Turning Obama’s Class War (OWS) Against Him

Before we get to today’s subject, I  want to talk  a bit about the Republican dog fights that are billed as being debates.  In my opinion, the media moderators are manipulating the candidates into pissing contests to create a good show for their television audiences. And, for the most part the candidates are going along  and playing their parts. This, my friends, is not helping the image of the Republican Party at all.  Last night, I thought Newt Gingrich, the most adult person on that stage, was absolutely right in his comment at the very end about the debate format and his comment to the other candidates that “bickering is not the way to the White House”.

Okay. On to today’s subject.

The Occupy Wall Street protests should not be taken lightly only because much of what see are some pretty dim bulbs babbling about what they want. These protestors are being manipulated by our Community  Organizer in Chief and his closest supporters like the SEIU and people like Van Johnson. As I pointed in my post The Class Warfare President is Marshalling His Troops, this is how Obama plans to get reelected. I fear we will see in the coming weeks and months that these, more or less peaceful protestors are going morph into violent mobs. It is Obama’s plan to tie all this angst to the tail of the Republican elephant.This is how trained community organizers work. I have to wonder what they have planned for the Republican National Convention next year.

I am not alone in seeing the potential danger for the GOP if they fail to appropriately respond to Obama’s challenge. Here are some snips from an excellent article by  Tammy Bruce at Newsmax.com:

As one month of “Occupy Wall Street” passes, it’s fascinating how media and politicians alike, with one or two exceptions, have managed a remarkable suspension of disbelief when it comes to the organized source of these open-air leftist animal houses.

These are not protests against Wall Street, they’re protests for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and are organized and directed by a number of his campaign supporting organizations, including one of his favorite — the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). It is also an indication of a virtual meltdown of
the left, but could succeed if the GOP continues to fumble the ball in response.


Radical SEIU union organizer Stephen Lerner has been discussing “occupy”
at various events, publicly laying out their tactics and discussing the overall agenda.


Here’s how it’s supposed to work: Obama knows he’s failed, causing one disaster after another. He cannot run on his record, he can’t even have it as an issue.
He needs to be an innocent bystander as he stands right next to the fire he created.

He accomplishes this by doing what leftists do best — creating a shiny false crisis, a straw man, to be the new fall guy for the disastrous economic situation his failed policies and contempt for this nation have delivered to each of our front doors.

The fantasy of this false crisis is to get both “rich bankers” and Republicans blamed for a disaster entirely of Obama’s making.

All of this is now taking place, with Obama praising the mob, and his chief adviser David Axelrod directly attaching Republican candidates to the new enemy.

Ms. Bruce goes on to say how recently House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, called the protestors a mob, which is exactly what they are; a Obama mob. But, he then, a week later, walked back his comment saying that Republicans agree there is  “too much income disparity.”  Is that how our Republican leadership should be responding to this situation? I don’t think so.

Our Republican leaders are going to get no help from the MSM, at least not voluntarily. They need to call press conferences as often as necessary to pin the Democrat’s tale tail on the Donkey where it belongs .

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


39 thoughts on “Turning Obama’s Class War (OWS) Against Him

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jim. I watched some of the debate last night, in between other obligations, and I thought most of them came across as a crowd of bickering school children. They would do well to heed Newt Gingrich’s advice.

    The Occupy Wall Street protests are headed in a direction that I believe is very dangerous. I have no problem with the protest itself, but it seems to be increasingly based on class warfare. The results of that can only be bad. I dread to see what they will turn into, if they last long into the campaign. It will not be a good thing, I believe.

  2. I also agree with you on the debates. Why the GOP has turned its’ debates over to the liberal media and the pro-Obama gargoyles I’ll never know.

    The panelists and moderators should be conservatives like Tammy Bruce, Fred Barnes, Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

    I’m still not sure who started OWS, but I am sure the Obama political machine will milk it for all it’s worth.

