Sovereignty Is Going The Way Of The Dinosaur

Around the world socialism, in one form or another, has dominated all nations. In other words, the sovereignty of the people has been transferred to the state. The United States has lagged behind the rest of the world in its move toward socialism but has caught-up nicely in the last decade.

In recent times, the developing and undeveloped nations of the world, who by the way jealously protect their sovereignty, have in the name of “fairness” used their combined clout in the United Nations to impose their will on the developed nations. And guess what? The developed countries are gradually giving up their sovereignty to the UN. Think about this. About two decades ago, President G. H. W.  Bush  sought and got UN approval for the Gulf War.A smart diplomatic move on the part of President Bush? Maybe. But what happened more recently. The UN took the initiative and asked/ordered NATO and the US to take a military action against Gaddafi in Libya and President Obama said “Yes,Sir!”. In other words, we gave up more of our sovereignty. Well, Gaddafi is gone now and everything can go back to normal, right.? Apparently not.

After we and NATO did the bidding of the UN,  the International Criminal Court (ICC) has launched an investigation on allegations of crimes committed by NATO forces  in Libya. It seems sovereignty is trumped again. AP has the story and you can read it here.

Sometimes national sovereignty isn’t directly transferred to the world organizations like the UN, but to  smaller collective organizations. The European Union is a prime example. The EU was the dream child of the banking cartels.  The idea was that by giving up some of their sovereignty the otherwise sovereign nations could collectively be more competitive in world markets.  A European Commission (EC) was set up to represent the member nations and more importantly a European Central Bank (ECB) was set up to manage monetary policy and the new single currency of the member nations, the Euro. But the EU was doomed to fail and is failing because the member nations still had sovereignty over their individual fiscal policies.  If the EU is to be saved, it will only happen at the expense of sovereignty. The member nations will have to give the EC and the ECB the power to review and approve each nations budget. This, of course, is what the banking cartels want. Will they get their way? If not, it won’t be for lack of trying. Please read this short article at and see how the big time banksters are getting direct hands on control in Europe.

Here in the US, “we the people” still have some vestiges sovereignty unlike most of the rest of the world. Will we hang on to it? Or will we go the way of Europe and become another socialist state?  Will the United States and the other developed nations continue to forego their national sovereignty in favor of a world-wide governing body like the UN? It seems to me that we are moving consciously or unconsciously it that direction. All freedom loving people should be very concerned by these trends to do away with our individual and national sovereignty. I know that I am. What about you?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?



21 thoughts on “Sovereignty Is Going The Way Of The Dinosaur

  1. Fantastic subject matter, Jim.

    You are right, the erosion of sovereignty has been going on for a long time. Sovereignty can be equated with freedom and liberty. You eat away at one and you weaken the others.

    Experience tells me that even though America is still fighting a rear guard action against this trend, we are not immune to the disease. And history tells me that the only thing we learn from it, . . . . is how to repeat it.

  2. I think we have too many people who want to be taken care of while indulging in the fantasy of government money without end. We have been feminized. No offense to women, there are plenty of brave ones out there! But we have been gelded and herded and too many people have been scared into accepting the status quo.

  3. Just watched a documentary last night on Simon Weisenthal. After WWII a world court was established to try the NAZI SS for international war crimes, specifically genocide. Interesting documentary. That is the first time I know of for a world “tribunal.” Maybe it existed before then through the UN…I don’t know. It has been a constant erosion of sovereignty over the last century. I left watching the documentary wondering how otherwise that situation would / could have been handled. I didn’t find an answer in this small brain of mine….maybe someone here could tell me.

    You are entirely correct. That CNBC ‘debate’ with Jim Cramer yelling about how the U.S. has an obligation to bail out the EU, is just one indication of how far off the rails a lot of people are in the U.S. The great thing was none of the candidates thought we should bail out Greece or Italy. The bad news is, Romney pretty much said our involvement with the IMF has us involved anyway. There is your world bankster argument, Jim. No getting around it. As long as we are entangled in the global economy and attached global financing, I don’t see how the U.S. can extricate itself from this “trend,” as you call it. Is there a way?

  4. The European Union was a failed attempt by the elites to get around the pesky inconvenient idea of the Nation State. That failed.

    The UN is another idea by the elites to get around the Nation State.

    Hopefully that will fail as well.

  5. I agree with you 100%! I fear that we are headed toward a socialist state and fear we are giving up too much sovereignity to the UN and I hope that whoever is our next president will have the courage to stop this trend before it is too late.

  6. It’s frustrating, but all the U.S. would have to do is close the checkbook and the U.N. would collapse. I’ve heard that idea floated by exactly one Republican.

  7. Most people realize that something is slipping, but don’t know what it is or what to do about it. This is an issue that we need to make more prominent, and I thank you for writing this piece.

    It all makes sense when you read the writings of the progressives from King Gillette onwards. A socialist world government is what they want, and they have wanted it really, really badly. The UN and League of Nations was an idea hatched by these big banksters, according to what I have learned the men behind those organizations were all Council on Foreign Relation people. Just read the CFR’s magazine, Foreign Affairs if you want to see and understand what is going to happen internationally. They make it happen.

    Most of your third world despots are in the thrall of the banking cartel. John Perkins, whose solutions I don’t agree with, but does have extensive experience in international politics wrote about how it works. If the tin pot dictator doesn’t vote the way the banksters want him to in the UN, or starts to not play ball, the CIA is sent in to “switch him out” and if that fails (like Saddam) the military is sent in. You can tell if a country is out of favor with them by the propaganda on the news. They’ll be denounced as “evil”, which they probably are, but so are a lot of other dictators, too. It’s ironic that these dictators might be holding back a big flood of communism being prepared for us all.

  8. Yes, military tribunals, but conducted by several nations of allies. I was just thinking this may have been a precursor to creating the World Court. And now we have the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine, a leap over sovereign nations giving the UN more power. Legal precedents seem to trump institutional structures. (happening here all the time) I was just musing that post WWII circumstance became a stepping stone and now we have international political actors conducting “justice?” That’s what I meant.

    I found this on Weisenthal…a statement from him:
    On the International Court of Justice in The Hague

    “When reports about the crimes being committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina repeatedly named Karadcic and Mladic as those responsible, it was immediately clear to me that, just as the Nazi criminals after the end of World War II, these two individuals must be made to account for themselves. The installation of the International Court of Justice in The Hague was an important and appropriate institution of the United Nations.”

    (Acceptance speech for the honorary doctorate by the University of Sarajevo, in Vienna, October 17, 1996. Trans. from German.)

  9. It’s a scary future for Greece and Italy, both are now led by leaders appointed, not elected. Reminds me of that saying by one of your founders i think, those who trade their freedom for a bit of responsibility with get neither. Frankly, they don’t deserve either.

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