Some Thoughts on the Cain/Gingrich Forum

The Lincoln style debate hosted by the Texas Patriots PAC between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich was not a debate. It was a forum where the two candidates were able to talk about their ideas on how to reform the entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicade.

Only minutes into what was billed as a debate, the moderator changed the rules  and told the two candidates they could take as much time as they liked to expound on the subject presented. This  was pure genius, in my opinion, because we at last could really learn what a candidate really thinks on the issues. the typical debate format does not allow to explain their positions nearly as well. For this reason, I would like to see a lot more of these forums between the various candidates. What do you think?

I wonder what percentage of the electorate actually watched this forum? Living outside the country I ave no Americans to interact with and so I don’t have any feel if there was a buzz among the people over this forum or not. Was it only hard-core conservatives that took the time to watch and listen to the candidates? Did the MSM give much coverage? I scaned the Huffington Post site this morning and found no articles on the subject. At POLITICO, I found one article with this tag line; ” Anyone expecting a Texas fight night Saturday between Herman  Cain and Newt Gingrich  was sorely disappointed.”  Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Were you?

If you liked this forum idea as much as I do, how do we get Republican organizations to sponsor more of them? How can we get more coverage from the MSM? If we can’t get the MSM to pay attention, how can we get more of the electorate to pay attention?

Also, if you would like to see more of these forums between candidates, what issues or question would you want to hear them address? As for me, I would like to hear the candidates respond to the following question: “As president, and assuming you had the complete cooperation of both houses of congress, what would you want to accomplish in your first 100 days in office?” Another question I would like to hear addressed is: “What if anything do you think needs to be done about the Federal Reserve and our monetary policies?” Clearly there are many important issues the candidates need to address; such as, jobs, economic growth, tax reform, regulatory reforms, the size of government and, foreign affairs. I will be very much interested to hear what is foremost on your mind.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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18 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the Cain/Gingrich Forum

  1. This was a refreshing display of what we need in “politics” today. Two men, simply talking to one another, no mud-slinging or controversy.

    So refreshing. I would enjoy seeing more of this kind of thing.

    1. My question would be simple, yet loaded:

      “Tell me, in your own words, what you believe your role would be, according to our Constitution, if you were elected President.”

      Notice I did not ask for campaign promises, or “what will you do for me?”, or if the candidate would get us jobs. Nope. Just tell me what your role would be. You’d be surprised how many Presidential candidates don’t know the answer.

  2. I tend to avoid “debates.”

    1. get rid of the audience. Debates are not sporting events.

    2. Do not let the moderator choose the questions.

    3. More semi-naked cheerleaders at halftime. Er, see no. 1.

    1. I opt for #3. Or at least, scantily-clad females serving BLT’s. Whichever.

      (come on, admit it…Conservative women have awesome husbands who appreciate their hottie-ness and are soooo thankful they are Conservative men. I mean, have you seen what the Left has? Yeesh! No wonder they are so pro-homosexual.)

  3. Both hubby and I share your views. I want to hear what candidates have to say not watch them stand on a stage and insult each other. We also agree that not that many people even had a chance to see this “debate.” We should be sending emails to all the potential nominees requesting more of these venues.

    It also gave us a chance to imagine either of these men in a debate with Obama. It pointed up the fact that either of these men would wipe the floor up with the Won.

  4. I’ve only seen bits and pieces and read John Hayward’s review of it. (He liked it a lot.)

    My opinion is that this is the only thing that should happen. The other “debates” aren’t debates at all. They’re sound-byte contests. Who can get off the best one-liner?

    What I want to know is what people think, and why. What are the fundamental guiding principles? Do they understand implications? You only get to those things if people have a chance to talk about them at some length.

    I don’t care if it’s one on one, like Cain/Gringrich, or if there are four or five of them (though that would take too long, probably), it’s a great format and it is about the politician explaining their positions, not just trying to get out the sound-byte form of it. In other words, it’s more like an adult discussion of important topics.

    I’d even go for a format where a question is posed to all of them, and they relate their answer, at length, on video. Then they each get to see the others’ videos and make comments (like a rebuttal). A third round could be response. Put it all on a web site. Each question gets three rounds and a person could sit an watch them at their leisure.

    If I had any pull at all, I’d be happy to host such a video forum.

  5. I didn’t watch for family reasons, and prefer a written format. I think there is a bit of a debate fatigue because the more debates we have, the less they get watched, kind of like what we have with the President who overexposed himself.

  6. I did not see or hear anything from this debate yet, but the forum seems interesting. With so many candidates still in the race this style of debate is still impossible, but I agree with you about the current format of the debates. Limiting the time limit to one minute does not give the candidates enough time to provide us with details of their positions and as candidates drop out I hope the remaining candidates will be given more time.

    1. I think you would have liked it, Steve. There were three topics: social security, medicare and medicaid. Each candidate had about fifteen minutes to explain their plan to fix these programs. It was great!

      1. It sounds very good, I will have to find the clips and listen to them. This forum gives the candidates enough time where they do not have to stick to talking points and sound bite clips and can actually explain to the people where they stand and what they feel their plans will do.

  7. I don’t watch debates. I judge candidates mainly on past performance. I do think more forums like this would be good. The current debate formats are horrible. Maybe if more were like this one I would watch.

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