A Message for the Voters in the Early Primary States

[ NOTE: There are two posts today. They are short posts, so please take time to read both.]

Our Civic Responsibility: Eternal Vigilance By the People is the title of an essay published this past Saturday at the Fuzzy Logic blog where the author’s essays are anything but fuzzy in logic. In this essay, Fuzzy challenges conservatives to be true to their beliefs and to not surrender to the efforts of the GOP establishment and the MSM to decide who our candidate will be. I hope you will read this excellent piece and take Fuzzy’s words to heart. Her words motivated me to write the following message.

To: Voters in the Early Primary States

From: A Concerned Conservative

Subject: Your Choice for the Republican Nominee for President of the United States

You the voters in the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada have an extra ordinary responsibility to your selves and to all of us who are not in an early primary state. The choice you all make can end the opportunity for some candidates to continue in the race because they will not be able to raise the funds necessary to keep their campaigns alive.

Our country is on the edge of economic collapse. We  come to this sorry state of affairs because the GOP establishment and the Democrats have for the last several decades created this monster we call our federal government that costs way more than we can afford and in the process they progressively been stripping away our freedoms. The worst of all of these administrations is the one led by our current President, Barack Obama. Our ship of state must be turned around or America will become just another footnote in history. If we want to save America, we must not only defeat Obama in 2012, but we must not replace him with another Establishment Republican.

And now the GOP establishment and the Main Stream Media (MSM) are trying to manipulate you into voting for their choice, Mitt Romney. Recently the state of Florida announced that it was moving its primary election date forward to January. This has caused the other early primary states to move their primaries forward as well. There is only one candidate who benefits from this change and that is Mitt Romney. The GOP establishment is clearly be hind this action by Florida.

The GOP establishment and the MSM want you to believe that only a centrist like Romney and beat Obama. DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!  The conservative giant in this country has finally woken-up. We proved that in 2010 and since that time the movement has done nothing but grow. Our country desperately needs a president who believes in the Constitution, who believes in small government, who believes in fiscal responsibility, and who knows how to unleash our economy so that America can reclaim her rightful spot on the world stage.

I pray that when you all vote in your state’s primary that you will vote for the candidate that you know America needs and not for the candidate that the political elite say you need.

God Bless You and God Bless America

Jim Gourdie, a concerned conservative American

I ask you, dear readers, to consider the a RED ALERT. If you believe as I do that Mitt Romney would be a mistake for the conservative movement and a mistake for America, please raise your voices and let the people know they are being manipulated by the GOP establishment. Let the GOP know that they don’t choose our candidates any more; that We The People are going to choose our candidate for president and it is not Mitt Romney.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


26 thoughts on “A Message for the Voters in the Early Primary States

  1. Now we’re talking the mechanics of party politics, and that puts me to sleep. So are you saying that the RNC is encouraging all this go early stuff to get Mitt nominated before other candidates have a chance to emerge?

    If so, I think this will backfire horribly on them. Look at Florida. They dismiss Cain’s victory as a protest vote, but it’s still a victory for someone other than Romney.

    Just the thought of polluting the Christmas season with politics makes me sick. This could be a big mistake for that reason alone.

    1. No, Kurt. I purposely did not refer to the RNC. But, I do believe it is evident that powerful forces inside the GOP establishment are working to convince voters that Romney is the only viable candidate. And, as Fuzzy pointed out, many conservatives are falling for this story.

    2. Actually, Silverfiddle, the GOP establishment is behind the push for early primaries, thinking it will help Romney. This was proven when it came out that one of Rubio’s staffers (previously involved, deeply, with GOP establishment) was behind the early Florida primary.

      1. Wait… your evidence of GOP establishment involvement is a Marco Rubio staffer? I thought Marco Rubio was a Tea Party candidate, not an establishment Republican. What am I missing in your comment?

  2. We need time to vet these candidates. As I said before, Romney is flying under the radar. The so called “debates” have been nothing but a beauty show for Mitt. The candidates never get a chance to take him on, nor even get much time. Let us hope tomorrow’s debate, Mitt gets taken out. How come there is not equal time for each candidate? First time in my recollection.

  3. CoF and Fuzzy:

    Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t mean to call your post boring, Jim, just the opposite, so please accept my apologies. I just get frustrated with such inside baseball and I hate wasting brainpower trying to understand it. So I do appreciate it when people like you and Fuzzy do the shovel work and break it down for the rest of us.

    If this is what they are up to, I do see it backfiring big time. Romney would be smart to come out, look presidential, and tell the states and the RNC to knock it off and stick to the agreed-upon schedule.

  4. Wow! Brilliant posting, CoF, and Fuzi has posted an amazing piece, as well.

    I error on the side of not voting this election year if I am forced to vote for a RINO. I have been lambasted for this, being told to not vote will guarantee an Obama victory, but I must stand firm on what my spirit says.

    I will say that if Cain or Paul gets the nod, I will vote. The time for the beltway GOP establishment to face the facts about their failed compromises is NOW. They gave us McCain and will probably give us Romney. Yikes. Where are the true Conservatives in the GOP? Exactly.

