Trying To Stay Positive for America’s Sake

There is more than ample reason for Americans to lack confidence in the future. God knows that I have laid out on these pages plenty of reasons to be depressed about the future. Even so, I have always believed that there is power in thinking positively.

What made America great has been systematically destroyed by the big government elitist of both our political parties in partnership with the banking elites who control our monetary policy. Our country, like many others today, is bankrupt; economically, philosophically and morally.

So, what can be done to give Americans reason to believe that the future will get better? In my humble opinion, our would be leaders could start by telling the American people the truth loudly and clearly. The truth is there is nothing wrong with America, but there is a whole lot wrong with America’s government. The truth is that America’s government has evolved over the last many decades into something that is anti-American. The truth is that the Republicans have been nearly as guilty as the Democrats in bring about this anti-American government we have today. The truth is that Mr. Obama and the Democrats want to give America more of the same or even worse. The truth is we who identify with the Tea Party movement are taking over the Republican Party. The truth is we do know how to get America’s economy going again and producing jobs. The truth is that we know we must protect the those already dependent on Social Security and Medicare but we also know that for the rest of Americans these programs must be reformed before they go bankrupt…. The truth is if Americans elect Tea Party affiliated Republicans to every level of government, America will have a very bright future indeed.

Okay, the rant is over. My point is we can deliver a message of hope because we do know how to get America back on track again. The trick, of course is convincing the American people that we really do know what is wrong and we really do know how to fix the problems. If we can get Americans thinking positive about the future, nothing can stop America from reaching its boundless potential. I think we can  gain America’s confidence and we start doing that by telling them the truth.

There was an article published at American Thinker yesterday  that I hope you will all take time to read. The article is titled This Is a Screwy Time for Optimism, Isn’t It? and the author uses a quote from Victor Davis Hansen that I want to share with you:

Victor Davis Hansen believes the 2012 election will unleash dramatic positive American energy because our fundamentals are sound:

The Constitution that ensures stability “of the sort absent in Russia, China, the Islamic world and even (or especially) the European Union.”

The increasing availability of domestic oil and natural gas “may well turn us into a fuel depot like Saudi   Arabia.”


Population growth: “Americans… aren’t a shrinking nation with the demographic crises of a Europe or Russia.”

The potential for reform: “Tax simplification, tax reduction and greater tax compliance, less regulation, entitlement reform and budgetary discipline.”

In areas of foreign and defense policy, “we’ll return to a quiet sense of American exceptionalism, but more so, given that the naysayers have had their say. Proper appreciation of US global power and moral international citizenship likewise will restore confidence….The US military has only improved in the last decade. It secured Iraq against all odds.”

Getting back to the good messages our candidate have for Americans and America, I want to touch on the most recent debate. I thought this was the best of the debates to date. By in large, the candidates were able to talk about their plans for improving the economy. If I were judging the debate I would said that Gingrich and Paul tied. I think Cain did well and I think Romney was Romney. The real loser, in my opinion, was Rick Perry, but it might have been a case of the right message but the wrong messenger. Perry wanted to make the case that the best way to jump-start the economy would be to unleash the oil and gas industries. The man was totally inept. I happen to think, however, that Perry is right. The oil and gas industries are literally chomping on the bit to get this economy going again. All we have to do is get government out-of-the-way.  Please do yourselves a favor and read this story at Common Cents of a present day boom town in North Dakota and think about the impact that hundreds of these boom towns could make.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?



30 thoughts on “Trying To Stay Positive for America’s Sake

  1. “All we have to do is get government out-of-the-way.”

    Didn’t Reagan say something like ‘government is not the solution, it’s the problem’?

    I fully endorse a Constitutionally-based government, of course. I fully endorse State’s rights over Federal rights. I like the freedom I have right now to make my own decisions. But this current Regime, this current Washington DC…they gotta go. All of ’em.

    Our heroes are dead. It’s time to make new ones who address this America that has been created through endless compromise, corruption, and touchy-feely Socialism/liberalism.

    1. A lot of Americans today don’t trust any politician and for good reason. We need to convince people that electing conservative candidates we can turn this ship around. And we do that by convincing them that we have good plans.

  2. Positive thinking concerning American politics? Try positive drinking, you’ll accomplish more that way…

    America is on the verge of FAILURE, Obama is at the heart of the matter, so, a positive thought; positively believe that Obama will be gone in 2013, or sooner…

    That’s the best I have..

  3. I agree with VDH. Our fundamentals are strong. Not only is a pent-up gas and oil industry ready to burst forth in economy-growing activity, so are the American people.

    Obama has smothered us with taxes, regulations and job-killing legalities. That’s why the job creators are sitting on their money.

    Get rid of Obama, fumigate the EPA and the other bureaucratic termites that are eating away at our foundation, and it will again be morning in America.

  4. I am starting to think that we need to focus on the Senate seats that are up. I understand there are a number of Dem seats that still have no GOP interested candidates. Since the Presidency seems to be iffy for us as far as a true conservative, the best we can do is have a House and senate control the President down to his shoe laces.

    1. The dysfunctional school system have done horrendous damage to our youth, that’s for sure. In spite of that, I believe there is still a majority that love freedom and love America but they have lost faith in government and politicians. We must try to convince them that the Tea Party candidates are going to do things right.

  5. It’s interesting, I have a very positive outlook on my own future. I have a positive outlook on on the future of my community, but it is not easy to think that way about our nation.

  6. I think great days are ahead for America and we have the left to thank for it. Americans have once again tasted the flawed leftist policies and are soundly rejecting them. This lurch to the left has finally stirred something in Americans and this awakening is a good thing. People are now talking about limited government, free markets, and the constitution.

  7. I’m positive. I made home in this country because I believe in the Constitution and the American spirit. I’m confident will pull ahead.
    And look at the rest of the world, who else can compete with us: China? Russia? Saudi Arabia?

  8. Yes, yes, yes! It is a time for optimism and hope. In many ways, pessimism and fear become self-fulfilling. Certainly, this is true in economics and business. While we do need to deal with the issues and hold our leaders to account, it is time to look up and start thinking solutions instead of problems.

  9. I would also offer that there is fair amount wrong with American voters, just like there is with us down under. After all the leftist trash leading our respective countries were voted in, they didn’t steal the top jobs.

    Our respective governments are stupid, wasteful and incompetent at the many things they do because enough of us want government in our lives fiddling and screwing up.

  10. I am not optimistic about the future but I am trying to be; I just don’t know if anyone has the guts to do what is needed in order to turn the country around. Perry is all but done in my opinion but he does have the right idea on oil and gas, it must be part of the equation. We need to stop bowing to these environmentalists who are helping to drive our country into the ground.

    1. It’s not easy to be optimistic, is it Steve? But, as John Scotus points out below, pessimism can become a self fulfilling prophesy. As you know, I believe that an economic meltdown is coming. For that reason and that reason only, I am supporting Ron Paul to be our President. Well, I know that is not going to happen. So, I must hang on to the hope that we can put more conservatives in the House and the Senate and hopefully change the mood of Main Street America, such that, whoever our next President is will be pressured into doing what must be done. It’s our only hope to save America.

    1. It’s hard, AOW, when all you see and hear is bad news about the economy, bad news about Obama’s latest mind blow, and the scum on Wall Street. That’s why our candidates need to be talking about how good things are going to be once they are in office.

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