Order out of Chaos? __ Part II

In Part I of this two-part series,  we talked about the imenent US recession, the fragile situation of the European Union and, the world-wide debt bubble being a the bursting point. We also talked about the chaos the will envelop the whole world when the credit bubble is pricked by some event; be that from within the EU or from an event outside of the EU. Today we will talk about some of the options of bringing order out of the chaos and how these options should impact our thinking on the coming elections in the US.

Before we get started, we need to touch on the events of the last couple of days that are relevent to this discussion. Two or three days ago the International Monetary fund (IMF) declared the world was within two or three weeks of an economic meltdown. This declaration by the IMF was not hyperbola, but it was unusual because the last bankers would ever do is to spark panic within the financial sectors. The IMF did this for one reason only and that was to put the fear of God into the governments of France and Germany to guarantee the solvency of the EU banks. The threat by the IMF worked perfectly. Yesterday France and Germany announced they would protect the banks of the EU and immediately the world’s stock markets responded with dramatic rallies. Does this mean the that the threat of world-wide economic meltdown has gone away? Not hardly. It means only that the European Union has kicked its can down the road a little bit further.

Does anyone or any group benefit from the chaos that is coming? In a backhanded way, the answer is yes. For example, many within the Marxist/socialist camp have longed for economic chaos to occur so that they can finally lead the world into their idea of a world-wide socialist utopia. Also, the One World Order (OWO) proponents have often felt that their best shot of implementing one currency for the world with a Word Central Bank and essentially one governing body for the world is if the world were to find itself in economic chaos. And, more than a few Libertarian pundits have suggested that the only way to save America is for a total economic collapse to occur first and then people would finally be willing to listen to them and we could rebuild out of the ashes the America our Founders intended.

We needn’t spend time talking about the Marxist/socialist. We know that they are a powerful minority in America because they have patiently over the years gained control of our media, our education system, Hollywood and, and they now have one of their own occupying the White House.

But, what about the OWO types? Are they for real? When we conservatives bring up what we call the banksters and the OWO types, we are often branded as tin hatters. The OWO types are real. They are made up of the worlds largest banks in Europe and the US. They have been working hand-in-hand with the big government political elites and a few major corporations for years. Since Nixon separated the dollar from gold in 1971 and the world adopted the fiat dollar as its reserve currency, these people have for all practical purposes been running the world. The Marxist/socialist have unwittingly been used as their useful idiots.

So, how will order from chaos be restored to America? There may be several options but yours truly is only capable of seeing two.

Option 1 _ One World Order

A good friend recently sent me an e-mail with an article from ForcingChange.org titled One World, One Money. I hope you will take time to read this article. For now i want to share with some quotes that are contained in the article:

…the idea of a single global currency has been quietly batted around in banking and economist circles since the closing days of the Second World War.[7] Over the years this call has increased in intensity. Consider some quotes,

1969: “Let me turn from digging away at the opposition to something more positive, and start with the best and worst of international monetary systems. The first-best, in my judgment, is a world money with a world monetary authority.”[8] — Charles P. Kindleberger, [Professor of Economics, MIT], speaking at a Federal Reserve Bank of Boston conference.

1984: “I have put forward a radical alternative scheme for the next century: the creation of a common currency for all the industrial democracies with a common monetary policy and a joint Bank of Issue to determine that monetary policy…This proposal is far too radical for the near future, but it could provide a ‘vision’ or goal which can guide interim steps…”[9] Richard N. Cooper [professor, Harvard], speaking at a Federal Reserved Bank of Boston conference.

1998: “…the transition to a single currency for the entire world could come with a speed that might surprise many. The world might easily move from having almost 200 currencies today to having one within a decade, and twenty-five years from now, historians would wonder why it took so long to eliminate the Babel of currencies which existed in the twentieth century.” — Bryan Taylor, Chief Economist at Global Financial Data.[10]

2001: “When VISA was founded twenty-five years ago, the founders saw the world as needing a Single Global Currency for exchange. Everything we’ve done from a global perspective has been about trying to put one piece in place after another to fulfill that global vision.”[11] — Sarah Perry, Director of VISA’s Strategic Investment Program.

2004: “…if the global market economy is to thrive over the decades ahead, a global currency seems the logical concomitant.” — Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator for the Financial Times, former senior economist at the World Bank.[12]

The people promoting the OWO concepts are not wearing tin hats. They are people connected to the most powerful banks in the world who in turn are supported by the big government political elites and their crony corporatist. A OWO would indeed bring about order from the chaos; but at what price? The price would be our sovereignty and most of our freedom. The idea that is America would become a footnote in history. How can this plan have any chance of being pulled off? No country, least of all America, is going to give-up its sovereignty and submit to some world authority, right? To understand how it could indeed become an acceptable solution one must let their imagination go to its limits. Try, if you can, to imagine what is implied when the IMF talked about the imminent world-wide economic melt down. folks, we are talking about world-wide panic. Trade in the world would be disrupted. There would be food shortages and people starving. There would energy shortages. Money would have no meaning. This, my friends, is what chaos means.Once the world has suffered a living hell long enough, the OWO types with the support of the political elites will offer to bring order to world once again and many will jump at the chance.