    This movement is less than a 10th of the tea parties, but look at all the coverage it’s getting.

    The GOP will end up losing if they can’t find language to address this. It’s The Crony Crapitalism, Stupid!

    If the republicans don’t get ahead of this with a coherent message, they will get run over.

    1. “I’m still not sure who started OWS, but I am sure the Obama political machine will milk it for all it’s worth.”

      Yep. To his detriment and due to his emotionally-driven mindset that He is The Messiah.

  3. I think that is Americans fall for Barack Obama again that we might as well close up shop and move to some other country because this one will be too far gone to save! Sorry Jim, but after watching last night, I am more pessimistic that ever. I said somewhere else this morning that I think the Republicans are going for quanity instead of quality and it is so true. It’s sad that the field that we have to choose from is letting themselves be manipulated into looking like a bunch of back-biting, snapping, whiners that are more interested in bringing the other person down than they are about the future of the country. They seem to be more interested in themselves that they are the American people and the media is manipulating them with the type of questioning that they are doing. Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich were the only two that seemed to be able to stay above the fray last night.. And as for OWS, the more news that comes out about them the better. People are finding out that they are classless, trashy, whiny brats that don’t even understand the basic concept of cleanliness. The more light that they receive the better and it will not matter how much money that Soro’s and his bunch throws at them. The news of the rape at the OWS Cleveland, as well as the man exposing himself, is just an example of what depravity that is happening. If Obama thinks that this is okay and that he doesn’t have to condemn it, that he is embracing it, tells me that he is totally out of touch with the American people. If he gets elected with this type of ignorance, I personally will think that this is not the country that I loved anymore. I am hopeful that the tide is turning but I am pessimistic that we will be the winners.

  4. After watching that silliness last night, I came away with thinking the best choice for president would be Newt Gingrich with Cain as his vice. The rest of them were so busy attacking each other it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    As to OWS? Glenn Beck has (so far) been spot on with his predictions and his insights. I hope he’s wrong for it doesn’t bode well for the future of this country if he’s right.

    OT – Jim, slip in the word “end” in the first paragraph after “very” the most adult person on that stage, was absolutely right in his comment at the very about the debate format and his comment…

  5. The OWS “movement” so far is too small to be called a movement. It’s getting way more media coverage than it deserves. That said, however, it looks like it may grow as it draws in more from the radical left. I don’t expect it to have any unifying theme other than misdirected anger.

  6. I believe the Obama campaign plan of lightly sponsoring and siding with the OWS is a mistake on their part and will turn around and bite them. It is not a movement with which most Americans will associate – specially since they do not have a coherent message. As the movement turns more radical and violent the American people will reject it, together with all those that associated themselves with it.

  7. All I know is that if a person were to take notes, and keep track of Mr. Obama’s affiliations and affectations, it would be easy as pie to pound him during any debates.

    Has it not been made blatantly obvious by now that Mr. Obama hates America and wants to make it into a Socialist State?


  8. I may be wrong here, but here are my reactions to the debates: I don’t mind that there are many of them and that they are conducted by whoever in the liberal or mainstream media. That there a many of them means they are reaching more people. That the liberal / mainstream are showing them, mean liberals are watching them. The audience applauding for getting rid of Obamacare and getting rid of Obama has to be getting through to the liberal viewers. As for the conduct of the candidates, the four rising to the top for manners are; Gingrich, Paul, Cain, and Bachmann. ( in that order ) The two front runners are showing themselves to be ridiculous asses…I thought Perry was going to clock Romney last night…which if it were not so sad, it would be hilarious. They looked like junior high scrappers in the parking lot. Proving neither of them is worthy to take on the presidency. Frankly, from just last night’s debate, I’d say Gingrich and Paul came out on top. Santorum just comes across as angry…always angry. He might as well give it up.

    So Jim….Gingrich maybe?? Why the big money and the liberal press has anointed Romney is beyond me…but I guess they see him as the next best thing to Obama? Or they think he’ll be the next McCain and Republicans will stay home again??