  5. I am going back to my thesis that what we true conservatives need to do is to: A) Try to get the most conservative candidate possible for the top spot, and B) Get as many true conservatives as possible elected in the Senate and the House. Of the two, B is more important. Keep in mind that the laws come from Congress. Presidents can put bill ideas forward, but, as you notice with Obama’s (wait… I’m laughing too hard to type…) Jobs (seriously… it’s killing me!) Bill, unless there’s support in Congress, it’s going no where. On the other hand, an aligned Congress can force the president’s hand… as in forcing his hand to sign the bill. Look at Clinton. Not a moderate, but because Congress forced reforms on him, suddenly he’s signing welfare reform and balanced budgets.

    Romney does worry me. But the one thing we know about him is that he’ll go where the political winds are blowing. If Congress is blowing hard from the conservative side, we will get conservative legislation signed by him.

    Obama is a great example of this. He actually showed no leadership on anything. People talk about Obamacare, but it wasn’t Obama that made it happen, it was Reid and Pelosi. People talk about Obama’s stimulus, but it wasn’t Obama that made it happen, again it was Reid and Pelosi. Obama is feckless. He’s a great target because he’s one guy and he signs the bills and makes big speeches. The truth is that he has given no direction to anyone on anything. He’s an incompetent leader. (If you haven’t read “Confidence Men” by Ron Suskind, do so. Obama has been like having no president at all in the White House.)

    The big attention is always paid to presidential candidates, but the real action in 2012 is taking over the Senate in a big way (60 votes!!!! and ridding us of all the RINOs we can there), and holding or expanding the majority in the House. Think about it. Where does the Tea Party have the most influence now? The House. Can you imagine a Senate with more Marco Rubio and Rand Paul types? They will steer whoever is elected president (as long as it’s not Obama) down a more conservative path. Hell, it might even bring the balance back to where it should be, scaling back the “imperial presidency”. A conservative Congress can even change the culture of the agencies, both by influencing who is named to run them, and by enacting laws that either abolish them entirely, or narrowly define their roles (which as we all know have become far to expansive).

    Just remember, there are two balls to keep our eyes on, and the more important of the two is actually the Congress. Whoever we get at the top of the ticket, a core conservative takeover of Congress will steer us in the right direction. This is particularly important if Romney is the presidential candidate. So, don’t stay home based on who is at the top of the ticket. Get to work to make sure that no matter who that person is, we have a Congress that pushes the conservative agenda.

    1. @Pat,

      You know…you are correct. Even I have spoken about this issue at length with others, yet here I find myself getting all worked up over the Presidency. Congress has the power, not the President. It all comes down to Congress.

      You are correct.

      I feel like a rank amateur, getting sidetracked like that. Thanks for getting my head back in the game.

    2. It is a given for me that we must try to control both the House and the Senate. But my point is why should we have to settle for Romney as our President just because that is what the GOP elites want. We bloggers, and not just hose that frequent this humble site, have the power to influence what happens in the early primary states. Sure, Romney may still win New Hampshire say, but maybe by a small enough margin that most of the more conservative candidates will be able to stay in the race. I don’t trust Romney. The idiot has made it clear he intends to start a trade war with China. No one wins a trade war, but he people do suffer. Also, Obama as shown how easy it is for a president to ignore the Congress, the Supreme Court and, the Constitution Do you trust Romney not to do the same?

      1. I understand your point, Jim. The GOP elite gave us the Bush years. Anybody want “compassionate conservatism” back? We should have known the second he said that (maybe some people did) that Bush didn’t understand conservatism. Conservatism is about compassion and equality, except that it accomplishes it by giving people both freedom and responsibility rather than having big government give them stuff that enslaves them to the state. We need a big government conservative (that should be in quotes) like we need a hole in the head. Romney is not my first choice… or even my second or third. But, if we do get saddled with him, we definitely need a conservative Congress that rides herd on the big government side of his nature, and presents him with conservative bills to sign.

  6. I’d vote for the slick Romney over Obama ANY DAY of the week………I’m with your commenter PAT, if we get saddled with him, we must get true Conservatives in the House and Senate..MUST. And, I honestly believe Romney will turn more Right if elected.
    I’m ashamed of Karl Rove, who I thought had integrity (and I know people who’ve met him who say he’s one of the nicest guys ever)…..he’s so subtly slamming anybody the GOP is not behind and he should be ashamed of himself; unless he really feels only a lukewarm conservative could beat Obama. I fluctuate between agreeing with him and feeling that only someone AS conservatives as Reagan could take the whole country. Not sure which.

    1. Hi, Z. Thanks for coming by today. My whole reason for trying to stop the GOP elites from saddling us with Romney, is that I believe that Europe and the US are on the very brink of disaster. Believing that, I want the most conservative candidate that we can get and preferably Ron Paul. In the end, if my choice is between Obama or Romney, I will vote against Obama.

  7. Being from the early primary state of New Hampshire I can assure you that I will not be voting for Romney. There is no doubt that he MSM is pushing Romney, but I didn’t realize the primaries were being moved up to help him but it does make sense. I hope that the people do not fall for this again as in 2008 when the MSM chose John McCain for us.

  8. @cainblogger
    I you want to add to the conversation here at Conservatives on Fire you will be welcomed to do so. If you want to share with us why you support Herman Cain, or why you disagree with an opinion here, your comments will be welcome. But, if all you have is snark, then you have nothing to add to the conversation here and you are not doing Mr. Cain any favors either.

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