The Class Warfare President is Marshalling His Troops

If you thought the “Day of Rage” protestors on Wall Street was just a bunch of wing nuts looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, you better think again. These wing nuts are about to be joined by more and better organized class warfare warriors and it’s not  just Wall Street they plan to occupy; it’s Main Street across America that they plan to occupy.

Our Commander-in-Chief is marshalling his  class warfare warriors for one last-ditch effort to save his seat of power. This is shaping up to be a fight to the finish. Obama is not going to give up his dream to transform America into a socialist state and class warfare is his weapon of joice. He plans to fill the streets of America with his class warfare warriors from now until election day. This is how he intends to recreate the enthusiasm in his base and extend it to those who have lost faith.

These protest are not “organic” or spontaneous as some protestors and media are claiming. This has been well thought out, orchestrated and financed. Today, Yahoo News is carrying this AP story about the unions joining the protestors from New York to Seattle with marchers, money and other assets. Here are the opening two paragraphs; but I urge you to read the whole article to see just how serious the unions are.

Unions lent their muscle to the long-running protest against Wall Street and economic inequality Wednesday, fueling speculation about how long the camp-out in lower Manhattan — and related demonstrations around the country — will continue.

Thousands of protesters, including many in union T-shirts, filled lower Manhattan’s Foley Square on Wednesday and then marched to Zuccotti Park, where the protesters have been camping since Sept. 17. Labor leaders say they will continue to support the protests, both with manpower and donations of goods and services.

But it doesn’t end with the unions. The well funded Van Johnson and his American Dream Movement is also going to be supplying class warfare troops to the cause. Go to the home page of Campaign fo America’s Future and check out some of their articles. Here is a snip from one article titled The Plan For The ‘American Autumn’.

“Save your notes,” Van Jones of Rebuild the Dream told reporters and bloggers at a news conference today during the Take Back the American Dream conference. “This is the first draft of history.”

The history he was referring to was what he and other progressives are calling an “American Autumn” of mobilization, protest and electoral action to rebuild the American dream for working people.

The basic message of Van Johnson’s group is attack the rich and save the middle class. Now, we know that is a sick joke. Everything these Marxist/ progressives have done over the years is destroying the middle class. But, that doesn’t mean that the message won’t sell. It will sell. We have a lot of hurting people in America today and they are vulnerable to this type of message.  The union bosses know that as does Van Johnson and so does our class warfare Commander-in-Chief.

These demonstrations will receive a lot of media attention and distract people from the fail of Obamanomics.  Look for the left wing Hollywood loonies to join the fray. Look for the race card to be played over and over again. Keep an eye on the polls. If Obama’s numbers start to improve, expect the “American Autumn” mobilization to turn up the heat.

How will the Tea Parties react? How should they react? Errors could be very costly.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

48 thoughts on “The Class Warfare President is Marshalling His Troops

  1. And so it begins. The gloves are off. The masks have been removed. The cards have been laid upon the table.

    How delicious. How utterly delicious. Finally it’s all out in the open. November 2012 will be a political bloodbath, an ideological slaughterhouse of epic proportions. America is watching. America is connecting the dots.

    Indeed, the curtain has been torn asunder.

    Here’s my take on it, with several references for your reading pleasure.

      1. ‘Political bloodbath and ideological slaughterhouse’ are terms of illustration, COF.

        I hardly am saying we need to resort to violence or confrontation. I hope you understand that.

        Besides, while some of you may wish for reasonable and rational discourse with these rabid and maniacal puppets of liberalism, I have no such illusions. You simply cannot negotiate with or have long, meaningful conversations with the school bully. You need to whip his butt. Period.

      2. Thanks for the clarification. you had me worried for a moment. I don’t see conservatives as being interested in dialog with these morons. That would be a total waste of time. We must focus on taking our message directly to he people. We will get little or no help from the media so we’ll have to find other ways to get our message out there.

  2. Apparently there is a manifesto up at their website. John Hayward has a post on it up at Human Events:

    Naturally, what it boils down to is confiscating the wealth of others and distributing it to… well… THEM. What they do on day two when there is no wealth left and no way to create it, well, they don’t get into that. I’m guessing it has something to do with slave labor working in “businesses” the government deems to be crucial. But, they can’t think beyond day one when all the riches get passed around to them.

  3. The absolutely scary thing is the people in Libya and Egypt and Syria probably said the same thing about the protesters in those countries: “Wackos.”

    Unfortunately I don’t see operation occupy wall street going away. Not with the press behind them. Not with the street punk called Obama behind them. I expect violence. I expect death.

    But this is exactly what the press wants. They can blame the deaths on the tea party.

  4. This is all designed to distract from the real perpetrator of our economic problems, the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. They want those on the right to fall back into defending the free market against the commies mode, while the brainwashed graduates of Ford Foundation grants take to the streets to protests the banks (which they unwittingly funded their education through said grants, etc.). Classic controlled conflict here. We’ve got the Operation Mockingbird Media there with the cameras to talk it up. Nice.