    I am greatly worried that the RNC is going to pick a loser again. Not sure what to do about that. Gingrich better start getting some backers..if there are any to find that are not corruptocrats.

    On OWS, it is evidently not going away. If Obama thinks this is his ticket to a second term, I think he’s certifiably insane. But, the democrats in charge of the city of Charlotte, NC are now providing portajohns for them at taxpayer expense. Maybe that beats having to scrap the poo off the sidewalks…but the situation is deteriorating there, just like all the other occupations. I hope the johns all have that “OCCUPIDO” sign on them. That is where they belong. Maybe the OWS people will stay there through the Democrat Convention brought to us by the new Democrat black mayor of Charlotte. The taxpayers will no doubt get skinned on that one, too. Great for tourism, you know. The hotels are salivating.

    Cheers to you..

    1. My take on Gingrich is that he is not running for President. I think he is in the race only to win himself a Cabinet seat i the new administration. That’s just my opinion.

      On OWS we must remember that Obama is not a rational normal person. Unlike Clinton who knew when to move to the middle, Obama is going to keep pushing toward the extreme left.

  9. “Obama knows he’s failed”– I disagree. He has accomplished more for the Progressives than he or his kind could have hoped for. That is our mistake thinking that. He has shredded the constitution, bankrupted our country, and on the way to civil unrest– their ultimate dream.I agree as well with SF. Why we allowed the left to corrupt our debates, well I do know. They want Romney, pure and simple. As a side note, I attended the debates with our Tea Party.They took a poll, Almost total support for Gingrich.. a surprise to me.

    1. point well taken, Bunker. I was trying to say he sees that the electorate sees him as a failure. He is not trying to run on his record. He is still looking for ways to shift the blame.
      I’m not surprised that your friends saw Gingrich as the winner last night. I did too.

  10. I never watch the debates. For some reason I always feel embarrassed when I watch them, so I just read about them. Part of the embarrassment comes from the format, typically. It’s not meant to provide a forum for thoughtful insight, it’s meant as a forum for sound-bites. And I will never understand why, as Silverfiddle said, they have people like Anderson Cooper moderate. You don’t have to get someone who is on the Republicans’ side, but why have someone who is interested in doing them harm? That said, I’m starting to lean a little toward Newt. I heard him on Hannity’s radio show about a week ago and he’s laying out an interesting plan.

    It’s funny that the 999 plan is running into the problem I have predicted since I started my blog: people don’t understand economics at all. Cain is making a point that is over everyone’s head (whether the other people on the stage understand it, or if they just know that most people don’t understand it, I don’t know). Eliminating the hidden taxes in everything we buy does make a 9% sales tax far less onerous than it sounds if you don’t understand the concept of hidden taxes and how they raise prices. That said, I know Cain has said that 999 is a first step that ends in a flat or fair tax structure (can’t remember which), and I don’t see why we don’t just step straight to the flat tax.

    OWS is a movement of immaturity (not surprising to see Obama and Dems embracing it). Anyone who wants equal distribution of wealth without understanding how wealth is created is a child, plain and simple. It’s magical thinking, where all the nice things magically appear without any need for incentives. It doesn’t work and it has never worked, but that doesn’t stop the socialists from insisting that it will. They don’t even want to leave the milk and cookies for Santa, or the carrot for the reindeer, they just want the goodies he brings.

    It is the nexus between Wall Street and Government that is the problem. It’s insane that anyone thinks Obama is anti-Wall Street. He had a golden opportunity to put in real reforms that made a difference, and he chose not to do it. Wall Street is increasingly NOT in the business of facilitating the creation and expansion of businesses that will generate real wealth. They are in the business of creating money out of thin air, or less than thin air. What was once a methodology for hedging risk has morphed into a methodology for leveraging debt to create huge bonus checks. And the people standing there with the net as the Wall Street banks walk the high wire are the taxpayers. The people who put the taxpayers there are the politicians who benefit from Wall Street’s risk taking. There is no one saying, “I understand you can make money doing that, but your ability to do so cannot be based on someone else picking up the tab when you fail. Supply your own net, or don’t, but you’re on your own if you fall off of the wire.”

