Guest Saturday with My Tea Party Chronicle

The following essay was originally published by Cheryl at My Tea Party Chronicle on Friday, August 26, 2011.



Lately it seems, candidates Perry, Romney, and others are slugging it out over who is a “Man-made Global Warming” believer or not.   Politico Reports  And I’m glad to see it.  I hope they have a huge verbal contest for months over who believes the lies the least.  America will be so much the better off for that.  If they kill the myth of AGW once and for all, we should all shout hallelujah and grab the nearest bottle of champagne.

AGW is already dead…it is the myth that lives.  A really great report to read on this is here: 1000 International Scientists Dissent AGW

One of them is quoted below:
“Any reasonable scientific analysis must conclude the basic theory wrong!!”— NASA Scientist Dr. Leonard Weinstein who worked 35 years at the NASA  Langley Research Center and finished his career there as a Senior  Research Scientist. Weinstein is presently a Senior Research Fellow at  the National Institute of Aerospace.

The truth on this issue is finally out and AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is now known absolutely to be a scam and a fraud.  Yes, some socialist environmentalists are all in a state of denial, clinging to the lie like it is their life-blood. is their life-blood, so no wonder.  And that brings me to the larger problem.

While Al Gore and his UN cronies were busy indoctrinating the world, the U.S. government was busy implementing an entire system of “governance” based on the UN, IPCC, and Gore’s lies.  O.K. fine, but what does that have to do with you and your life today??

The U.S. government is a powerful money machine.  And when laws don’t do the dirty work that administrations want, then orders are given and the horizontal system known as federal agencies kick into gear with regulatory powers. Those agencies get busy handing out money for any states, counties, and cities who will do certain things.  This is known as the reward system, or also Behavior Modification, in psychiatric circles.   “Do what we want you to do and we will hand you money..or gold stars..or let you go to the dance.  If you don’t do what we want you to do, then Susie (or Jack) will get the money, the stars, and go to the dance.”

Now we know that the actions demanded by horizontal agencies are control issues and have nothing to do with AGW.  Their premise is blown. They truly can no longer use AGW as an excuse for their insane demands.  It’s a cloudy day for those environmentalists, non-profits, states, counties, cities, NGO’s, and corporate opportunists who have been raking in buckets of money and merrily zipping along modifying everyone’s behavior, making everyone poorer and life very uncomfortable for a lot of people. Billions of tax payer dollars have been spent on this lie already, with billions more proposed. Yet, the scam is up and most people know it… finally.

Trouble is, the agencies haven’t gotten the memo.  We know it, but they don’t seem to know it or accept the truth.  Not yet.  Why would they?  The truth doesn’t support their actions.  Non-profits are still profiting.  NGO’s are still using the AGW theory to make recommendations and authorizations. Corporations are still advertising their endorsements of “Sustainable Development” and donating money to non-profits in order to get tax deductions is return. The states, counties, and cities are still looking for the handouts, grants, and subsidies.  The comprehensive “Vision” plans for these states, counties, and cities have all been written to get the money, gold stars, and the ticket to the dance.  These “Vision” plans are ensconced into our entire government structure at this point.  And all of them are based on pure evil fiction.

There is no reason to spend gas taxes on “Walkable Cities,” greenways, bike lanes and trails, equestrian paths.  There is no reason to demand draconian regulations on buildings.  There is no reason for a state or federal agency to charge “mitigation” points for development.  There is no reason to force people to cluster into “mixed use” neighborhoods or congested cities.  There is no reason to take the land next to a creek away from a farmer.  There is no reason to ban incandescent light bulbs and force CFL’s on the public. There is no reason for RFID chips on recycling bins.  There is no reason for “Smart Meters.” There is no reason for regulating every industry into a “Climate Change” model of “Sustainable Development.”  No reason for insanely high café standards for vehicles.  No reason for demanding CDL licensing for farm vehicles.  No reason to hand out tax money to money grubbing entities who are in the game just for that purpose. No reason for any of it.  The entire industry of money grubbing over Climate Change needs to go the same route as “Cap and Trade,” and that is gone….outta here!

Today we are watching hurricane Irene come barreling towards the east coastline.  Mother Nature is telling us who is in charge of the situation….and it is not us.  Clouds have gathered over the lies of “AGW.”  With any kind of luck, Irene will blow the lies clear off the planet.  It’s time to dismantle the system of UN, AGW,  IPCC  schemes that have taken over our entire government structure.  A storm can be a cleansing event.

We can do this from the bottom up.  All local governments have to do is stop taking the money.  All voters have to do is elect those who refuse to buy the lies.  And as elections come and go, voters can keep up this process until all of this nonsensical theft of our money and liberties is reduced to the sorry annals of history, just like Stalinist Russia is now a lesson of what not to do to people.

It’s a good day.  The lies are finally discussed by major presidential candidates.  One of them, we don’t know yet which, will start the process of ridding the country of the bad weather created by the UN…once and for all.  I’m almost ready for the hallelujahs and the champagne.


6 thoughts on “Guest Saturday with My Tea Party Chronicle

  1. I remember back in the early 90’s, a few years after the wall fell and international communism fell as well. Rush Limbaugh said environmentalism would be the new home of international socialism, and man was he right.

    It’s all about power and control.

  2. I found your blog! I have an article about poker and looked up some other sites on wordpress discussing poker to see what else people were talking about. Series of tubes, man, you never know where they’ll take you!

    I was unfortunately very concerned about some of the content you’ve posted, such as the above article. I’m a scientist with an interest in climatology, so a lot of what you’ve written looks very questionable. For example, this quote:

    “AGW is already dead…it is the myth that lives.”

    The GW part of AGW has been confirmed repeatedly: instrumental data (eg, GISS) and satellite data (eg, UAH) agree that average global temps are increasing. This is the case even when the people processing the data have strong ideological commitments in the other direction (eg, BEST, Watts’ surface temp reconstruction).
    The A is for Anthropogenic, and attributing temperature trends to human activity is less straightforward, but it can and has been done – for example, by looking for ‘fingerprints’ in climate, such as a cooling stratosphere.

    It’s hard to see how the centerpiece of modern climatology is ‘dead’.

    You bring up a petition of ~1000 dissenting scientists, but that really isn’t impressive: given the sheer number of scientists in the world, it would be surprising if some of them DIDN’T have fringe beliefs. Indeed, by Googling around, you can find similar lists of dissenters from evolution, HIV, 9/11, and practically any well-established fact. You can even come up with hard-hitting soundbites like the one above:

    “Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever. In explaining evolution, we do not have one iota of fact.” Dr. T. N. Tahmisian

    On the other hand, there have been multiple studies (eg, look up “The Myth of the 1970s Cooling Consensus”) which have repeatedly demonstrated the strong agreement amongst experts about the reality of AGW.

    You clearly have a strong political and economic opinion on the place of government in our markets and our lives, and you may well be right. However, you are flat-out wrong in your claim that modern climatology is incorrect.

    I notice that you haven’t discussed “The Other CO2 Problem”, ocean acidification. Are you familiar with it? I have put together a short explanation of the phenomenon here:
    Or, if you’re the audiovisual type:

    Take care!

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