Government Wastes None of Their Time Eliminating Government Waste

If there is anything our Federal government knows how to do it is how to waste money. It has become an art form that I’m sure they must take pride in because sure don’t demonstrate any sense of shame that I have been able to detect.

The nice thing about this subject is that I won’t have to waste much of my not so valuable time telling you about this travesty.

Remember the report last July produced by Senator Tom Coburn and his staff to reduce government spending $9 trillion over ten years? It included a couple hundred billion dollars of pure waste. No, nobody remembers that 672 page report. Apparently the investigation by the good Senator turned into another waste of the government’s resources.

One of Senator Coburn’s pet peeves is the money wasted by the National Science Foundation. NSF spends money on important stuff like robots that fold cloths, studying shrimp on a treadmill and whether Facebook helps build personal relationships. From this same source we learn that wasting money efficiently requires a lot of staff apparently because the NSF feels the need to move to a new headquarter that will cost taxpayers an additional $7 million per year to rent.

From this ABC News article, we learn that Sen. Coburn believes real reform is possible. But he needs some help.

“Send me some Senators who have some gonads,”

Yeah well, good luck with  that, Senator.

I came across an interesting blog site the other day called  BoycottLiberalism.con. Here is just a few of things you can find at their “government waste” page.

The U.S. government is spending $2.6 million to make sure
prostitutes in China consume less alcohol while working. As part of the five-year study that the National Institutes of Health bankrolled, researchers are visiting more than 100 houses of prostitution to monitor their employees, designated as FSWs, or female sex workers.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding a study on the
use of ecstasy, LSD and other “party drugs” in Porto Alegre, Brazil. To do this,
U.S. taxpayers will invest $117,876 for the three-year study, conducted
by researchers from the University of Delaware, who will work in collaboration
with researchers from Brazil’s Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

A recent audit revealed that between 1997 and 2003, the Defense Department
purchased and then left unused approximately 270,000 commercial airline tickets
at a total cost of $100 million.

There is  a lot more mind-boggling examples of how our tax dollars are being flushed down the toilet. Check it out.

Even the most ardent supporter of our military, like me, know that there is big time money wasted and corruption within the military-industrial complex. You really need to read this recent AP article on the subject.  We all know the cuts to the military budget are coming. What do you want to bet that our geniuses ended up cutting away the meat and leaving the fat? I’m just saying…

And now, dear readers, as I often do, I have saved the best for last. A big hat tip to Brian at Frankenstein Government for recent post on what you are about to see. I would like for you to click on this link now and all I want you to do is scroll  and scroll and scroll down the list of how nearly $2 trillion of your dollars are spent. And, as you are scrolling keep in mind tha this list is for the year 2005.  I don’t even want to think about how much more it is today.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?



16 thoughts on “Government Wastes None of Their Time Eliminating Government Waste

  1. It’s wasteful to us because that was our hard-earned money. However, to the central planners who came up with so many of the federal programs you cite, it’s all going according to plan. The money is shifted from the hated middle class to the government and then to whom? That’s what we need to ask. Remember that the real Marxists are monopoly capitalists, and they’ve been running the same con for 100 years now. Remember how much Karl Marx hated the prolateriat (middle class), so do monopoly capitalists as that is where their competition comes from. Remember John D. Rockefeller said that “competition is a sin”. See where their philosophies mesh? You get all the money from the industrial revolution and combine it with an evil, atheist, control-freak philosophy and you’ve got Mystery Babylon friends.

    One book that helped me understand how money is spent in the defense sector was Blackwater. It was written by a liberal, but it was very well cited and I realized after reading it how truly naive I was about how the military really operates and who is running it. A book qualifies as “good” in my view if it causes one to rethink positions.

    I can see it now, “we’ll say we’re putting shrimp on treadmills to see if they get more muscular and tasty” and no one will question it -bwahahaha! Cha-ching. “no, man, they’ll never by that – let’s just move the money into something more believable like mapping the whale migration patterns in the new global climate change paradigm”. “But I want to see if they’ll go for the shrimp thing!” – “Oh, ok”

  2. $2 million for Extramural Loan Repayment for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds Conducting Clinical Research???? (how far down can you drill–does this affect like, what—5 indiviuals?
    $1 million for the conservation of Asian Elephants??? Hmm. I don’t recall elephants as being part of our natural wildife in America. Are we saving circus & zoo animals or are we sending funds to Asia?
    That list makes me want to throw up. If we could just get 535 people with common sense in congress, we could get out of debt and balance the budget in no time.

  3. Read “National Suicide: How Washington is Destroying the American Dream from A to Z” by Martin L. Gross. He goes into not only the waste, but the multiple programs wasting money on the same things with no coordination between them.

    If America was a company, a good CEO would immediately appoint a new department whose with two functions: 1) Eliminate wasteful, unnecessary, and duplicated spending. 2) Eliminate costly regulation, and unnecessary regulatory bureaucracy. At a date certain, this department would be disbanded, so as not to become yet another bureaucracy.

  4. That list is simply amazing and it blows my mind that the government is unwilling to cut all funding to these programs. When the government talks about cutting spending all they are really talking about is cutting budget increases to these programs when they should be talking about getting rid of these programs. Until we get serious about this problem we will never solve it.

  5. Just wait–Obama’s jobs program will no doubt involve importing Chinese hookers and putting them on treadmills while eating shrimp and taking Brazilian ecstasy. At least, it will make about as much sense, and cost even more money.

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