    1. I’m with you, Pat. I don’t watch them either. I place a lot more emphasis on a candidates factual background and track record than I do rhetoric and pre-canned answers to inane questions.

    2. I agree that Gingrich is beginning to shine, but, as I said to Cheryl, I think he is only hoping for a Cabinet position with whomever is the winner. But, who knows. this is one strange election year so far. But somebody must stop Romney, please!
      I think your right about Cain’s 999 plan. Unfortunately these debates are not the right format for him to try to educate people.

      On OWS, we need to watch what happens if Europe implodes. With these morons acting as seeds, we could quickly have Greece style riots and Obama believes that would favor him.

  11. If the candidates are foolish enough to let liberal moderators skewer them, they’re certainly not fit to hold the office of President. These things aren’t debates; they’re the political version of American Idol & Dancing With The Stars.

  12. I don’t pay much attention to the debates, I look into the ties they have and their stance before they were candidates. It is mystifying that the GOP and Tea Party have decided to have the enemy moderate their debate.

  13. Great post Jim. These debates have turned into a circus. I want the candidates to tell me how they’re going to restore the constitution and scale back government so it operates within it’s constitutional parameters. As for the OWS protesters my stance as a conservative is simple. I refuse to listen to them as long as they stand hand-in-hand with the communists and socialists. Until this condition changes I have no use for them. Is that too harsh and cold of a position to take…maybe, but I really don’t care.

    1. You know that I have come out in support of Ron Paul. But just today I began to wonder how much cooperation he could get even from a Republican controlled House and Senate? have my doubts that he would get his way on many things.
      Look out, John, if Europe goes down the OWS will become something entirely different.

  14. I have watched all of the debates hoping to walk away with something of substance from the candidates. The first debate was the best–during that one they all looked and sounded presidential. It’s been deteriorating since. Now they all make it too easy to pick them apart as a voter. Who’s the RINO that would be Prez? My money’s on Perry first, Romney second. That’s enough to make me steer clear of both of them. Evidently Trump is going to be endorsing someone soon. THAT will be interesting.

  15. I couldn’t agree with you more Jim; this movement is not spontaneous, it is being coordinated by the left in an attempt to re-elect Barack Obama. This is nothing but an attempt to shift the blame away from Obama and toward the Republicans and I do fear that this will become violent in the future. I also feel that Obama wants it to become violent. This man has done more to divide the country than any other president in history.

    1. I really do fear that people are under estimating just how far Obama will go to stay in office. He is so close to his goal of destroying this country so he can rebuild it into some kind of Marxist/Corprocratic hybrid that he can taste it.

      1. I agree, I think that this is going to get ugly before it is over. The unions are getting involved in this as well and we know there is basically nothing they won’t do in order to get what they want. Barack Obama’s army has been called out and they are marching in the streets.

  16. The debate was an absolute travesty. I came away thinking that none of these people deserved to be president. The latest string of attack videos from Romney and then Perry just confirms this impression, though Romney at least had the sense to take his down. It is hard to blame Anderson Cooper for the debacle, as he was just doing what he does. The candidates should be blamed for allowing him to be the debate moderator, and for not showing basic self-control.
    Is it possible that OWS is a dry run for other crap latter on? Probable. However, it is important not to respond in kind. The GOP needs to show that they are the adults here and offer true leadership to a hurting country.

    1. “Is it possible that OWS is a dry run for other crap latter on? Probable. However, it is important not to respond in kind. The GOP needs to show that they are the adults here and offer true leadership to a hurting country.”

      I couldn’t agree more, John

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