Obama Has A Jobs Plan. What Does The GOP Have?

The information derived from polls is often of little use. Sometimes polls are down right misleading. If you were to do a review of recent poll results as reported by Gallup or Rasmussen or Pew or others, you would find that Obama’s approval is 40+%.  You would also find that 70+% of the people polled believe the country is on the wrong track. To my way of thinking, both polls can not be a correct representation of how the electorate are feeling.

Common sense tells us that  the poll showing that 70+% of the electorate believe the country is on the wrong track is about what you would expect. And, if that is true, there is no way that 40+% approve of the way Obama is managing the country. A week or so ago the same polls were showing the President’s approval rating at 38 or 39%. Did something good happen in our economy in that last week that I missed? I don’t think so.

The President’s approval rating is in the tank and Obama knows it. He knows that he has to do something about his approval rating if he is to be reelected. He has correctly decided that he must focus on jobs; the number one issue with Americans today. Obama has been setting the stage for his grand plan for weeks. He has even arranged to make his plan public by using a joint session of Congress as his stage. This is unprecedented. It is all very smart politics on his part.

Will we hear anything new in this plan? Of course not. Obama only knows one way. It will be more useless stimulus by a supposedly all-knowing government. But, from a political standpoint, it is still a smart move. A very large segment of our populace are desperate to hear some good news on plans to create jobs. They are looking for straws to grasp onto and Obama is going to give them some straw. My question is what are the Republicans going to offer?

Is the GOP plan to sit back and poke holes in the President’s plan? I hope the Republicans have more in their tool box than that. I hold to the concept that the best defense is a good offense. The Republicans better have a jobs plan of their own.

You will recall that during the budget debate and the debt ceiling debates that was the Ryan plan and the there was the Cut, Cap and Balance plan. The Republicans were able to make a lot of hay out of the fact that at least they had a plan, where as, the President and the Democrats had nothing.

The Republicans do not want to find themselves in the position where the President and the Democrats have a jobs plan and they can point at the Republicans and claim that they have nothing to offer.

If the Republicans have a jobs plan, why haven’t we heard about it?  Herman Cain announced his 9-9-9 plan a couple of weeks ago but no one is talking about it. Am I wrong to be worried about our GOP leadership?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


44 thoughts on “Obama Has A Jobs Plan. What Does The GOP Have?

  1. I don’t know that the Republicans really need to have a Jobs Plan per se. I think that it has been a trick of the media and the Democrats in the last few years to not really discuss what the President offers but to turn the conversation around and tell everyone that if they don’t have an alternative they can’t discuss it and therefore Obama’s plan, or really not a plan but wealth distribution, doesn’t really get discussed. All that happens is people get distracted. I think it is time that we turned the tables and tell people the object of discussion is not who has a plan but what the President is offering and whether it is worth the cost!

    1. America is very much in need of jobs and I know you agree with that, Patricia. The media is likely to play up what ever the President’s plan is. The Republicans know what is needed to free up our economy. They must keep selling their ideas. They need to keep reminding the people what their ideas are and why they will and why the President’s plan won’t work or won’t work as well.

      1. America is indeed much in need of jobs Jim, but it really doesn’t matter what proposal is being put out there if the administration is not going to get out of the way. I like what Herman Cain proposed but what is happening is the media is trying to put the onus on the Republicans instead of addressing what the President is proposing. If we continue to let them push the agenda, what we are doing is hamstringing the Republicans. The focus needs to be on why the so-called plan that the President is proposing now as well as the ones that he supposedly put forth in the past, are not and will not work! This election is not going to rest on competing plans, if it does we lose, but it is going to rest on why the President and his followers are wrong. If we don’t focus on that we will find ourselves just muddying the water even more. Once this man is gone and a Republican is in the White House, the most important thing they can do is to erase as much of the last few years as possible and get out of the way. Fear of Obama and his policies are what are stifling the economy more than anything else.

      2. “The focus needs to be on why the so-called plan that the President is proposing now as well as the ones that he supposedly put forth in the past, are not and will not work! ”

        You’ll get no argument for me on that, Patricia. But, don’t you agree that you can’t just tell people and convince people that the other guy’s plan is no good. because the obvious question is: Okay, but if his plan is no good , what is your plan? That is all I’m saying.

