but they lack the political skills and have a knack for not saying things the right way.

    I read that Iowans have told Bachman to drop the rock star crap and climb down off of her pedestal and mingle with the commoners like the rest of the candidates.

    I think it is Rick Perry’s to lose, but I still want to see how he plays with the vaunted independents.

  3. None of these guys really do a great deal for me, yet. I hope there will be another couple guys jump in the race before it’s all said and done.

    1. You would think with all the bright and talented and capable conservatives out there that we could find a better candidate. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate I know. One of the problems with our system is the enormous amounts of money and organization that are required to operate an effective campaign. For those that don’t have a well established organization that can cover all the states, it is virtually an impossible task.

  4. I am still waiting for someone to saddle up on a white horse and ride into town. The whole bunch so far makes me nervous, real nervous.

  5. At the moment, I believe that Rick Perry will be on the GOP ticket — likely, in the top slot. I also think that he’s the most electable in the present field.

    When it comes to the Republican Party’s decision as to the candidate for POTUS, we just remember that it is very likely that Obama will garner nearly 40% of the popular vote. The Dems will unite — the other voters, not so much.

    1. there are things about Perry that just don’t seem to add-up. But, I agree that right now it looks like it is Perry’s nomination and election to lose. We had better make sure we elect a lot more conservative Congressmen and Senators to keep the new President on the straight and narrow.

      1. During an election cycle for President, too many people “forget about” Congress.

        One reason that Obama has done so much damage, particularly from January 2009 till January 2011: he had a cooperative Dem Congress.

  6. The Big Republicans are going to back either Romney or Perry, I’m sure. Their pick is enough to make me NOT want to vote for either. I don’t know where the white knight is either. I like a lot of what Bachman says–but can she win?

  7. Just as an aside on bus tours… I read yesterday that Obama’s bus tour (on the million dollar Canadian buses) was NOT really a bus tour. Obama flew from city to city, was picked up at the airport by the bus, then driven to the campaign stop on the bus, returned to the airport and flown to the next stop. The buses were hopped by plane one stop ahead of him (there were two buses).

    So it was all optics. Somehow rolling into town on a bus seemed more personal (or something) than rolling in in the usual motorcade. We paid for it… despite the fact that it was clearly campaigning.

    Regarding the candidates… I’m a little depressed about it. My guy was Pawlenty, then I was hoping for Paul Ryan. I’m the kiss of death, I guess. I should probably get behind Romney just to be sure he drops out within the next month or so.

    In the absence of “the White Knight”, I’m hoping that Perry can manage to espouse a strong conservative message, explain why Obama and the Dems are wrong, and not put his foot into his mouth in a way that is completely destructive.

    Obama is ripe for the pickin’. Running on his record for the first time in his life, he has a horrible record to defend. It might also be useful to point out all of the things he’s done that are destructive that don’t take effect until AFTER the election. Obamacare isn’t fully up to (ramming) speed until after the election. Bush tax rates don’t expire until after the election. Now we will reach the debt ceiling again just about the same time. I wish I could remember the name of the economist who said, “Obama has a recession planned for 2013.”

    If we can’t find a candidate to beat Obama… shame on us. Frankly, I have a Golden Retriever who would make a better president than Obama.

    1. That is interesting about Obama and his “bus” tour. I hadn’t heard that story.
      If the economy continues in the second halt of the like the first half, then the revenues that were used in the debt ceiling resolution will be way less than the CBO estimated and the debt ceiling may be reached before the elections. Obommer will be done for sure in that case, I would guess.

    2. NOT really a bus tour. Obama flew from city to city, was picked up at the airport by the bus, then driven to the campaign stop on the bus, returned to the airport and flown to the next stop. The buses were hopped by plane one stop ahead of him

      Got a link for that? If we can substantiate the story, the blogosphere could go viral with the story!

    1. You and republican Mother have been ganging-up on me. 🙂
      You are right about Gary Johnson. I’m at a lose as to whether it’s the lack of media attention that kills a campaign or a lack of a campaign that kills media attention. Although Pawlenty made an initial splash in Iowa when he said ethanol subsidies would have to go. But the attention didn’t last.