    If the Tea Parties wanted to respond, they could “Occupy the Fed” as some are attempting to do, for they are the ones who are behind pumping our money out to foreign banks, and trying to swap us out to an international monetary system. Buh-bye sovereignty. Well, that’s what I think based on what I’ve learned so far.

    1. I’ve never been one to see the value of taking to the streets, but I DO see some real value in protesting the Fed. Good call, republican mother!

  5. We are in for one hell of a fight, REAL Conservatives are either going to lead this nation back to prosperity or we’re going to DIE trying… These MORONS want warfare? OK, lets do it, there’s a class of people that I belong to called *The Armed and very well trained* class…

    All I need is allies that as like minded and well trained.. I’m tired of ALL of this bullshit from the left and Obama, if Oath Keepers is for real, we got this one, as soon as America gets fully tired of being screwed and lying back and taking it…

  6. Great post, Jim, one that I believe is right on target. I hope and pray that we can prevent a confrontation, for if we do not, rest assured that it will be turned around and blamed on the conservatives. I have no doubt of that.

  7. NONE of this is surprising…Obama’s as Red as Mama Mia’s tomato gravy, & the Marxists want blood in the streets, same as they did in the ’60s (see Obama pals Ayers, B. & Dohrn, B. for further elucidation), same as they have since old Karl wrote his Manifesto, same as the conspirator Cataline did during the days of the Roman Republic. The election of Barack Obama was the biggest mistake the citizens of this country have ever made.

  8. Is anyone else besides me tired of hearing about “union muscle?” I see a klatch of union pogues and I see apple-shaped women and beer-bellied men with spaghetti arms.

    Unions are now stuffed full of government bureaucrats. The only way they would scare me would be if they lost my number as I waited in line at the DMV or if they threatened me with a tax audit.

  9. These demonstrations will receive a lot of media attention…

    The liberal local media here in the D.C. area are fawning all over themselves with glee as they “report” on these demonstrations. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears this morning when I watched our local news!

  10. Watch out around Thanksgiving and Christmas my friends. A blog I subscribe to that has encouraged the wall street protests has decided that they will become private during this time so that no one can follow their movements.!

      1. All I can tell you is that this blog has been active in the protest and encourages others to do so. They have been taking part in the protests on Wall Street, telling people where to meet, etc. I subscribe via email and when I go the notification this morning that they were taking the blog private, I tried to access the blog and was denied. The email that I got stated that because they were worried about others following their movements that this was the reason that they were going private, and the time period they were talking about was Thanksgiving in particular and the holidays in general.

      2. Sounds like they are going to be up to no good. If the group has a name, maybe googling every once in a while the name of the group will turn up some news article that will give us an idea what they are doing. Not much of a shot but I don’t have any other suggestions.

  11. Hell, the conservatives don’t need to do a thing. These fools will provoke the police while their cameras roll, afterwards we’ll see some heavily edited entries on YouTube and the like.

    Need I say they’ll all show the cops to be thugs picking on the poor peaceful protesters?

    Following this will be attacks on police stations across the nation (captured on more heavily edited home made flicks). The upshot will be the declaration of martial law. Take it from there what comes next.

    What can we do? I suggest prayer and extensive exercise of the 2nd Amendment. We’re in for a wild ride with the outcome shrouded in doubt.

    1. Welcome, Subvet. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I wouldn’t put it past Obama to look for an excuse to declare martial law; but, it would be a dangerous move on his part and for all of America.

  12. I am very worried about these protesters and I don’t think we should be taking this lightly because Obama has rallied these people to his side by initiating class warfare and to be honest with you many of these people are communists, whether they realize it or not. Most communist revolutions start with this game of class warfare and end up in dictatorship and I see this as being eerily similar to a communist revolt.

    1. You are right to worry, Steve. Obama knows he can’t run on his record. He sees class warfare (a Maxrist tactic) as his only hope. He has hope because so many Americans are truly hurting today and Obama knows that some of them are going to be vulnerable to the class warfare message. The question is will there be enough that fall for this tactic to get him reelected. Most Americans do love America and what it has stood for. Americans love their freedom. The problem I see is that many will not recognize that what Obama is selling is communism. We must find a way to get the message out that this election is to decide if we will have a free America or a socialist/Marxist America with little or no freedom. We will get no help from the media in getting this word out.

  13. Should the Tea Parties react, you ask? We shouldn’t respond to these protesters with counterprotests of our own, or anything like that. But we should continue to monitor and mock, mock, mock. If photos of garbage and pooping idiots, and videos of crazy talk against some poor old Jewish guy keep popping up, well they won’t succeed in anything but discrediting themselves.

    Perhaps I’m a little to naive regarding these protests, but I think they will just backfire. These people look and sound ridiculous, even thru the MSM filter. Most of the apolitical types are bound to be turned off.


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