  2. The Republicans had best be prepared to introduce legislation to cut the corporate tax rate. That and the repeal of Obamacare (which will not happen with this Prez and this Senate) are the only two things that could be done quickly that would really help. I will be amazed if this president offers anything tonight that doesn’t involve more debt and actually makes sense.

  3. I have to give the man credit. He managed to stage it just before the football game, and no doubt will run his campaign right up til game time. I think the GOP must insist that he put something in writing so it can be scored. Otherwise they will remain on defense.

  4. Whoa… hold on there. You may be falling into the Democrat trap. I saw a quote, I think it was from Pelosi (I say saw, because I was at the gym and saw CNN in closed caption) in which she said that the Republicans haven’t offered a jobs program in 260 days (or something like that). Here’s the trap: a “jobs program” is something the GOVERNMENT does to increase jobs. That’s the Democrat position. It’s government programs. More and more government spending. You’ll hear it tonight… Infrastructure, which is a pure sop to the unions, particularly the way the Obama will do it. Training programs, on top of the training programs already in place. Etc.

    Here’s the GOP plan. They already voted to repeal Obamacare, which is the number one jobs killer in the country. They actually passed a budget, the Ryan plan, as well as controls on government spending. Out of control government spending is a drag on the economy and leads to massive uncertainty. Those two things alone would have increased hiring and brought more certainty to the business climate. They’ve informed us that Obama’s trade agreement rhetoric is a complete lie, as he hasn’t submitted the agreements to the Congress, but that they are prepared to pass these agreements. They also realize that over-regulation is killing businesses, from adding extra cost burden (paid by the consumer, ultimately) to stopping oil and gas exploration and production. Go here: http://www.gop.gov/resources/library/documents/jobs/theplan.pdf there’s an outline in print.

    The bottom line is that Obama will put forward a jobs plan that calls for MORE government action, more spending, more displacement of capital, more “programs.”

    The answer, as every reader of this blog knows, is less government. Fewer and less costly regulations, control of spending, repeal of Obamacare, tax reform that includes tax simplification (give us a simple tax system with low rates, few if any deductions, and keep it from being a political favor give-away system).

    The Democrats are trying to control the debate by defining anything that is a “jobs program” as being a big government solution. The Republicans have to stand up and say that the best jobs program is a SMALL government… getting government out of the way. The solution caused by too much government is not more government programs. The Republicans have to say, “We do have a jobs program. It’s called ‘get government out of the way and let the businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs create jobs.'”

    1. Well said, Pat! “The Republicans have to stand up and say that the best jobs program is a SMALL government… getting government out of the way. ” Let the market build, create, and innovate freely! That is what made America GREAT, and what will generate new private sector jobs!

    2. Of course the Republicans have plans. I mentioned some of the. But these plans were introduced during the budget debates and the debt ceiling debates. From the public’s point of view it’s history now. They need to roll out their plans again and again with new ribbons and bows if necessary call their plans Jobs Plans. People have short memories, Pat, need to reminded on a regular basis. The Republicans can’t afford to let Obama control the debate from his bully pulpit.

  5. Putting together a plan on top of this swampy, sandy centralized economy in a way that makes sense is impossible. The best plan that would really encourage growth again is to fix the broken foundation, which would be to address the central planning. That means overturning GATT, which forever changed the rules about how capital could flow between countries and opened the door for offshoring everything nailed down or not. One has to address these “financial vehcicles/tools” that the globalists have developed for liquidating our country of its wealth. But if you want to put bullet points on it, I’d say:
    1. address central banking and the control of currency
    2. address environmental regulations and who developed them -I’m almost certain we’ll find the planners behind that as a pretext for moving our industry out.
    3. address burdensome labor laws, which are yet another pretext for moving labor overseas.
    4. address regulation on small business – after seeing what some of my small business friends go through to be complaint to TPTB, I wouldn’t want to fool with my own business, as it seems more trouble than its worth. However, in Red China, there isn’t near as much paperwork to fill out -go figure.

    This is my list and it makes sense, but it runs contrary to TPTB’s plans.

    1. That’s a cool video. I think everyone who still thinks logically and isn’t bought off by TPTB know what needs to happen. The question is, how far will TPTB take it to hold on to their status quo?

