Jim’s News

Deear friends,

So far, so good.

The day after my last post I had lost all but about 20%  of my vision. My wife took me to two different oftomologist and both said I had a serious problem with the retina.  She then was able to get me an appointment with a retina specealist i Caracas on Thursdaday, Thanksgiving Day,, The doctor confirmed that I had a separated retina and decided to operate the next day. The doctor believes I have a very good chance to recover most of my vision in this eye,

The process involved removing part of the liquid from inside the eye and insert some type of gas.  Right now it is as though I am looking through trifocals. The upper part appears like liquid and in that visual zone I see verly cleary but not good defenition. In the center is the liquid/gas interface and I can see nothing. In the boiiom part of my field of vision is the gas and it is like lokking through a cloud Objects are very  fuzzy and larger than normal., although withinin a feww inches of my face things are not so fuzzy. The doctor explained that eventually the liquid will return to my eye and push out the gas. This will take three to six months and then with new glasses, I should be able to see normal once again.

So, it appears that your prayers and  mine have been well received.

I can not thak you all enough for your words of support and your prayers.

With my nose two inches from the keyboard I am able to see the keys more or less. I hope this message is readable. When I look at the screen, all I see is light. My son helped me to open wordpress and put the curser in the right place. He and my wife speak a little English and between the three of us we are able to read your comments.  If I don’t go stir crazy, I will be back with you all in a few months.

God bless each of you. You have been a blessing to me.

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37 thoughts on “Jim’s News

  1. God bless you my friend, I am so glad to hear from you! I will continue to keep you in my prayers. AOW is so right, we will be here when you get back! Loopy

  2. GREAT news, Jim! The offer of assistance still applies. I’m absolutely delighted to see a new post from you, especially an update with good news. Prayers continue!

  3. This is wonderful news. Blogging is not the same without your comments and critical analysis. Obama will still be here when you get back!

  4. It’s about time we had some great news to read. You’re darn tooting that the power of prayer really does work! Glad to hear the outlook is good. We’ll hold down the fort until you get back which should be just in time to help swing the election!

  5. Just to change things up a bit, I used Google to translate what I wanted to say into Spanish.

    Es muy bueno saber de ti, Jim. Parece que hay algunas mejoras, que es grande. Estoy esperando y rezando para que usted tenga una recuperación completa. Echo mucho de menos su escritura. Dios te bendiga y buena salud.

    Ain’t Google just grand?

  6. Estas son muy buenas noticias, Jaime. Es muy satisfactorio el tener a tu familia cerca.
    Saludos y una rápida recuperación son nuestros deseos y la de todos los que aquí te leen.

  7. Hey Jim… Do you think there are people out here who love and care about you? Yes… I guess so! I hope this outpouring brings a smile to your face.

  8. YEA!!! Just checking back after a couple of days and there you are!!! I am so glad to hear there was a doctor who could help you. I know the time may seem slow in recovery, but we will still be waiting for your return to us. In the meantime….I am thrilled to hear you found help and your sight will be much improved when healing is done. Take care! Will be thinking of you! I hope the holidays will be wonderful for you and yours!!

  9. The power of prayer and modern medicine! I’ve miseed your posts and comments and I pray for your full recovery. We need your voice. Merry Christmas!

  10. Jim, I wish you a speedy recovery and a return to good health and vigor. Be well and have a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

  11. Great news Jim, really happy that it’s going to work out for you. See you in a few months, hang in there and get rest, follow doctors orders alright.

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