Europe Coming Unraveled

Minor laser surgery on my eye will keep me ouut of commision for most of the day.

The news out of Europe is nothing but bad. Here are some headlines you might want to checkout.

Once my vision clears this afternoon, I’ll start making my rounds. You all try to have a good day.

That’s what I’m thing. What are your thoughts?



15 thoughts on “Europe Coming Unraveled

  1. Greece changes government like underwear, and in the cradle of democracy, democracy is still in the cradle. I bet the PM smelled a military coup brewing.

    My fellow Americans! Look to Greece and learn a lesson! That is our future if we don’t drastically change out ways.

  2. The Greek debt crisis took a MAJOR turn today…

    At the demand of Sarkozy and Merkle and with a knee-jerk Greek reaction, several things happened:
    1-The Greek Referendum vote will expand to include EU membership
    2-The Greek Referendum vote will be move sooner… to December 4th
    3-The EU suspended an $8 billion Euro bailout payment to Greece

    In other words, Greece will get no more bailout money until they vote to accept the latest bailout plan conditions. In a knee-jerk reaction Papandreou expanded the referendum vote to include asking voters if they want to remain in the EU.

    It looks like Greece will leave the EU and default its debts.

    That will put Greece in total economic turmoil.

    But it will get a thorny problem for the EU out of it’s hair.

    The big question is how Greece leaving will affect the EU as a whole.

    The early returns are in today. The DAX was DOWN 2% before the news came out… its UP over 2% after the news came out.

    That is like Germany thumbing its nose and saying “good riddance!” to Greece.

  3. Europe will fall. Our streets in America are burning. The Islamofascists are a threat. Political correctness and social engineering still exist. The Obama Regime is corrupt. The GOP is impotent. Congress is yet unrestrained.

    These are dark days, my friends.

  4. Back in early 2010 when I was laying out the story line for The Eagle Has Crashed, I had the replacement of the dollar as the inernation reserve currency with a basket of currencies by 2028. In the basket I included the deutsche mark, implying that the euro zone had broken up. I put that into the story a month before the Greek crisis started. For what it’s worth, I never thought the euro experiment had much of a chance of succeeding.

  5. Jim….hope your eye surgery goes well and that you are fine! !!!

    The schemes of globalists / Socialists never seem to end well. No one read the Tower of Babel story? And, speaking of Biblical tales, the Vatican floating the One World Currency recently just about takes the cake, especially when you look at the EU and how well that has worked out. Russia and China have to be laughing their socks off while watching the West implode. Even if the EU bails out whoever, again, and again…at some point the game is over. Someone needs to tell them the model is faulty and they need to let it collapse and start anew based on nation states and sovereignty. Interesting to watch until the fallout hits here….then it is going to be less interesting and more like survival of the fittest. Hang on to your hats…

  6. Hope the surgery went well. Not sure that Europe is a harbinger of the future for US–seems like the elite really want to make the country into China, just without Chinese people.

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