  6. I’m going to force myself to watch Obama’s speech tonight.

    Jim, you are absolutely correct that the GOP needs to go on the offense instead of just sitting back! There is plenty of ammunition that the GOP can use for a strong offense!

  7. Most Republican Candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, have a detailed and specific Economic and jobs plan. Cain, as you mentioned, has a very good 9-9-9 plan that needs to be taken seriously. Romney just came out with his economic plan 3 days ago and it is also specific. Jon Huntsman did also just as Michele Bachmann. Any of these specific Republican platforms for jobs and growth are much better than anything that Obama could offer tonight.

    They are not getting enough attention because of the constrains involved with time and space for five or six different plans. Once we have a single Republican nominee it will get as much attention as needed.

  8. Can the GOP actually get anything passed through the Senate and then signed by the President? Doubtful. With this in mind, about the best they can do is to stop Obama from causing yet more damage to the economy.

    1. As nice as that would be if they could get something through the Senate, it’s not going to happen. But we can’t let Obama beat us over the head for not passing his jobs bill without being able to say his doesn’t work but our does and force the Senate to vote it down. That is what I think we need to to do. Of course we have have to convince the public that we’re right!

  9. It’s funny how fast poll numbers can change. It tells us a lot about the fact that most Americans have no clue what they believe in. Some good news can come out tomorrow about jobs, and Obama’s poll numbers would rise. It’s a joke. If the people actually took the time to educate themselves on economic issues, Obama’s poll numbers would stay exactly the same regardless of what is happening at the moment, and they would be much, much lower.

    1. It is disturbing, isn’t it, that there is a significant portion of the electorate that are disconnected from politics and have no deep philosophical view of what government should be. They are only interested in the burr that is under their saddle today and what a politician is saying that might hell in getting rid of that burr.

  10. The answer, as every reader of this blog knows, is less government.


    Personally, I think “plans” mean more to media pundits than they do to anyone else. Seriously. When’s the last time a politician’s “plan” improved our lives? Inflation? Taxes? Spending? Getting sexually molested at the airport?

    Look at it this way … Out of 100 Americans, about 60 are eligible to vote. Out of that 60, about 24 are registered to vote. From the 24 remaining, only about 6 will actually show up and vote on election day. If this doesn’t illustrate the power you can have (if you want it), nothing will.

    You, in your personal daily life, can have a bigger impact on the election than all the talkingheads and useless pontificaters combined. You can walk away from all the advice, axioms, “plans” and expectations you’re told over and over again. “We the People” can have what we want if we’re willing to take it. But the question remains … Are we followers looking for leaders? Or freemen with our own souls?

    Government plans are utopian dreams that always end in destruction. No more plans.

    Nevermind Republicans. Talk to people. Be honest. They’ll listen.

    Anecdotal story … When I go out to run a bunch of errands, go to stores and what not, I put on my Ron Paul 2012 t-shirt. People come up to me. All the time. I’m talking retired UAW workers, middle-aged church-goers, well-to-do boomers, it utterly amazes me. They’re always curious. They ask questions. It’s always friendly and enjoyable.

    I’m in sales, and I’m not afraid to talk about anything. I’ll throw little comments out to see if someone will bring up politics. No matter what they say, I’lll say “quite frankly, I think both parties suck. They’re a bunch of outright criminals, and I’m sick and tired of arguing with my fellow Americans.” It always goes wonderfully from there.

    My point … The GOP doesn’t need a plan. We need a plan. Each and every one of us as individuals.

    PS – Jim, its still the 3rd post down on the front page. Unfortunately, I got tied up yesterday and today. Hopefully I’ll get some blogging in tomorrow.

    1. You are saying that only 25% of registered voters vote in America. Really? i thought it was more like 55% but I have been out of the American scene for a long time.

      “My point … The GOP doesn’t need a plan. We need a plan. Each and every one of us as individuals.”

      Your talking to someone who is an engineer by education and who was a corporate executive for the last twenty years of his career. You”ll not convince me that plans are not necessary. Each individual having a plan is fine but we don’t operate the government. We elect people to operate the government and if we elect people who don’t have a plan then we get what we deserve. In your conversations with people about Ron Paul I’ll bet you talked about the Plans of Ron Paul, didn’t you? A Party needs plans to address the issue facing the country and candidates need plans for the same reasons.

