Statism is Killing the Middle Class

The liberals love their meme THE RICH GET RICHER and THE POOR GET POORER.  Sorry liberals but that is just not true. The truth is that the poor, because of entitlements and welfare largess, are getting richer. It is the middle class that is getting poorer.

The Poor are Richer Than the Middle Class

One of my favorite bloggers, Bunkerville, wrote an excellent piece that contained the following table that he borrowed from Zero Hedge . Please click on this table to get a full view and you will see that a family of four earning only $3,625 has almost as much economic benefit as a family earning $60,000 and a family earning $14,500 has a greater economic benefit than the family earning $60,000. This is what American statism has done. This is the result of the liberal’s idea of wealth redistribution.


The Middle Class is Getting Poorer

The following graph comes from a recent CNN Money article that I hope you will take the time to read.  The article contains a really  excellent video  called Why it sucks to be middle class, which I am unable to embed here. Please watch the video.


Middle-class income fell 7% in the last decade, adjusted for inflation. 

The message of the graph is that middle class income has fallen 7% in the last decade. Folks, this is very serious. We have intuitively known things were not good for the middle class; but now we have the proof. No country can progress without a strong and vibrant middle class. So, what can be done to help the middle class?

One thing is for sure, Obama’s American Jobs Plan and how he proposes to pay for it will end up making things worse for the middle class. But, we conservatives must also understand that our desire to make government smaller and get our deficits and debt under control could do even more harm to the middle class if we don’t first do something that will allow for private investment which will in turn create jobs. We have resigned ourselves to the reality that there is little we can do until after the 2012 elections. But there is something on the horizon that would be just what the doctor ordered. It is something I have harped on for the last year. I’m talking about the Keystone Pipeline Project.

Redstate reported yesterday that Obama’s State Department has finally given its blessing to the Keystone Project:

Next week will begin public meetings regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline, which will be a pipeline connecting Alberta, Canada with Gulf Coast refineries.

As the article points out, the environmental groups will do every thing they can to stop this project. WE CAN NOT LET THEM DO IT.  America needs this project. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Will create over 20,000 high wage manufacturing and construction jobs
  • Will contribute over $20 billion to the U.S. economy
  • Will deliver over 700,000 barrels of American and Canadian crude to refineries in the Gulf Coast to help America with the over 19 million barrels of oil a day that we consume

You can help! If you belong to a local Tea Party or if you belong to some other conservative action group, get them to take part in the public comment process along with your individual participation. Don’t allow the environmentalists to be the only voices that are heard.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?



24 thoughts on “Statism is Killing the Middle Class

  1. We’ve reached the point that only those middle-class citizens who have zero debt will be able to hang on.

    By “zero debt” I am including those who have no mortgage.

    We’ve only begun to see the ugliness of the present economic depression. And let’s not kid ourselves: we are deeply ensnared in the 21st Century Depression.

    1. The G-20 central bankers will will do what they can to delay the day of reckoning; but that is the best they can do _ delay it. When the day of reckoning finally comes, watch how the elites will try to blame it on capitalism and free markets. There has been nothing free about our markets in a long time.

  2. Thanks Jim for the Shout out. You did a fine job of expanding on the sickening facts of where we are, and getting the graph to fit!! We shall soldier on as best we can, and do all that we can to save our great nation.

  3. When doing nothing is rewarded to this extent- we have deteriorated to the state where we have become non relevant. The world is taking up the slack. That is why half of our population is either alcohol or chemically addicted. Our population can do this because there are no barriers to doing this. This is an excellent piece and shows a nation/society in decline.

  4. I believe that the EPA is a creation of the banksters to deliberately cut off America from her own resources and make her dependent on other countries. Just a big ol’ happy interdependent world!

    I remember being “poor” and on Medicaid. (I was in college) I filled out our taxes, but didn’t put in for the EIC credit, as I thought we were too poor to get one as my husband had only worked the summer full-time. Not so, the Federal Government sent me a check for $2800 that I didn’t think I deserved or asked for. But hey, when your in college, that’s a whole lot of money and I knew that wasn’t going to happen after we graduated. I also remember that Human Services would put fliers in the laundromat advertising Food Stamps. My quality of life hasn’t drastically gone up since that time, except my car doesn’t poop out as often and the sq. footage of my dwelling is larger.

    “Marx’s great book Das Kapital is at once a monument of reasoning and a storehouse of facts.”
    –Lord Milner, member of the British War Cabinet, 1917, and director of the London Joint Stock Bank

    Banksters love Marxism: it’s like their roadmap to collecting all the wealth into one pot. They also take Fredic C Howe’s advice and use society to their advantage. Thus the vast sums spent on mass psychology and “foundational research”. They see the middle class as their competitor and as John D Rockefeller said, “competition is a sin.”

      1. They then use their power to act as gods with complete control and authority over planet Earth and the inhabitants thereof. Money already has no meaning in their world as there is nothing material that they do not already possess. Their endgame is a complete shift of wealth into their sphere and their opium is power. It doesn’t have to make sense, they’re completely crazy you know.

        Have you read about that transhumanism stuff? It would seem to be where they’re going. Just read the old Rockefeller foundations and see the obsession with population control. Even David Rockefeller in the New York Times stated that he though Mao did a great job.

    1. RM…Your first sentence is, in my estimation, the most dangerous problem we are facing from within. The EPA is treasonous. It is guiding the U.S. Forest Service, the Army Corps of Engineers, the American Planning Association, the DOE, DOT, and HUD, the Clean Act, the Clear Act,…all to the destruction of the Constitution and the theft of all of our resources. You hit the nail on the head with that one!! I recently watched a DVD, called Agenda – Grinding America Down, and heard the description of environmentalism as “everythingism.” Think about that. It’s worth a watch, if you haven’t seen it. Carry on!

  5. The middle class are the workers. When government makes job creation difficult and causes businesses to suffer, who is obviously going to get hurt the worst? Not the poor, because they benefit from the redistribution (though they feel it too). So, what does the supposed middle class hero Democrat do? Try to make them dependent on government, just like the poor. What they don’t proclaim in their middle class hero rhetoric is that what is lost both in government harm to business and in making the middle class a dependent class is middle class standing… they become poor too. The ultimate result of Progressive policy is wealth for the progressive elite and their cronies, and poverty for everyone else… so we can feed off of the crumbs they throw us.

  6. Thanks for sharing that, Jim. Good stuff!

    The “poor” will be the army for the “rich” against the middle classes during the coming “troubles”.

  7. This doesn’t surprise me in the least, liberalism always, always bleeds the middle class. They throw out platitudes about the rich, but it’s always us who hurt the most. The really rich who conveniently call for high taxation and other nonsense like global warming taxes can actually afford it.

    A rich man won’t feel the pain of losing $500, but a middle-class family will.

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