Guest Saturday with Frankenstein Government

The following article was originally published by Brian at Frankenstein Government on Thursday, September 29, 2011.


We Are About To Find Out Whether Or Not ObamaCare Will Render the Constitution Useless, That’s What This Is Really All About


I think because I was a lawman in Moonbat City for so long, I became acquainted with how the nanny left or as I like to call them- the statists think. Often, I think their hearts are in the right place. Unfortunately for all of us, they never think shit through.

In a nutshell and quite simply, the statists believe that people must be regulated. That usually means regulated with regard to democratic and liberal platform subjects. Usually environmentalist causes. That trickles down to human rights, health issues, and money issues. That pretty much sums up what they are concerned about. The problem with the statist agenda is that it is remarkably inefficient, expensive, and it destroys free markets. It requires vigilance, oversight, and work- yet it is still terribly wasteful. Most importantly, we lose a ridiculous amount of money and freedom in the process. That is why statism is no longer tolerable and in fact- it is destroying our way of life. It is a disease that cures itself ultimately when the body politic dies.

The GOP, tax dodges, wars, and crony capitalism are no better. The GOP is simply an evil twin.

Government regulation and statism have spawned a horrible education system, an elite tax structure that defies belief, and a completely dysfunctional system of justice and fair play.

Public schools are a perfect example of well intended statism outliving it’s usefulness. Privately educated children as well as home schooled children are kicking the intellectual pants off publicly schooled children. Intelligent kids in private settings are not shackled or restrained by a system designed to teach down to the least intelligent child. They are far more responsive and efficient. They turn out a great product. What they don’t turn out is undisciplined, crack smoking kids, that infest and damage the workplace and burden society. People spending hard earned money on private schooling don’t generally waste it. Not only that, but they still have to pay for public schooling. The double whammy.

Government taxing structures defy belief. We no longer own real estate. We rent it from the government. The rich and elite in Congress could have leveled out and simplified our tax codes decades ago. But they did not. That is not anyone’s fault but theirs. It is not a mystery. Our tax code sucks because Congress wants it to suck. I cannot believe that in the 50 years I have been walking rare earth, not one person has taken that giant 3000 page piece of tax code garbage and turned it into four or five simple pages. Government inefficiency is what you get when the people designing tax codes are the same greedy bastards trying to avoid paying taxes.

The rule of law and restorative justice are gone. Replaced by Presidents and Congressman who will gladly look the other way just as long as they can reap some pecuniary benefit from bankers and shyster lawyers. Our country is just as insolvent and bankrupt as Greece. The only difference is that we can still print the money that the world uses. Until the world quits using it. That too- will come to an end.

I honestly don’t think that the nanny left realizes that there is no money left. That we can no longer afford to give everyone home loans and student loans. We cannot give the whole country unemployment and free food. We cannot afford to give health care to everyone and fight two or three wars. We are toast. The rich and the elite on the right, the rich and elite with their social programs and regulations on the left- have bankrupted us. It took less than 15 years, but les feat complet’.

Soon the noose around our necks is going to start to tighten. Those skirmishes in Greece will become skirmishes in America. We cannot pay that 15 trillion dollar national debt back. Deficits will add debt every year. We cannot pay the 115 trillion due social security and medicare recipients in the coming years. We cannot tax the rich to get out or get whole again. We cannot grow our way out with no jobs. It’s far too little, way too late. There is not going to be some worldwide financial miracle that takes place. All debts are paid- either by the lender or the debtor. Always.

Which brings me to the point of this piece. Your personal freedom. My personal freedom. Earlier this year, I bought a passport. Not to travel with, but to evacuate. Today, the Supreme Court was handed Obamacare. Obamacare is the reason I obtained that passport. Obamacare isn’t about health care. Obamacare is about government seizing control of its citizens. It’s about forcing us to buy a product. It’s about seizing your assets and redistributing and deploying your money as inefficiently as possible. Of course that’s socialistic, perhaps even communistic. But that’s not the key issue. The key issue is the rise of a new oligarchy facilitated by a minority of “public servants” who are now attempting to seize financial control over the lives of 315 million people. They are trying to strip you of the freedom of deciding how to spend the money you earn and what you can spend it on. I am glad that the Supreme Court has this case now. I will not have long to wait. It is the single greatest issue in the history of this country. I am not overstating that.

Nine people, virtually all of them from Harvard, are going to decide if the Constitution is a useless document or not. Five of those judges were appointed by conservatives, four by liberals. Two by Obama.