Option 2The Rebirth of America

It is my opinion that the freedom loving conservatives and Libertarians of these United States  are the only hope for bringing order out of the chaos without giving up our sovereignty and freedoms. The announcement by France and Germany to back-up European banks was a great blessing for us. From our point of view, the worst of all scenarios would be for the credit bubble to burst and the for the chaos to ensue before our elections. There can be little doubt that Barack Obama and the Fed would fall prey to the bankers offer. If the credit bubble stays intact until after our elections, we still have a chance to save America. We must elect those who believe strongly enough in America to resist the temptation of saving the banks once again. The path to order out of the chaos will take great will. It will be necessary to abandon our fiat dollar in favor of one backed by something(s) of real value. It will be necessary to abandon the decades of big government policy and return to the ideas of our Founders. This will be the hard choice. The easy choice will be to turn the world over to the bankers once and for all.

So, if you believe that world chaos is on the way as I do, and if the only ways to reclaim order in our world are as I described, does it affect your opinion on candidates for the coming elections? For me it does. Were we in something closer to normal times, I would be throwing support behind Herman Cain as the best among the current candidates. However, we are in anything but normal times. I believe the credit bubble will burst. I believe the world will be thrown into chaos. And, although i am not a Libertarian, I am convinced that we need Libertarians to lead us out of the chaos once it arrives on our shores. Therefore, I as Conservatives on Fire, will throw my insignificant weight behind Ron Paul. Paul is steeped in the Austrian School of economics and, in my opinion, that is what we are going to need if there is any hope of saving the America we all love.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


21 thoughts on “Order out of Chaos? __ Part II

  1. Your conclusion is logical, but I just don’t see Paul getting the nomination.

    Your choice of continuing with the banker cartel, or rebuilding is very real, but alas, I see us stumbling down the discredited path…

    1. I have to be true to myself, Kurt, So until the Republican National Convention finally selects their candidate, I will be supporting Ron Paul for the reasons I outlined. There is only one America and she is worth fight to preserve. We will each do that in our own way and I respect that. I wish someone could convince me that the economic melt down is not going to happen. The chances of someone being able to do that are far less than the chances that Ron Paul will get the nomination. In the end, I will support the party’s nominee and hope for the best.

  2. Hope springs eternal here. I could put on my tin foil just for the hell of it, but I will not clutter your blog! Maybe ignorance is bliss, since few share our concerns.

  3. I like your analysis, and I like Ron Paul on a lot of things, but I am not ready to declare for him. If he wins the nomination, I can support him, but he is not my first choice! Truly I am trying to keep an open mind at this time!

  4. I just wrote you a book here….but I think I lost it clicking the wrong button. Oops…
    Long story short, I can’t see Paul either getting the nomination or as President. His Austrian economics knowledge could be really beneficial to whoever does get the nod…as a cabinet member maybe. But his foreign policy statements, in my opinion, are dangerous and nothing more than wishful thinking on his part. And as long as we are talking about wishing….I think Gingrich is the right candidate for the dire situation we are in. I think he would wipe up the floor with Barack Obama for one thing. I think his command of history and convictions of Constitutional principles are the antidote to the global socialist policies already in place…he would clean house. I also think, however silly this may sound, that Newt is the one I would most appreciate speaking from the Oval Office on my television screen with either good news or bad. (thinking about coming chaos.) He has the demeanor of a statesman and reverence for the country that I don’t see in the others.

    Do you think there is a chance in heck we will go back to the gold standard and remain sovereign?? Under the pressure from the globalist banksters?? and global corporations?? That is a long shot, however much we wish it to happen. Our government and the Republican Party is rife with globalists.

    Cain is getting lots of traction. Romney has the backing of the globalist neo-cons and I don’t trust him. Perry is history, thankfully. Florida through away half of their convention delegate votes by moving their primary. Cain and Gingrich are both from Georgia, so their delegates will not be able to vote..I think. At the least they will split the vote. This is a circus….who knows what we will get.

    Just my take on this.

    1. I don’t like the same things you don’t like about Paul. None the less, he is, in my opinion, the right man to lead us out of the coming chaos. Gingrich is with out a doubt the most statesman like of all the candidates. He is a brilliant man. But, he was a part of the Republican establishment for a long time and I am not sure he can be trusted to take the hard decisions than are going to be called for in the times that are coming.
      Do I think we will win over the globalist? Well, it is going to be a real life David and Goliath story. I must hang on to the hope that history will repeat itself one more time.

