It’s Sunday with The Bard of Murdock

The following poem was originally published by The Bard of Murdock on Saturday, September 3, 2011. Please be sure to read the article link provided by the Bard before reading the poem.


With apologies to Emily Dickinson, author of I Never Saw a Moor



I only saw the bus,
I didn’t see the plane;
I thought he drove from here to there.
Would someone please explain?
I saw the helicopter,
I didn’t see the car;
Why does he change from here to there?
He needs a travel czar.
Obama’s travel dramas
Are curious indeed;
He must be hiding from his foes –
Or maybe Harry Reid.
I’m sure he has his reasons,
Or maybe it’s a trick;
I’m hoping in November ’12
To see his walking stick.
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My goal is to produce poetical cartoons. I try to use metaphors and caricatures (or a politician’s own words) to address complex political and social situations. In this way, I sum up current events in humorous verse.


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