      1. You”ll not convince me that plans are not necessary.

        Economies are impossible to plan and the government cannot “create” jobs.

        In your conversations with people about Ron Paul I’ll bet you talked about the Plans of Ron Paul, didn’t you?

        Not once so far. Its been interesting … Never in my life have I found it easier to diffuse the old “Democrat v. Republican” argument. I’m amazed how many people seem to agree that we should scrap the whole thing. I don’t know who people will vote in the end, but it’s encouraging how many people are seeing the whole thing as the den of dirty, lying thieves that it is.

        As I’ve said 1000 times. King George III was a piker compared to the American president today, let alone the whole federal leviathan. Our forefathers went to war over far less, so it’s hardly asking much to take a principled stand in the voting booth. And it’s nothing to ask people to talk to their neighbors on equal ground, rather than in terms of “Democrats v. Republicans.” When you pit yourself against Washington, DC, instead, you’re both on the same side.

      2. Who is talking about planning economies and government creating jobs? Do you think I am insane? So pray tell me how your candidate anyone’s candidate is going to reduce the size of government, bring home the troops, unwind unecessary regulations or change the Fed without a plan? To try to do those things without a plan would be insane.

      3. What Jim is asking is for the step by step on getting government out of the way. Everyone knows that something that accumulated incrementally for a century won’t be disposed of overnight. Murray Rothbard wrote a step-by-step plan of transitioning out of the Fed in Case for a 100 Percent Gold. There are so many people fantasizing about repealing all this junk that I’m sure viable plans have been made, but it is time for some of these plans to be brought into view. Getting rid of decades old gov programs is scary for a lot of people and being able to see step by step how it will happen will make it an easier concept to wrap their minds around.

      4. Thanks, rM. The plans don’t have to be all that detailed to start with. Paul Ryan gave a plan that people could look at, Cut, Cap and Balance was a plan people could think about, Cain’s 9-9-9 is something; but just saying were going to down size government is not a plan. People deserve to hear more; especially the swing voters.

  11. I listened to most of the speech… I thought you said he was going to have a plan? Wasn’t he just listing the things he’s already tried and failed with? Infrastructure… wasn’t he just laughing a few weeks ago about how “shovel ready wasn’t as shovel ready as we thought”? Hiring more teachers and “first responders”? Isn’t that where the other $Trillion went?

    Once again, the man demonstrated that he is an economic ignoramus. He doesn’t have the foggiest clue why a business might hire someone, or how wealth is created.

    Here’s my suggestion for him: Tell every company in the private sector that if they hire someone, they get a permanent waiver from Obamacare. Hiring BOOM, baby!

    1. He’s a one trick pony, Pat. I guess no one was really surprised by his speech except for the audacity to ask for another $447 billion. I remember when billion were considered a lot. Today it has to be trillions to get anyone’s attention.

  12. The whole purpose of this speech was to put the Republicans on the defensive and make it look as if Obama is leading on the jobs issue, so I think you do have a great point; the Republicans need to counter Obama’s plan with some type of plan. I heard on House Republican–I forget which one, sorry–say last week that the House has already passed eight bills which would help the economy, but Harry Reid will not let them on the floor for a vote.

  13. Most conservatives believe that the best way for the government to “create jobs” is through reduced taxation on individuals/businesses and reduced regulation on businesses. The Republicans in the House haven’t offered a jobs plan because their ideology holds that the government shouldnt be in the business of creating jobs in the first place.

    1. Hi, Rachael. thanks for dropping by Conservatives on Fire and sharing your thoughts. You are right. Republicans, or at least conservatives know that governments do not create jobs. But, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have a plan on how than to create an environment where the private sector will be more willing to invest and create jobs. For th Republicans to say thee want to reduce taxes and regulations is not a plan. It’s more of a mission statement. They need a specific plan of what taxes would be cut and by how much. Their plan needs to identify what regulations and red tape they would cut while still protecting the public. this plan should also include a public relations plan on how they are going to explain it to the public, how it is different from the President’s plan and, why it will be more successful than the President’s plan.

      I hope this clarifies my position, Rachael. Please come back as often as you can and join in the conversation. The more voices we have, the better.

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