If this court were made up of constitutional scholars and patriots, I’d say it would rule 9-0 against Obamacare. As it stands, the very best we could do is a 6-3 decision and most likely 5-4. I think we stand a decent chance of losing. Personally, I think Kagan should recuse herself because of the back alley work she did on Obamacare. She failed to mention that while being questioned by Congress. Not that I am surprised. Doing the right think is no longer in vogue and doing the right thing at Harvard doesn’t have a damn thing to do with unselfish behavior. (See the loss of the rule of law above)

Freedom and happiness are non negotiable. I am 50 years old and spoiled. I am too old to kill a few of these pricks and I am certainly unwilling to go to prison. That’s what we are really talking about. That is what everyone is afraid to talk about. That’s why Thomas Jefferson, the polymath and genius said that the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time. Right now, the tyrants are winning. The tree of liberty is getting thirsty. If they manage to wrestle complete control away from us, they aren’t going to give it back via negotiations or heaven forbid- some more crooked elections. It never works that way. The tyrants will think they have power, control, and the law on their side. In the mind of the new oligarchy- the issues will have been decided. You will either obey them or face the music. Not unlike the offer made by King George once upon a time.

Make no mistake about what I am about to say. If the Supreme Court allows Obamacare to stand, you can take that relic of a Constitution and wipe your ass with it. They will have rendered it useless. The government will then have the authority to seize whatever amount of money they need from you, tell you how you can spend the remainder, and lock you up in some penal colony if you dare even try to complain about it. Then of course you’ve got a few more things to look forward to. Wars, more taxes, currency collapses, inflation, 10 dollar gas. This rat knows when to jump ship. At least seven million rats (expats) are ahead of me. In Ecuador, the Phillipines, Australia, Canada, free places. No less free than here unless you still buy that illusion…I like it cheap and warm and so it is…

They speak English in Belize, the weather is nice year round, health care is less than 100 bucks a month and they’ve got a few American doctors and dentists. You can get a decent place for 300 or 400 a month. They have a hurricane once in awhile, but no blizzards, no earthquakes that I know of, and no tornadoes. Fishing’s good, food is good, beer is cheap. Or so I’m told. I may be finding out rather soon.


9 thoughts on “Guest Saturday with Frankenstein Government

  1. Grim but true, Brian. The tyrants have been for a long time on the look-out for “patriot” groups making sure that they weren’t organizing or even gaining the ability to organize. Their #1 fear isn’t muslims, but red-blooded patriotic Americans figuring this stuff out and going Boondock Saints on their behinds.

  2. I’ve been to Honduras–right next door to Belize. It was poor, but nice–the people were great. The flight there took us over Belize, and we could see the beaches and coral reefs–it was really quite spectacular. No doubt, it is a very nice place. However, no country is perfect, and hatred of your home country is not a very good reason to leave.
    As a nearly permanent expat, I would really urge Americans who care about things to stay and fight, rather than giving up. I certainly would come back to the US if I could find a job there–America just seems to me one of the few places in the world still worth fighting for.

  3. The progressive rodents have been sapping the foundations of our constitutional bulwark for over a century now, and it is close to collapse. that

    Wickard v. Filburn was a watershed victory for the progressive statists

    The FDR’s government sued a farmer for growing too much wheat. His defense was that he was going to use it himself and not sell it or transport it across state lines. To a common sense person, that would mean the Interstate Commerce Clause did not apply, but the Supreme Court upheld government action.

    That set an important liberty-snuffing precedent.

    The problem with the “tree of liberty” threat of violence is, who are you going to shoot? The cop that lives next door to you? Are you going to blow up the National Guard armory outside of town, filled with friends, relatives and neighbors?

    Are you going to go up against the US Army?

    Good people in those positions of authority who are armed need to stand with the people, but that is called an armed revolution. Lord, we are screwed…

    1. This is why education is so important. By education, I mean some serious hard and fast adult re-eduction of the last 100 years of American history. It’s time to peel back all the layers of the onion and get everyone you know, especially law enforcement and military to learn who’s calling the shots and why.

      Wickard v. Filburn showed us the endgame vision for the statists that have been running America for a very, very long time.

    2. Loved the bad precedent of that case you cited. Bad precedent is already in place via the Commerce clause and how SCOTUS thinks that allows the FED GOV to regulate any and all commerce. If they can force you to buy their crappy product and remove all of the competitive forces that keep prices low- a monopoly will ensue. It doesn’t matter who is running the monopoly. Monopolies are a conduit for extracting all of the wealth that they care to.

      At that point, you have truly lost control of your government. You will not get it back via an elected official here or there or by some crappy voting process that creates the illusion of choice. You will either remain and have your freedom and wealth hijacked, you will fight, or you will leave. I am taking door number 3… if Obamacare with stands SCOTUS. There will be nothing stopping them from taking anything else they want under the commerce clause.

  4. You are right, if they courts rule that obamacare is just fine, then the constitution is essentially worthless. The government can legally force you to do/buy anything the government of the day feels like.

    Mind you it can actually be turn around on dumb but fascist liberals. If the government can force you to buy healthcare, maybe a government can force stupid liberals to buy guns or pay a fine for it.

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