  8. This is some interesting reading while I am sitting in the hospital with our daughter. I think it’s relevant that you mention the amount of media coverage each candidate is receiving. To be sure, they are not being treated fairly.

    Unless something happens to change my mind, I will be voting for Rick Perry or Ron Paul.

    1. Larry, I¡m hoping there is nothing to serious wrong with your daughter. I’m sending my prayers.

      Why is it , do you think, that more conservatives do not invest in and own media outlets? It seems so one sided because there is little competition from our side.

  9. Perry: Might do.
    Cain: Is losing steam. The Fed issue is a big one.
    Bachmann: Remember that she is a lawyer, and lawyers will say anything to win.
    Romney: RINO supreme! A complete non-starter.
    Paul: I have to admit, I like the guy. He hasn’t changed the message, and I think that is a strength.

    That’s my take.

  10. I think the reason you aren’t able to find much about the Republican candidates is because the media is in the bag for Obama and they will ignore the Republicans unless they slip up. It will be up to us to check out these candidates to decide who we will vote for.
    I have to admit that right now I am either going to vote for Perry or Paul, the others simply do not do it for me. There are questions about Perry that I am worried about, but Paul’s isolationism also has me worried. This is simply a weak field in my opinion.

  11. I’m pretty comfortable with Perry, but I want to see more of him.
    DH tells me that Giuliani polled 9%, and he didn’t even say that he’ll run. I have to say I’m most disappointed with the way he ran his 08 campaign.

  12. O.K. Chiming in for Bachmann here. I am finding some red flag with most of the others that I cannot ignore. However, I do not see red flags with Bachmann…she has taken the right stand on every issue, from my point of view. Can she win? Yes. Not because I think O is so weak, but because she has conviction and principles that most Americans support. Perry is sucking all of the oxygen out of the room at the moment, but he has some seriously worrisome baggage and credibility is a factor. Romney is too swayed by corporatism and that Romneycare issue kills him for sure. Paul and Cain are great libertarians..but the country is not libertarian enough to elect them. Huntsman and Gingrich might as well go home. Too bad that Gingrich can’t get any traction….but he has too much baggage I guess. He does have the statesmanlike manner and knowledge that the others don’t have. He just isn’t popular enough for whatever reason. Huntsman…OMGosh….get that guy outta here! Guiliani is socially liberal and will not shut down the social attacks on the country…no spine. I hope he doesn’t jump in.
    And no one here mentioned Palin…oh well. I bet she can ride a horse really well!
    Just saying..
    So that takes me back to Bachmann.

  13. Unfortunately, I could list ways all those candidates could lose to Obama. Cain sounds good, but I don’t think he’s up to par on the kinds of issues a president would have to deal with. I recall an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, where Wallace had to explain Israel’s 1967 borders to him. Bachmann? She’s already being labeled as kind of nutty, a religious zealot who takes orders from her husband. And the debilitating migraine thing. Ron Paul? He could probably commiserate with Bachmann over how they’re portrayed by the media. Rick Perry? I think Bunkerville has exposed him for what he is. And other than Romneycare (which is devastating), he seems to be the one with the least baggage. Not the best candidate, but-I don’t know, the most marketable? Not the makings of a great president in any event.

  14. I got two words. Gary. Johnson. Find something wrong with him, I dare ya.

    Palin is dead money. Like her for one reason only. She would absolutely polarize this country into two camps slinging shit at each other. That has great entertainment value in my mind. I cannot think of two people more detested by each side than those two. Truly.

  15. Bachmann’s response to the minimum wage is good politics, she probably knows that the minimum wage crap is a job killer, but such is the hysteria around this sort of issue that if she dared to speak her mind, she’d be instantly smeared as hating low-wage workers with every fibre of her wicked being.

    “Sarah Palin’s bus tour has been very successful for her in getting her message out. Obama tried the same thing with less than stunning results.”

    Not surprisingly, obama will be painted as the people’s man, while Palin will be smeared as some sort of racist wingnut.

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