Summer Is Over But It’s Getting Hot In The Oval Office

It’s not nice for someone to feel good because someone else is suffering, is it? But that is exactly how I am feeling about our smug, arrogant, narcissistic president. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

This miscreant who goes by the name of Barack Hussein Obama won the Presidency of the United States of America in a landslide victory in 2008. This was no surprise. Candidate Obama was offering people hope and change and the American people were desperate for change. Unfortunately, what the people had in mind and what Obama had in mind were light years apart.

From the day he was sworn into office, his attitude and that of his administration has been one of: In-your-face, America and In-your-face,  Republicans. I, Barack Hussein Obama won. You all can sit in the back of the bus and keep your mouths shut. All we could do was watch as nearly a trillion dollars was misspent with no positive results for Americans who were waiting with hope for the promised change.  Everything this president and his administration has done has had negative results. Did Obama see the error of his ways and change course. No. We the people spoke at the ballot boxes in 2010, did Obama listen and change course? No. And all the time, for the Left Stream Media (LSM), Obama and the Democrats could do no wrong. When the Fast and Furious scandal broke in the blogosphere and congressional hearings began exposing the details, did the LSM respond? We heard almost nothing from the LSM. But, in the last couple of weeks, something has changed.

At the end of August one of Obama’s pet green-energy-projects fizzled out. A company by the name of Solyndra filed for bankruptcy. This bankruptcy did get some attention from the LSM. The reason for the attention was that this private company had received from the Obama administration over a half a billion dollars in guaranteed loans and now the tax payers were on the hook. But hat wasn’t what interested the media. It was the information that leaked out that Obama had taken a special interest in the approval of this loan. It turns out that the principle investor, George Kaiser, is a big time fund-raiser for the Democrat Party and contributed $50,000 to Obama’s 2008 campaign. Not only that. It became known that Kaiser had made several visits to Capital Hill in the days preceding the loan approval. Congress announced that it would open an investigation into how this loan was handled.  The media attention seemed to die away quickly and most of us assumed that this would be swept under the carpet in the same way the Fast and Furious case is being handled by the Obama administration.

Then last week, after weeks of hupala, Obama at a joint session of Congress announces his long awaited American Jobs Act. More of the same policies that have already been shown not to work. To my surprise, some in the LSM were less than enthusiastic about the President’s plan.  Then on Monday of this week, comes the astounding news out of New York that political unknown, Bob Turner,  a Republican  no less, won the congressional seat vacated by Anthony Weiner. A seat that had  been in Democrat hands for 88 years. This story, a direct slap in the face of Obama, was all over the LSM.

And now it seems the LSM has caught what I call “Solyndra Fever”. The  LSM giant ,Washington Post,  on Tuesday broke an exclusive story about some 2009  E-mails that were released to them that demonstrate the Obama knew that the Solyndra loan was high risk.  This is definitely an article worth reading.  Not to be out done, ABC News has also caught Solyndra Fever. Check out the video and the story. You might also want to take a look at this article by Michelle Malkin where she points out that Solyndra is not the only “green boondoggle” for our President.

So, finally Barack Hussein Obama, after nearly three years as an untouchable, is beginning to feel some heat from the LSM.    I am not happy about all the Solyndra employees that lost their jobs. And, I am down right angry that we taxpayers are on the hook for $ 535 million.  And, I would like an explanation as to why our government is granting loans to private companies. But I must admit that I am enjoying the picture in my mind of that smug face smeared with egg.  I hope this Solyndra Fever scandal becomes the final undoing of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


28 thoughts on “Summer Is Over But It’s Getting Hot In The Oval Office

  1. He and his administration got very sloppy having a Dem House and Senate. If it had remained so, these hearings would not be taking place. He was arrogant to start with. He never had to deal with anyone standing in his way. Now all of sudden, there is a change. He will now start having tantrums. Like every good narrcissist.

  2. Well done Jim. I am seeing those same cracks develop in the wall of silence that is Obama, and the media. He is a spineless crook. I went from who the hell is he… to downright anger and hostility.