      1. Yes, on Rand Paul. I like him and look forward to a someday run from him. I just watched the last half of the debate tonight…and as always, Ron Paul on the Fed outshines everyone. If that were the only issue, I agree with you that he would be the man…hands down. On Gingrich, since the neo-cons and Republican establishment are not getting behind him, I think that indicates he has moved away from that cabal and found his own way. Unfortunately, that also means he is not likely to get the nomination. They are crowning Romney without the voters deciding. If I hear Romney defend Romneycare one more time, I think I will throw up….
        Have a great night…!!

      2. To my way of thinking, Paul and Gingrich won the debate last night. Romney’s handling of the question of what he would do if faced with an economic meltdown was telling. Herman Cain’s response that Greenspan was the best previous Fed Chairman was the end of Cain for me. The potential for an economic meltdown is the greatest threat to the world ever and few people on Main Street are aware of this threat and only Paul and Gingrich among the candidates are aware of it. It looks like it will come down to Romney and Cain. It’s getting harder to stay positive, Cheryl.

  5. This is a wonderful post Jim and really does lay out what is happening all around us. It takes courage to support Ron Paul because the entire conservative media is against him? Why? Because the OWO people have bought most of them off. There is no way Ron Paul would ever be offered a cabinet position. Anyone who thinks that the President gets to pick whomever they want is completely naive. Every president we’ve had since Wilson has been controlled by the OWO. Those that haven’t have been shot.

    Another point to explore is that our foreign policy is being run by the OWO. I have a problem with that. After these people have destroyed our economy, do you think they care about your safety? They use our military as their way of muscling smaller countries into their web of economic tyranny. John Perkins has written about this, and while I don’t agree with his solutions, he is an eyewitness to how the Fed, IMF and World Bank, CIA, and the US military work in concert to bring nations into the OWO fold. Also note that our military size and scope (25% of national budget) would not be possible without the Fed printing up the money. Ron Paul has served on the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, so I think he knows what’s going on there. (Ex. Libya: Just two years ago John McCain is saying Qaddafi is a-ok. Then he gets his own ideas about currency apart from the globalist system. He is now a bad guy and must be destroyed using American tax money. peachy)

    Herman Cain was the Kansas City Federal Reserve Chairman. He has said that the Fed doesn’t need an audit because it does internal audits. Oh well, then! Cain was pro-TARP and Romney was his #1 choice in 2008. In short, he’s working for the OWO people. They’ve stacked the deck because they don’t want a genuinely honest man becoming president. They can only pull of that shooting stunt every so many years you know, and the way things are, they don’t have grip on information like they used to.

    Let me also point out that Paul supporters are those who have reached the end of the political theater rope and DO NOT count on them voting for the R. No more railroading between this globalist or that globalist because we know that they both are being paid for by the OWO and have the same endgame. Let’s just cut the crap and stop legitimizing their farce of an election.

    Check out the Marburg Plan – it’s happening now.

    1. I have to be honest, rM, I am not supporting Ron Paul because I have crossed over to the Libertarian camp. I’m supporting him because I believe he has the right answers to the problem we are going to be facing. As I told Cheryl, I wish it were Rand Paul that was running instead of his father. It is going to take more than just the right President to save America. I hope people keep that in mind.

  6. The frustrating thing is, although we see the headlines, like 2008, we really don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. You talked about that Lehman calamity in part one. There may be a few more out there. How do you prepare to be blindsided?

    1. Your question wouldn’t need to be asked if we had listened to L. Kotlikoff two years ago about his plan for Limited Purpose Banking. Under his plan there would never be another bank failure. And no, you can not prepare for a black swan event. You can only respond. But what is going on in Europe is not a black swan because it is there for everyone to see.

  7. I believe that Obama and the Dems will try to force the one world currency upon us.

    But not until after the election.

    If the Dems are turned out of office, we can turn this mess around. Not overnight, of course.

    I am quite concerned that the one world currency may be forced up on us before the 2012 election, however, particularly if Obama realizes that he is going to lose the election.

    My despair mounts because I think that Obama may well do even more damage toward the end of this term of office.

    2001: “When VISA was founded twenty-five years ago, the founders saw the world as needing a Single Global Currency for exchange. Everything we’ve done from a global perspective has been about trying to put one piece in place after another to fulfill that global vision.”[11] — Sarah Perry, Director of VISA’s Strategic Investment Program.

    At lot of folks don’t realize how powerful and how extensive VISAnet is. Many of our bank deposits go through via VISAnet.

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