It’s Sunday with The Bard of Murdock

The following poem was originally published by The Bard of Murdock on Thursday, October 20, 2011. Please be sure to read the article link provided by the Bard before reading the poem.



Resurrecting Objecting

The Senate is a forum
That functions with a quorum –
And sometimes with decorum.
Some find as inconvenient
Its code of broad agreement
To consummate achievement.
But should a resolution
Ignore the Constitution,
Rand Paul has one solution:
That Southern stubborn mule
Will find an arcane rule,
And use it as a tool.
Which leads the more dramatic
To verbalize emphatic,
And worse – undiplomatic.
The Senator’s objection
Has bought him disaffection,
And maybe reelection.
For in the current hour,
The one who holds the power
Is he who will not cower.
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My goal is to produce poetical cartoons. I try to use metaphors and caricatures (or a politician’s own words) to address complex political and social situations. In this way, I sum up current events in humorous verse.

6 thoughts on “It’s Sunday with The Bard of Murdock

    1. Agreed.

      The US Constitution is a road block to progressivism:

      –It is a nuisance, an inconvenience, a pesky buzzing about the ears of Socialist sycophants.

      –I really don’t know why we just don’t get the original copies of The US Constitution and burn them and start over.

      –The US Constitution should be a tool for progressivism, and not that silly “foundation” of America. This isn’t the 1950’s, after all. We are more enlightened and evolved.


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