    That education of his certainly did not include any ethics, morals, or integrity.

    Like you, I am starting to rejoice. It is hard to show a guy like him any mercy when he has not done anything beneficial for this country. His presidency is all about him. I can’t feel bad just yet- maybe if he wasn’t such a creep and actually took some responsibility for his actions. I have a feeling that won’t happen anytime soon.

  3. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he is not the dem nominee. I have a sneaking suspicion that Bankster Inc. has another player in the wings for that role as Obama is damaged goods. It may be that the media talking points instruct them to now let Obama have it so that the way can be cleared for this mystery person. As long as both the Ds and Rs are controlled by them, it really doesn’t matter.

  4. The private sector unions are a dying breed, yet Obama bestows gifts on them like they ARE the “middle class”. People are noticing that every time he wants to shovel our money out the door, it goes to unions, who then put some of it back in Obama’s campaign coffers. Public sector unions have been exposed in Wisconsin as being anti-taxpayer… in other words, anti-average American citizen. People are beginning to understand the corrupt nature of public sector unions and the Democrat politicians they buy, then negotiate with, all with our money. Obama shovels more of our money at them, and is doing so again. People have woken up, via Solyndra, to the absolute boondoggle that “green jobs” are, and they’re wondering why government is wasting taxpayer money on non-existent green jobs, when American energy companies are begging to spend their own money on sure-thing job creation through exploration for and extraction of the energy this country actually uses.

    People are starting to notice that, far from fixing the problems in the financial sector, the Obama administration is now subtly pushing to re-inflate the same damned bubble that caused this mess in the first place.

    The other thing people have noticed, and I wish this would get more play because it really is a big deal and should be in the forefront of people’s minds, is that Obama promised transparency and openness in his administration and government in general, but has delivered a black curtain around Washington. Not only don’t we know what is in legislation before votes are demanded, it later turns out that the legislation is incomplete and bureaucrats are charged with filling in massive amounts of it. This administration hides from things like Fast and Furious. The executive branch is utilizing regulations made up by unelected bureaucrats, often in contradiction to desires expressed by elected representatives in Congress, to push an agenda the people have no input on, and have rejected. It is unbelievably opaque.

    And, if anyone can tell me what our foreign policy is, I’ll buy you dinner. Seriously. Do we have a cogent, guiding principle in our foreign policy? People are noticing that Obama seems to have figured that his aura would keep the world working perfectly peaceful, but the world does not cooperate with him.

    He and the Progressive Democrats are an epic fail, and not even the LSM can hide it anymore.

  5. Here’s a post from Hot Air that reveals what I was talking about as far as lack of transparency:

    It turns out that the CLASS act (part of Obamacare) was KNOWN to be a financial disaster waiting to happen by the administration, it was continually promoted by the administration as a cost saving measure. Why did we hear the lies, and never learn what happened when someone tried to pencil it out? Transparency my mooshy white butt!

      1. The insurance companies wrote it via their trade organization, AHIP.

        Most conservatives don’t understand that these industry cartels aren’t subject to government regs, they just rewrite the regs to benefit them and then pay legislators to vote for it. By writing Obamacare, the Insurance companies that are apart of the cartel have latched on to the titty of the Federal Reserve money machine.

        Free enterprise system vs. money machine. Um, yeah, they’ll pick money machine every time.

        Here’s a link to a dreaded liberal site, Of course, they think its a great thing.

  6. I’m thinking that the lightweight lib media needs to begin looking into the multitudinous sins of Obama’s Justice Dept., his suspect SSN, the possibly forged birth certificate, his student loans, his school records, etc. etc etc. These so-called mainstream ‘journalists’ should have been sending their paychecks to the bloggers around the web who’ve done their jobs for ’em over the last 3 years.

  7. It is good that obama is finally feeling a bit of heat, it’s long, long overdue and no Republican president would have enjoyed such a wonderful ride for so long from the LSM.

    I don’t trust the lsm though, when the time comes for obama’s relection, i’m betting more of them will be pushing his barrow once again.

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